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Anthee Carassava

Athens, Greece
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About Anthee
Anthee Carassava is a journalist based in Athens, Greece.

General strike to paralyze transport ahead of Easter holiday

30 Apr 2024  |  iefimerida.gr
Greek workers, defying the state's request to defer May Day celebrations, are planning a general strike on Wednesday, May 1st, which is expected to bring the country to a standstill and cause major transport disruptions. The General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and the Civil Servants’ Confederation (ADEDY) have called for all workers, pensioners, and the unemployed to join the 24-hour strike. The Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation has also decided to participate, resulting in ships remaining docked and affecting the travel plans of thousands of Easter vacationers.

Harry Maguire's appeal against assault and bribery conviction in Mykonos 'to be pushed back'

04 Apr 2024  |  thisismoney.co.uk
Harry Maguire is set to request a postponement of his appeal hearing scheduled for June 7 due to a scheduling conflict with his lawyer. The Manchester United and England footballer was convicted in August 2020 by a Greek court for assaulting police, verbal abuse, and attempted bribery on the island of Mykonos. Maguire, his brother Joe, and friend Christopher Sharman received suspended sentences. The appeal will not see Maguire return to Greece, as the pandemic has increased tribunal cases, focusing on emergency suits.

Farmers Paralyze Greek Capital with Massive Protest

21 Feb 2024  |  www.voanews.com
Farmers in Greece have escalated their protests by bringing tractors and farming equipment to Athens, causing significant traffic disruptions and gathering outside the Parliament. They are protesting rising production costs and inadequate government compensation following devastating floods that affected their livelihoods. Despite some concessions from the center-right government, including discounts on electricity and petrol, the farmers feel their demands are not being fully met and are determined to continue their protest.

Maria Callas fans fear ‘tragic’ Angelina Jolie film will spoil legacy

10 Nov 2023  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Concerns have arisen in Athens over a Hollywood film about Maria Callas, fearing it could damage the Greek singer's legacy. The film, titled Maria and starring Angelina Jolie, is currently being shot in Greece and will portray Callas's life, particularly her relationship with Aristotle Onassis. Director Pablo Larrain aims to deliver a film that captures the opera singer's life in 1970s Paris.

Greece migrant boat tragedy: coastguard denies causing boat to sink

11 Oct 2023  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Survivors of a Mediterranean migrant boat sinking, which resulted in hundreds of deaths, reunited with relatives as the Greek coastguard denied allegations of causing the boat to capsize while attempting to tow it. The tragedy occurred 50 miles from Pylos, southern Greece, with only 104 survivors out of an estimated 750 migrants. Claims have surfaced that up to 100 children were among the victims. The incident highlights the ongoing migrant crisis and the perilous journeys undertaken by those fleeing from places like Tobruk, Libya.

Greece Wants EU to Slap Sanctions on Countries That Won’t Accept Return of Illegal Migrants

05 Oct 2023  |  voanews.com
Greece is urging the European Union to impose sanctions on countries that refuse to accept the return of illegal migrants. Greek migration minister Dimitris Keridis expressed concerns over a new migration crisis, with illegal immigrant arrivals increasing to 31,000 this year. While Greece has legalized nearly 680,000 migrants since 2021, about 60,000 remain illegally, exacerbated by countries like Pakistan and Iran not accepting forced deportations. Keridis emphasized the need for an EU deportation mechanism to prevent human traffickers from exploiting migration policies and to protect genuine refugees. The EU has adopted new 'crisis regulation measures' to manage high migrant arrivals, but the bloc remains divided on immigration. Greece is also seeking a separate migration deal with Turkey to manage the flow from Turkey's refugee and migrant population.

Greece Legalizes Same-Sex Civil Marriage

05 Oct 2023  |  khmer.voanews.com
The Greek parliament has passed a new law legalizing same-sex civil marriage, marking a significant victory for LGBT rights. The legislation, promoted by the conservative government despite opposition from the influential Orthodox Church, allows same-sex couples to marry and adopt children but does not permit surrogacy for male couples. Greece becomes the first Orthodox Christian country and the 16th EU member to legalize same-sex marriage. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis hailed the law as a milestone for human rights, reflecting Greece's progressive and democratic values.

Greece considers opening borders to vaccinated British tourists as early as May

01 Oct 2023  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Greece is considering breaking with the European Union to open its borders to vaccinated British tourists as early as May. Plans in Athens include allowing British visitors who can prove vaccination and vaccinating airport and hotel staff. This move could create conflict with the EU, which prefers a unified approach to resuming non-essential foreign travel.

