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Annick Hus

As a journalist, I have the privilege of contributing to various media, including Belga, Knack, Apache, Woef, EOS Wetenschap and MO*. I reached a significant personal milestone recently by publishing my first academic paper entitled The Political Salience of Animal Protection in the Netherlands (2012-2021) and Belgium (2010-2019): What do Dutch and Belgian Political Parties Pledge on Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation?
I have an MSc in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (University of Winchester). I am currently pursuing an MSc in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health at the University of Edinburgh.
In addition to my journalistic and academic work, I'm a board member of the Flemish-Dutch Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ), a volunteer for the research group of the Centrum voor DierMens Studies Nederland and a dog walker at Dierenbescherming in Mechelen.
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Europe's leading agricultural association and lobby group Copa-Cogeca is misusing the war in Ukraine in an attempt to put on hold the European farm-to-fork strategy that should make our food system more environmentally friendly.


How did the fairy tale of the 'model wolf' degenerate so quickly into a nightmare? "It is a power game that becomes visible through the media," says Professor Baldwin Van Gorp (Institute for Media Studies).


It was measurably quieter during the shutdown. Belgium and Flanders have been promoting quiet zones and shelters for years, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Although 'natural' silence remains a utopia in densely populated Belgium...


At the start of the new government, the Flemish minister for animal welfare promised to make livestock stables safer, especially with regard to the prevention of stable fires. A measure with no real result.


Together with a Dutch colleague I wrote an article on the ridiculous legislation concerning the Belgian (and Dutch) puppy trade.


In late 2017 and early 2018, I published a dossier on the (il)legal puppy trade between Slovakia and Belgium, which affects the welfare of these animals and threatens public health.


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