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Kyiv, Ukraine

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Antoine E.R. Delaunay

Antoine E. R. Delaunay is a French photojournalist based in Ukraine and has been covering the conflict in Eastern Ukraine since the beginning of the war in Donbass. He was one of the first on the crash site of the MH17 in eastern Ukraine. After several months covering the war in Ukraine, he went to Turkey to do a reportage on the refugee crisis that resulted from war in Syria. He also has an interest in documenting life - having traveled to New Orleans and photographing the vibrant music scene.

Has worked for : The Associated Press, BBC, Gawker,  FAO (UN), Ouest-France


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Work for the Associated Press


Reportage relating the struggle of the city of Donetsk under control of Donetsk People's Republic and armed militias. A pro-Russian movement rose in the aftermath of EuroMaidan, which led to the creation of Novorosiya and an armed insurrection. The rebels militias have grown under the logistical support of Russia and the influx of a mix of foreign fighters and mercenaries.


A photo reportage illustrating the challenging situation faced in the Kurdish city of Suruç and its region overwhelmed by Syrian refugees. Heavy fighting between Kurdish forces and Daesh have been raging inside the city of Kobane, located only a few kilometers away on the other side of the Turkish-Syrian border, for more than three months at that time.

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