Greeks rage at Turkish light show celebrating sultan’s victory over Byzantines

01 Oct 2023  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
A provocative 3D light show in Istanbul celebrating the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople and President Erdogan's inflammatory remarks have incited anger in Greece, further straining Greek-Turkish relations. The event, marking the 1453 conquest, featured Erdogan urging Turks to treat modern Greeks as their ancestors did Byzantium, exacerbating historical and nationalistic tensions.

Eight dead from fires and floods as climate emergency sweeps Turkey

01 Oct 2023  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Turkey is facing a climate emergency with severe floods in the eastern region and devastating forest fires in the west. In Van province, floods have destroyed buildings and swept away cars, with meteorologists warning of more floods. On the southern coasts, over 100 forest fires have killed eight people and displaced thousands, including tourists evacuated from Bodrum. While most fires are under control, significant blazes in Antalya and Marmaris continue to burn.

Greece Cracks Down on Attacks on Migrants as Wildfires Rage

23 Aug 2023  |  voanews.com
Greece's Supreme Court has mandated an urgent investigation into racist attacks following wildfires in the country's northeast, where 18 migrants were found dead. A man was arrested for posting a video showing him detaining migrants, inciting others to 'round them up.' Vigilantes in the region have been accused of inciting violence against migrants, blaming them for the fires. The Minister of Migration, Dimitris Keridis, affirmed that the law would prevail over vigilantism. Over 350 wildfires have prompted evacuations, including a migrant camp in Athens, with firefighters bracing for worsening conditions.

Europe wildfires map: tracking the 2023 heatwave

27 Jul 2023  |  thetimes.co.uk
Over 40 people have died due to severe wildfires across southern Europe and north Africa, affecting countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, and Italy. Greece's islands of Corfu and Rhodes are in a state of emergency, with a fire near Nice airport being tackled by firefighters and a helicopter. In Portugal, residents and firefighters worked to extinguish fires near Cascais, while Spain's Gran Canaria saw about 300 hectares of forest burned. A persistent 'heat dome' has brought record-breaking temperatures to the region, exacerbating the wildfires.

Two Irish teens from the same school die in separate tragic incidents

03 Jul 2023  |  thisismoney.co.uk
Two 18-year-old Irish graduates, Andrew O'Donnell and Max Wall, from Dublin's St Michael's College died in separate incidents on the Greek island of Ios. O'Donnell likely fell and hit his head, while Wall collapsed at a ferry port. Both incidents are under investigation by local authorities. The school and Irish officials, including Tanaiste Micheál Martin and Minister for Education Norma Foley, expressed their condolences. The school community is providing support, and the Department of Foreign Affairs is offering consular assistance.

Suspected Smugglers Face Hearing in Deadly Migrant Shipwreck off Greece

19 Jun 2023  |  voanews.com
Nine Egyptian nationals faced court in Greece on smuggling and murder charges related to a deadly migrant shipwreck. The incident, which resulted in 78 deaths with more missing, has sparked debate over the Greek Coast Guard's actions. A former Greek defense minister provided insights into maritime protocols, while political figures, including the Prime Minister, commented on the tragedy amid upcoming elections. The UN has called for an independent investigation, and Pakistan has made arrests linked to the trafficking.

I survived the Greek shipwreck. This is what happened

17 Jun 2023  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Ayad, a 24-year-old from Syria, survived a shipwreck while traveling from Libya to Italy. The fishing vessel capsized, trapping many refugees and migrants underwater. Ayad, who could swim, fought to stay afloat as children and other survivors clung to him, pulling him under. He recounted his harrowing experience in an interview at a temporary encampment in Athens.

Brit killed by lightning strike while paddleboarding in Rhodes

30 May 2023  |  expressdigest.com
Scott Aaron Seddon, a 26-year-old British tourist, was killed by a lightning strike while paddleboarding in the Agia Agathi area of Rhodes, Greece. Despite rescue efforts by his girlfriend, a Brazilian resident named Wander Machado, and emergency services, Seddon died at the scene. The incident occurred around 1.30pm local time, and an investigation by the Central Port Authority of Rhodes is underway. The FCDO is supporting Seddon's family.

Brit, 26, who was killed by lightning while stand-up paddleboarding in Rhodes is named

30 May 2023  |  expressdigest.com
Scott Aaron Seddon, a 26-year-old British tourist, was fatally struck by lightning while paddleboarding in the Agia Agathi area of Rhodes, Greece. Despite rescue efforts by his girlfriend, a Brazilian resident named Wander Machado, and emergency services, Seddon died at the scene. The incident occurred around 1.30pm local time, and an investigation by the Central Port Authority of Rhodes is underway. The FCDO is providing support to Seddon's family.

