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* København, Denmark

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Antonia Giannoccaro

Antonia Giannoccaro is a journalist based in København, Denmark.
She speaks and writes Italian (mother tongue), French, English, Spanish, Danish fluently. 
She has been working for H24 TV Agency as writer-filmmaker for documentary feature film on victims of Mafia covering all Southern Italy (2007-2008). For them, she also worked as producer on location, interpreter and translator for CBS (story in French) and France 24. 
She collaborated with Alameda Magazine as photo-travel journalist, writing and taking pictures about Lucca (2002). 
She worked for ARTE, recently, as fixer in Copenhagen for a story on child pornography (2018). 
She worked as wroter-producer-director-editor for independent documentary on NATO in Vicenza (political), Christiania in DK (political/socio-cultural) and Vandana Shiva in India (political/biodiversity).


Fixer, 2018, Copenhagen.


First independent documentary. No budjet, done in 2 weeks in 2 different years.

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