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Antonio Lopes

Maputo, Mozambique
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About Antonio
Antonio Lopes is a journalist based in Maputo, Mozambique.
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Physiotherapists and ULS: the necessary path

18 Feb 2024  |  www.publico.pt
The Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas advocates for the reorganization of human resources and services within Local Health Units to include physiotherapy services. Recently admitted unanimously to the Conselho Nacional das Ordens Profissionais, this marks a significant step in recognizing the profession's autonomy and user-centered approach.

Solitary Wave Propagation of the Generalized Rosenau–Kawahara–RLW Equation in Shallow Water Theory with Surface Tension

26 Oct 2023  |  mdpi.com
The paper presents a numerical approach for computing solitary wave solutions of the generalized Rosenau–Kawahara–RLW model, which is relevant in shallow water theory with surface tension. The study uses a finite difference approach and upwind local radial basis functions-finite difference for solving the model without the need for linearization. The technique is shown to produce sparse differentiation matrices, reducing computational burden. Numerical experiments demonstrate the method's precision and efficiency for long-time simulation.

Microclimate Multivariate Analysis of Two Industrial Areas

21 Aug 2023  |  mdpi.com
The study analyzes the urban microclimate of industrial districts in Sintra, Portugal, and Uberlândia, Brazil, using the ENVI-met software for computational simulations. It examines variables such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed, and albedo, and their impact on the urban microclimate. The results indicate that despite lower albedo and vegetation in Uberlândia's industrial area, air temperatures may be lower than in Sintra's unshaded surroundings. The study suggests that urban ventilation planning can contribute to sustainable urban development and proposes increasing the albedo of roofs in Uberlândia to potentially decrease air temperatures.

Inclusion Properties of p-Valent Functions Associated with Borel Distribution Functions

14 Aug 2023  |  MDPI
This paper introduces a differential operator on an open unit disk using the Borel distribution (BD) operator and convolution. New subclasses of p-valent functions are introduced through differential subordination, focusing on inclusion relations of these classes. The study also derives inclusion relations using the Bernardi integral operator and establishes convolution results for a class of analytic functions. The research provides a new perspective for developing p-univalent functions with BD and contributes to complex analysis.

Suppurative Meningoencephalitis by Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Direct Extension of Chronic Otitis in a Gir Cow

16 Jun 2023  |  mdpi.com
A case of suppurative meningoencephalitis in a Gir cow caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa from chronic otitis was reported. The cow exhibited neurological symptoms and was euthanized due to poor prognosis. Clinical, laboratory, and pathological features were described, highlighting the direct extension of infection from the ear to the central nervous system. The study emphasizes the importance of awareness among veterinarians and farmers regarding the risk of CNS infections following unresolved otitis, particularly in cattle breeds prone to parasitic otitis.

Spectral Collocation Technique for Solving Two-Dimensional Multi-Term Time Fractional Viscoelastic Non-Newtonian Fluid Model

27 Apr 2023  |  MDPI
The paper presents a spectral collocation technique for solving a two-dimensional multi-term time fractional viscoelastic non-Newtonian fluid model. The method involves a modification of the spectral approach, leading to an algebraic system of equations that provides an approximate symmetric solution. Numerical examples demonstrate the technique's effectiveness in terms of accuracy and convergence. The study highlights the advantages of fractional calculus in describing complex fluid behaviors and provides a detailed theoretical analysis along with numerical tests to validate the proposed method.

Numerical Design of a Thread-Optimized Gripping System for Lap Joint Testing in a Split Hopkinson Apparatus

17 Feb 2023  |  MDPI
The article presents the design and numerical validation of a thread-optimized gripping system for testing Single Lap Joint (SLJ) specimens using a Split Hopkinson Bar (SHB) apparatus. The study focuses on optimizing the thread type, diameter, and pitch to minimize wave reflections and ensure accurate mechanical characterization of adhesives under high strain rates. The optimal thread configuration was found to be a trapezoidal thread with a 14 mm diameter and a 2 mm pitch. The gripping system was validated by comparing load-displacement curves from SHB and drop-weight tests, showing good agreement and confirming the system's effectiveness.

I manage, in a daily basis, the content of this site. My working language is portuguese.

Open Wound of an Exposed Society

01 Mar 2016  |  Diário da manhã
The article critiques the socio-economic and political landscape of Brazil, highlighting issues such as economic inequality, corruption, and the state's failure to provide essential social goods. It discusses the impact of consumerism, the alienation caused by modern technology, and the inadequacies of public policies. The text references various thinkers and cultural figures to underscore its points, ultimately painting a bleak picture of a society plagued by violence, economic disparity, and ineffective governance.

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