Greece election: PM seeks new vote as he falls short of majority

22 May 2023  |  thetimes.co.uk
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leader of the centre-right New Democracy party, announced his intention to call for a new general election after his party won 40.8 percent of the vote but did not secure a majority, falling five seats short. Mitsotakis aims to avoid a coalition and secure a mandate for a strong government, with potential elections slated for June 25.

Migration, Defense Issues Unite Political Forces Ahead of Greek Elections

11 May 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Ahead of Greece's national elections, political parties are showing unity on foreign policy issues concerning relations with Turkey, defense, and illegal migration. During a national debate, leaders from Greece's six leading political parties discussed the economy and energy crisis, but showed consensus on foreign policy. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the leftist Syriza party, expressed support for maintaining and fortifying a fence along the Greek-Turkish border, a stance that aligns with the conservative government's plans. Greece's defense spending has been the highest within NATO, and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is prepared to seek resolution with Turkey post-elections while maintaining strong military deterrence.

Turkish Migrant Death in Greece Prompts Accusations of Torture

30 Mar 2023  |  voanews.com
The death of Turkish migrant Barış Büyüksu after reaching the Greek island of Kos has sparked accusations of torture and illegal push-back of migrants by Greece. Büyüksu, who left Turkey seeking a better life in Europe, was allegedly detained by Greek police and later found injured by the Turkish coast guard, dying before receiving medical aid. An autopsy indicated signs of torture, and fellow migrants reported witnessing his mistreatment. Turkish authorities and human rights groups are calling for investigations, while Greek officials have not confirmed involvement. The UNHCR has noted a disturbing pattern of violence at European borders. Büyüksu's family is demanding justice for his death, which underscores the broader issue of migrant rights and border policing in Europe.

David Hunter: ‘mercy killing’ confession admissible in Cypriot trial

21 Mar 2023  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
A Cypriot court has ruled that the confession of British pensioner David Hunter, who admitted to killing his terminally ill wife Janice, is lawful and can be used as evidence in his trial for pre-meditated murder. The defence's argument that the confession should be inadmissible because Hunter was not provided with legal rights before being arrested was rejected.

Greek Foreign Minister Visits Quake-Hit Turkey, Promises More Aid, EU Support

13 Feb 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Greece's Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias visited Turkey to survey the damage from recent earthquakes, marking a significant moment in the historically tense relations between the two NATO allies. Dendias, greeted warmly by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, emphasized Greece's commitment to providing aid both bilaterally and through the European Union. This visit and the subsequent aid efforts, including rescue teams and medical supplies, signal a potential thaw in relations, reminiscent of the 'earthquake diplomacy' seen after similar quakes in 1999. The Greek government is also preparing to send cruise ships to help house the homeless in Turkey.

Greece Presses Ahead With Plans to Fence Its Land Borders With Turkey

16 Jan 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Greece is advancing plans to extend a border fence with Turkey, citing increased refugee flows and threats from Turkey. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized Greece's right to bolster its defenses, while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Greece of creating border crises. The fence aims to curb illegal migration, which surged in 2022. Tensions between Greece and Turkey are heightened by an arms race, with the U.S. considering a $20 billion sale of F-16 jets to Turkey. U.S. lawmakers, including Robert Menendez, are skeptical and may block the sale unless Turkey aligns with NATO priorities.

Qatar warns EU it relies on them for gas amid bribery row

19 Dec 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Qatar has warned that it could cut off energy supplies to Belgium and Europe amid a corruption scandal involving Eva Kaili, a Greek MEP and vice-president of the European Parliament, who is in custody following the seizure of over €900,000 in cash.

Eva Kaili: scandal-hit MEP’s lawyer rejects Qatar bribery claims

14 Dec 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Eva Kaili's lawyer has suggested that the EU's existing close ties with Qatar negate the need for bribery to advocate for stronger relations with Doha. Kaili, a Greek Socialist and former vice-president of the European Parliament, was due for a pre-trial hearing in Brussels but remains in custody after a postponement.

Briton David Hunter will not face murder charge over ‘mercy killing’ of wife

Greece accuses Turkey over bruised naked migrants crossing Evros River border

17 Oct 2022  |  thetimes.co.uk
Greece has accused Turkey of forcing 92 naked migrants, mainly Afghans and Syrians, across the Evros River border after allegedly being stripped by Turkish border guards. The migrants were picked up by Frontex and reported their treatment to officers. Turkey, through Interior Minister Ismail Catakli, denied the accusations and criticized Greece for dishonesty. The incident adds tension to the already strained relations between the two Nato member countries.

