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Cape Town, South Africa

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Antonio Aragon Blanco

Antonio Aragon Blanco is a journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

I have 10 years experience in different types of journalism and among different companies and projects. I worked 7 years for the Agency of News EFE writing pieces about all the posible topics: sports, politics, culture, economy, human...

I as well have experience as blogger, photographer, video producer, social media, media officer, press releases, viral marketing...

My mother tongue is Spanish but I have also written some articles in English.


English Spanish

Other example of the pieces I wrote for Spanish media after Mandela died.


I arrived in Cape Town at the beginning of December 2013. Four days before Nelson Mandela died. A non less breathtaking news despite his age. I covered it for Spanish media like La Voz newspaper or


Interviews, news, reports Agencia EFE distributed to their customers, who they decide then which ones they want to publish.


For Agencia EFE I also wrote interviews on differents formats. Sports was basically the mean topic I used to write about.


This is an example of a report I wrote for Agencia EFE. Obviously, in Spanish.


I recently wrote an article in Spanish for the sports newspaper MARCA and about the event La Liga hosted in Cape Town last february. I as well delivered them some pictures and a video couldn´t been published finally due to some technical problems.


And the last one for Kick Off. This piece was modified only in two words. The english writting improvement was evident...


Another piece for Kick Off about a similar topic but furthermore in time.


I have been living in Cape Town the last two years and three months. Despite my current job is not related to journalism, I have not lost the contact with the most beautiful profession hence here you can read an article I wrote for the soccer south african magazine Kick Off.


This is an example of the kind of video reports with off voice I used to create for Agencia EFE...


From may 2006 to november 2013 I worked as news writer for Agencia EFE, the most important agency of news in Spanish. I delivered for them on daily basis news, reports and interviews about several topics. From politics to economy or culture... I also elaborated video news. I produced only the image in some of thems. In others, as well the text and the off voice.


After the World Cup I was recruited (non full time) as Media Officer of the top rugby club in Spain. Between my tasks of content creator, press releases, photography and social media I as well produced viral campaigns like this one.


We had a dream and an opportunity presented in front of our faces. A national contest. One minute vídeo wherein had to be performed the appropiate skils to would became the Sony Ericson Fan Reporter during the World Cup of South Africa 2010. Achieved. Thank to this video and all the supporters outh there in my hometown. We Have a Dream


In the beginning of 2010´s summer I had the experience of my life. I discovered South Africa during the World Cup and behind the steps of the Spanish National Team and until the victory. This are some of the pics I took along our 36 days journay discovering "The human face of the World Cup".

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