21 migrants die and dozens missing after two boat disasters in Greece

06 Oct 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
At least 22 migrants died after two boats capsized off the Greek coast, with Greece blaming Turkey for the tragedies due to its alleged tolerance of smugglers. The incidents involved a boat near Lesbos with 40 migrants, resulting in 16 young African women, a man, and a toddler dead, and another boat near Kythira. The Greek government has called for an end to these deadly sinkings.

Greek PM Admits to Tapping Political Rival’s Phone, Refuses to Say Why

27 Aug 2022  |  www.voanews.com
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis admitted to the nation's spy chief bugging the phone of Nikos Androulakis, head of Greece’s Socialist party, but refused to provide reasons, citing national security. The incident, likened to Greece's Watergate, has led to opposition leader Alexis Tsipras demanding Mitsotakis' resignation and questioning if Androulakis is a foreign agent. Conspiracy theories suggest foreign spy agencies' involvement, which China, Armenia, and Ukraine have denied. The scandal raises concerns about surveillance in Europe amid Russian aggression. Parliamentary probes in Greece are expected soon.

Jack Fenton: British holidaymaker aged 22 killed by helicopter’s spinning blade

26 Jul 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Jack Fenton, a 22-year-old British graduate from Kent, was killed by a helicopter's spinning rotor blade after landing at a private helipad near Athens. The incident occurred while he was on a luxury holiday with friends. Greek authorities are investigating possible negligence, and have interviewed the pilot and helipad ground staff. Fenton had attended Sutton Valence School and Oxford Brookes University, and had worked as a primary school PE teacher before joining a sports social media company.

Ukrainian plane carrying ‘dangerous materials’ crashes in Greece

17 Jul 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
A Ukrainian Antonov An-12 cargo plane carrying 12 tonnes of explosives crashed in northern Greece, likely killing all eight crew members. The crash, caused by an engine fire, led to an explosion in a field near Kavala. Local authorities, including Mayor Filippos Anastasiadis, have warned residents to avoid the area and stay indoors due to potential toxic contamination.

Greece to Triple Length of Border Fence With Turkey

26 Jun 2022  |  www.voanews.com
Greece plans to triple the length of its border fence with Turkey to block illegal migrants amid a surge in refugee flows and deteriorating relations with Turkey. The extension will add 80 kilometers to the existing 40-kilometer fence. Greece has deployed additional border guards to the Evros frontier and is facing increased migratory pressure along its sea borders. Turkey has been accused of instrumentalizing migrants and threatening Greek sovereignty over Aegean islands, escalating tensions between the two NATO members.

Greek helicopter pilot in court charged with murder of his British wife

08 Apr 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Charalambos Anagnostopoulos appeared in an Athens court facing charges of pre-meditated murder of his British wife, Caroline Crouch, and killing their puppy, while also staging a burglary as a cover-up. Anagnostopoulos, who was arrested last June after police questioned his burglary account, identified himself as both a husband and widower in court.

Ferry fire rescue off Greece raises hopes for more survivors

20 Feb 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
The rescue of a lorry driver 54 hours after a fire on a ferry between Greece and Italy has raised hopes for the survival of 10 other missing passengers and an unknown number of refugee stowaways. The 21-year-old Belarusian was found in the stern of the ship and was quickly discharged from a hospital on Corfu after reporting hearing other voices crying for help.

Two trapped on burning ferry on trip from Greece to Italy

18 Feb 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
A ferry, the Italian-flagged Euroferry Olympia, caught fire while sailing from Greece to Italy, with at least two people trapped onboard. The Greek coastguard reported 239 passengers and 51 crew members were on the ferry. There were no reports of deaths or severe injuries, although one person with breathing problems was hospitalized. Rescue operations involved six Greek coastguard and navy boats, four helicopters, and an Italian customs inspection boat.

Greece sees Italian deal as foothold in Elgin Marbles fight

10 Jan 2022  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Greece has secured the return of a marble fragment from the Parthenon, currently on loan from the Antonino Salinas museum in Palermo for eight years, with hopes of making the arrangement permanent. This exchange, which includes Italy receiving a statue of Athena and an amphora, is seen by the Greek government as a potential model for the repatriation of the Elgin Marbles.

Crete earthquake leaves one dead and dozens trapped

27 Sep 2021  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Crete, resulting in the death of a 65-year-old man and leaving dozens trapped. The earthquake, the strongest in 40 years, caused extensive damage to homes and led to thousands of residents and tourists fleeing into the streets. The town of Arkalochori near Heraklion was particularly affected, with injuries reported and a chapel collapsing during renovations.

Thousands flee Athens wildfires as Greek heatwave continues

04 Aug 2021  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Residents near Athens were evacuated as firefighters worked to control a large wildfire during Greece's severe heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 45C. The fires, numbering around 80, caused significant damage and smoke over the capital. Efforts intensified in the cooler morning with aerial support around Tatoi, where over 500 firefighters fought overnight. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis acknowledged the challenging conditions faced by ground crews.

‘Art freak’ who stole a Picasso and a Mondrian from Athens gallery arrested nine years on

02 Jul 2021  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
George Sarmatzopoulos, a self-professed 'art freak' and builder, was arrested this week for stealing two paintings from Greece's National Gallery nine years ago. The stolen artworks were 'Head of a Woman' by Picasso and 'Stammer Mill' by Mondrian, along with a 16th-century sketch by Guglielmo Caccia. Sarmatzopoulos, who had executed the heist by breaking into the gallery, expressed remorse and assisted the police in recovering the paintings.

Greece to welcome British holidaymakers from May

10 Mar 2021  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Greece will open its borders to British tourists on May 14, as announced by the country's tourism minister, Haris Theoharis. British visitors who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will face no restrictions, while those who are not vaccinated will need to present a negative test. This decision comes after a surge in British bookings following UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's statement that international travel could resume from May 17. Restrictions will be gradually lifted leading up to the opening date, depending on the pandemic situation.

Government plans Covid vaccine passports to allow foreign holidays

05 Feb 2021  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
British officials are developing a 'vaccine passport' system as Greece announces plans to waive quarantine for vaccinated tourists. The Foreign Office, Department for Transport, and Department of Health and Social Care are considering options for travellers to countries requiring proof of vaccination. This follows early data indicating vaccines may reduce transmission and provide significant protection against severe illness and death.

Children in danger from unexploded bombs in Lesbos refugee camp

07 Dec 2020  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Unexploded ordnance, including mortar bombs, bullets, and shotgun shells, have been discovered in the new Kara Tepe refugee camp on Lesbos, which previously served as a Greek military firing range. Despite government assurances of safety, Human Rights Watch reported the findings, highlighting the risks to the 12,500 residents, over 2,500 of whom are children. The camp was established following a fire at the Moria refugee camp in August. There are calls to halt construction until a thorough survey is conducted and potential toxic substances are investigated.

Turkey is refusing to rescue refugees, says Greece

03 Dec 2020  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Greece has accused Turkey of endangering the lives of asylum seekers by pushing them into Greek waters and not rescuing them during dangerous sea crossings to Europe. The Greek coast guard found the body of a drowned 30-year-old woman and rescued 32 other migrants from Somalia, including three children, after their dinghy sank in the Aegean Sea. Another woman is missing. Greece's migration minister, Notis Mitarachi, claimed that Turkey ignored a distress signal from the migrants and pushed the dinghy towards Greek waters instead of rescuing them.

Ancient gospel stolen by soldiers returns to Greece after 100 years

24 Nov 2020  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
A 1,000-year-old gospel stolen by Bulgarian troops a century ago and later held by the Museum of the Bible in the US will be returned to Greece. The return is seen as a significant victory for Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and the Orthodox Church, and it may boost Greece's efforts to reclaim the Parthenon marbles from the British Museum. Bishop Pavlos of Drama hailed the decision as a 'glorious achievement'.

Anarchists accused of Nazi tactics in raid on university dean

04 Nov 2020  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
The Greek government has offered a €100,000 reward for information on anarchists who raided the office of Athens University of Economics and Business dean Dimitris Bourantonis, protesting against the right-wing government's actions towards political activists in universities. The government compared the raid, claimed by the Militant Solidarity Initiative, to Nazi public humiliation tactics. Bourantonis was unharmed but images of him were circulated online.

Greece Plans Floating Barrier to Stop Refugees

21 Feb 2020  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
Greece is planning to construct a floating barrier in the Aegean Sea to prevent refugees from reaching its shores. The barrier will be 2.7 kilometers long and 1.1 meters high, with a portion rising 50 centimeters above the water, equipped with flashing lights. It is designed to deter small boats and could potentially entangle propeller-driven vessels. The Greek defence ministry has described the barrier as an 'emergency' measure and aims to have it in place within three months. However, human rights activists have condemned the proposal, arguing that it would endanger the lives of asylum seekers and violate their fundamental right to seek protection.

Greece: Afghan Refugees Drown

28 Oct 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Eight Afghan refugees, including five minors and three women, drowned in the Aegean Sea near Greece when their boat hit a rocky outcrop and sank. The Greek Coast Guard reported that the boat carried 17 refugees and one Turkish citizen from Turkey.

8 Afghan Immigrants Drown Off Greek Island

28 Oct 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Eight Afghan refugees, including five minors and three women, drowned near the Greek island of Lesbos when their boat sank in the Aegean Sea. The Greek Coast Guard rescued 10 survivors, mostly adult males, and detained a Turkish man suspected of people smuggling. The incident highlights the increasing use of the Turkey-Greece route by asylum seekers and the surge in illegal immigration to Greece, with over 146,000 arrests last year. Human rights groups and the UN have criticized both Turkey for not stopping the flow and Greece for its treatment of migrants. Survivors are being given special attention in Lesbos, with plans to release them to decide on seeking asylum, despite Greece's low asylum grant rate.

Greek Socialists Count on Dissatisfied Voters, but Fail to Inspire Their Confidence

03 Oct 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Greece is set to hold national elections with the Socialist party likely to return to power amid dissatisfaction with the center-right government's corruption scandals, economic stagnation, and ineffective crisis management. Despite the Socialist party's promises to restore the economy and trust in government, many Greeks remain skeptical due to the party's history of patronage and corruption. The economy, suffering from structural problems and high unemployment, is the central issue, with both major parties seeking leniency from the European Commission on deficit limits.

Bomb Damages Athens Stock Exchange

03 Sep 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
A car bomb significantly damaged the Athens Stock Exchange and ignited eight vehicles, injuring a security guard. A separate, smaller bomb exploded in Thessaloniki, causing minor damage without injuries. Both incidents involved warning calls and are not believed to be linked. Revolutionary Struggle, a far-left militant group, is suspected of the Athens bombing, while a local group is suspected in Thessaloniki. The stock exchange announced that trading would continue as usual.

Greece: Wildfires Are Brought Under Control

26 Aug 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Wildfires on the outskirts of Athens have been brought under control with no injuries reported. However, the destruction of at least 150 homes has sparked widespread anger over the government's response to the disaster.

Forest Fires Rage Just Outside Athens

23 Aug 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Forest fires on the outskirts of Athens have caused widespread damage, with homes and olive groves destroyed and residents forced to evacuate. The Greek government declared a state of emergency, deploying over 300 firefighters and soldiers. The fires, the worst since 2007, started near Grammatiko and spread to Varnava and Marathon, prompting the relocation of military equipment. Despite evacuation orders, some residents stayed to protect their homes. The fires are part of numerous wildfires across Greece.

In Athens, Museum Is an Olympian Feat

20 Jun 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
The New Acropolis Museum in Athens, a $200 million project, is set to open with the aim of showcasing classical civilization and bolstering Greece's claim to the Elgin Marbles. Greece has long sought the return of these Parthenon sculptures from the British Museum, which has resisted repatriation efforts. The museum's design by Bernard Tschumi features a top floor aligned with the Parthenon, displaying remaining Greek sculptures alongside casts of those in London. Greek officials, including Culture Minister Antonis Samaras, hope the museum's opening will intensify international support for their cause.

Disaffection Dominates European Voting

08 Jun 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Mainstream liberal politicians failed to capitalize on the global economic crisis in the European Parliament elections, with voters favoring center-right coalitions or fringe groups. Voter turnout was a record low, reflecting widespread frustration with European integration. The center-right parties in Germany and France performed well, while Britain's center-left Labor Party faced significant losses. The far-right and other fringe parties made notable gains across several countries. The elections highlighted a general disillusionment with established political parties and a shift towards more extreme political options.

Greece: Student Shoots 3 in Athens

11 Apr 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
In Athens, Greece, a 19-year-old student at a car electronics training institute shot and wounded a classmate and two workers, then attempted suicide. The attack, motivated by revenge for being mocked, resulted in the student being critically injured, while the workers sustained minor injuries. This incident marks the first school shooting in Greece.

Athens Struck by Firebomb Attacks

01 Apr 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Suspected anarchists in Athens, Greece, carried out a series of firebomb attacks, targeting banks, car dealerships, and a diplomatic vehicle from the Egyptian Embassy. The incidents occurred early Tuesday morning and resulted in no injuries or arrests. The attacks come during a period of increased extremism following the police shooting of a teenager in December. The Greek government, holding a slim majority in Parliament, has sought advice from Britain's Scotland Yard to address the rise in crime and extremism, with potential support from the U.S. and France also being considered.

Greece: Firebomb Attacks

01 Apr 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Early Tuesday in Greece, a series of coordinated firebomb attacks targeted banks, car dealerships, and a diplomatic vehicle, all occurring within a 15-minute span. There were no reported injuries or arrests, and no group immediately claimed responsibility. These attacks are part of a broader trend of extremism and lawlessness that has been ongoing since the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by police in Athens in December.

Duo's second prison escape embarrasses Greek officials

23 Feb 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Two notorious criminals, Vassilis Paleokostas and Alket Rizai, escaped from Greece's Korydallos prison using a hijacked helicopter, marking their second escape and embarrassing the conservative Greek government. The incident occurred just before their trial for a 2006 escape. The Justice Minister dismissed prison officials, and the police found the helicopter but not the fugitives.

Duo’s Second Prison Escape Embarrasses Greek Officials

23 Feb 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Two notorious criminals, Vassilis Paleokostas and Alket Rizai, escaped from Greece's Korydallos maximum-security prison using a hijacked helicopter, marking their second escape and embarrassing the Greek government. The incident occurred just before their trial for a 2006 escape and adds to the government's challenges amid riots, terrorism, and economic issues. The Justice Minister dismissed prison officials, and the fugitives remain at large.

Greek terror group claims responsibility for attack on TV network

22 Feb 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
A far-left Greek terrorist group, Sect of Rebels, has claimed responsibility for an attack on the Alter TV network in Athens, marking a resurgence of domestic terrorism in Greece. The group fired bullets and threw a makeshift grenade at the network's headquarters, following a similar attack on an Athens police station earlier in the month. No injuries were reported from either attack. The Sect of Rebels has threatened further attacks on journalists, ending their period of immunity. This comes after anti-government riots in December due to a police shooting of a teenager, with three militant groups conducting over 20 attacks recently. The police had also foiled a car bombing at Citibank's Athens headquarters. The situation echoes the pre-2004 Olympics era when homegrown terrorism was more prevalent in Greece.

Police Clash With Greek Farmers for Second Day

04 Feb 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Greek riot police and farmers from Crete clashed for a second day in Piraeus over demands for government aid and tax breaks after a harsh winter and falling commodity prices. The farmers, who had sailed to the mainland, attempted to drive tractors to Athens, resulting in injuries and arrests. Social unrest in Greece is increasing as the government faces challenges in restoring credibility. Despite a $645 million aid package offered by the government, the farmers from Crete and other agricultural groups remain unsatisfied, seeking a long-term solution to their declining income. The agriculture minister is in Brussels to discuss the aid plan with the EU.

Greek Farmers Clash With Riot Police

03 Feb 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Three people were injured in clashes between Greek riot police and farmers from Crete who attempted to drive tractors to Athens to demand financial aid. The unrest reflects growing social discontent as Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis's government faces credibility issues following recent student riots. Farmers have been protesting since January 20, blockading roads and demanding government aid and tax breaks. While most blockades eased after a $645 million aid package was promised, Cretan farmers rejected it, seeking more substantial support. The agriculture minister was in Brussels discussing the aid plan's compliance with EU rules.

Clashes in Greece highlight growing social unrest

02 Feb 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Two protesters were injured in clashes between Greek riot police and farmers from Crete who attempted to drive tractors to Athens to demand government financial aid. The unrest underscores growing social discontent in Greece, with the center-right government of Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis struggling to regain credibility after recent student riots. The protests are part of a broader wave of demonstrations across Europe in response to the global economic crisis. Despite a $645 million aid package, Cretan farmers and other agricultural groups continue to protest, seeking more substantial and long-term solutions.

Greece: Farmers’ Protest Keeps Borders Blocked

28 Jan 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Thousands of Greek farmers, demanding government aid and tax breaks due to a drop in commodity prices, have blocked roads across Greece with 5,000 tractors and farm vehicles. The nine-day protest has disrupted border crossings with Bulgaria, Turkey, and Macedonia. The farmers have dismissed a proposed $650 million aid package as insufficient.

Greek prime minister reshuffles government in wake of riots

07 Jan 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis reshuffled his cabinet, replacing the finance minister and other key positions amid scandals, violent protests, and a decline in popularity. The opposition criticized the move, suggesting the need for a new government. The civil unrest, sparked by the police shooting of a teenager, caused significant damage and highlighted the surge in extremism.

Gunmen in Greece attack policemen

06 Jan 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
In central Athens, gunmen with submachine guns, assault rifles, and grenades attacked a police unit, seriously injuring officer Diamandis Matzounis near the Culture Ministry. The attack occurred close to where a teenage boy was fatally shot by police last month, inciting riots. Over 30 bullets were fired, and ballistics linked the weapons to previous attacks, including one on the US Embassy in Athens. Matzounis is in critical condition, and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Gunmen in Greece Attack Policemen

06 Jan 2009  |  www.nytimes.com
In central Athens, gunmen with submachine guns, assault rifles, and grenades attacked a police unit, seriously injuring 21-year-old officer Diamandis Matzounis near the Culture Ministry. The attack occurred close to where a teenage boy was fatally shot by police last month, inciting riots. Over 30 bullets were fired, and ballistics linked the weapons to previous attacks, including one on the US Embassy in Athens. The officer is in critical condition, and no group has claimed responsibility, raising concerns of renewed domestic extremism.

Violence Brings Issues Plaguing Greece to the Surface

13 Dec 2008  |  www.nytimes.com
Greece is experiencing its worst unrest in decades following the police shooting of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos, with widespread protests and violence highlighting issues such as economic stagnation, corruption, and a troubled education system. Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis's government, elected in 2004 on promises of reform, faces criticism for its handling of the situation and previous scandals. Despite the government's claims of strength, the public expresses distrust and anxiety over the economy and security, with many Greeks working multiple jobs to survive. The left-wing opposition is gaining political ground amidst the crisis.

Torn Greece Begins to Show Signs of Calm

12 Dec 2008  |  www.nytimes.com
Life in Athens is gradually returning to normal after five days of riots triggered by the police shooting of a teenage boy. The Greek government, weakened by political scandals, has chosen not to crack down on protests to avoid further violence. Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis has promised compensation for shopkeepers affected by the riots. The situation remains volatile, with ongoing protests and clashes between police and demonstrators. The unrest has highlighted widespread dissatisfaction with the government and economic conditions, with many Greeks sympathizing with the rioters' criticisms.

Greece begins to show signs of calm

11 Dec 2008  |  www.nytimes.com
Athens is experiencing a return to normalcy after five days of unrest and a general strike due to the fatal police shooting of a teenager, Alexandros Grigoropoulos. While small student protests continue, the scale of demonstrations has decreased. The Greek government, led by Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, is facing criticism over its handling of the protests and economic policies but has chosen not to intervene aggressively to avoid further violence. Karamanlis has pledged compensation for shopkeepers affected by the riots. The Athens Trade Association estimates damages at around $1.3 billion. The public sentiment is mixed, with some understanding the protests against perceived government and police failures, while others are concerned about the violence.

Police Riots Continue in Greece

09 Dec 2008  |  www.nytimes.com
Violence escalated in Greece for a third day following the police killing of a teenager, with riots in Athens, Salonika, and Trikala. Demonstrators clashed with police, causing widespread damage, including to hotels and the Foreign Ministry. The 45,000-member police force was mobilized, but restraint was advised. The violence, which began after the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old, has been linked to broader anti-government sentiment. Officials are considering a large-scale operation to address the unrest, but some believe the timing is not right.

Riots in Greece enter third day

08 Dec 2008  |  www.nytimes.com
Youth riots in Greece continued for a third day following the police killing of a teenager, with violence spreading to Thessaloniki and Trikala. Schools in Athens closed as students joined the protests, which included burning shops and cars. The government charged a police officer with premeditated manslaughter and the Prime Minister apologized to the boy's parents. The riots started in the Exarchia district of Athens after the shooting.

Police shooting sparks riots in Greece

07 Dec 2008  |  www.nytimes.com
Youth in Athens and other Greek cities rioted for a second day following the police shooting of a 15-year-old boy. The riots, which began in the Exarchia neighborhood, saw hundreds of youth burning shops, cars, and businesses, and clashing with riot police. The violence spread to other cities, including Thessaloniki and Chania. Police announced the arrest of two officers involved in the shooting. Authorities used tear gas to control the riots, which resulted in injuries to dozens of officers and the evacuation of at least one apartment block.

Greece: Aide Resigns Over Land Swap

24 Oct 2008  |  www.nytimes.com
Theodore Roussopoulos, a close aide to the Greek prime minister and the government spokesman and minister of state, resigned due to a land scandal involving a state-owned land swap with a monastery, which may have cost the government up to $130 million. His resignation follows the creation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the deal.

Hour Strike Planned

08 Oct 2008  |  www.nytimes.com
Greece is expected to face major transportation disruptions due to a 24-hour nationwide strike called by the country's biggest labor union. The strike is in response to government plans to privatize Olympic Airlines. Over 100 flights will be canceled, and workers from various public corporations, including the Athens metro, national railroad, and telephone company, will participate in rolling work stoppages.

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