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Anurag Agrawal

Kanpur, India
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About Anurag
Anurag Agrawal is a Hindi TV journalist based in Kanpur, India. I am in media field from last approx 15+ years and my max experience is in TV journalusm. 
Right now also I am worKing for a Hindi News Channel. Previously I have worked with renowned TV channel like Sahara.
English Hindi
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Politics Current Affairs Natural Disasters

Red Hat cloud services deliver time to value and enhance developer and operator efficiency

04 Apr 2024  |  techaisle.com
Red Hat's cloud services strategy, including Red Hat OpenShift, is designed to address challenges such as application modernization, cloud-native development, and operational consistency across various environments. Red Hat OpenShift provides a consistent full-stack development and operational experience, reducing the focus on IT operations and increasing focus on applications. The services are integrated with hyperscalers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, offering hybrid cloud flexibility. Red Hat's offerings are positioned as superior to competitors like VMware, with a focus on open source and a comprehensive approach to container management and security. The article also highlights the importance of site reliability engineers (SREs) and the benefits of Red Hat's partnership with hyperscalers.

Lenovo Partner Hub – a one-stop-shop for services offerings – neatly fulfilling Lenovo 360 promise

04 Apr 2024  |  techaisle.com
Lenovo's Partner Hub is a continuously enhanced platform that fulfills the Lenovo 360 promise by integrating managed services with product sales, offering a simple layout, quick access to contextual information, and easy navigation. It allows partners to add service components to customer bids effortlessly, serving as a one-stop-shop for services such as training, marketing, and deliverables. The Hub includes Lenovo TruScale, security offerings, and Asset Recovery Services, with a rotating carousel of supporting assets to accelerate go-to-market initiatives. It simplifies the customer experience by presenting clear service options and supports partners with digital catalogs, content syndication, and various learning paths. The Hub combines five different portals into one agile platform, addressing both technical and logistical value-add for channel partners and providing a comprehensive list of products and services.

Future Perspectives in the Treatment of Neuroblastoma

05 Oct 2023  |  www.onclive.com
Giselle Sholler, MD, and Anurag Agrawal, MD, discuss the future of neuroblastoma treatment, focusing on research in immunotherapies, CAR T-cell therapy, and genomics for targeted approaches to improve patient outcomes.

Strategies for Adverse Effect Management and Treatment Optimization With Anti-GD2 Monoclonal Antibodies in R/R

05 Oct 2023  |  onclive.com
Giselle Sholler, MD, and Anurag Agrawal, MD, emphasize the importance of proper preparation, a well-trained team, and multidisciplinary support in managing adverse effects from anti-GD2 monoclonal antibody agents like naxitamab.

Midmarket technology and business buyers – must sell to two different groups

01 Oct 2023  |  www.cxotoday.com
The need for advanced solutions and professionals in strategy, implementation, integration, and optimization has intensified due to COVID-19, shifting purchasing authority from IT to business management. A survey by Techaisle reveals a significant expectation gap between business decision-makers (BDMs) and IT decision-makers (ITDMs) regarding the association of IT solutions with business efficiency, productivity, and profitability. BDMs have higher expectations of ITDMs, particularly in areas like customer experience and employee productivity. The divergence between BDMs and ITDMs is expected to continue, with IT suppliers needing to address the distinct expectations of both groups.

Optimising adolescent wellbeing in a digital age

01 Oct 2023  |  The BMJ
Adolescents are growing up in an era of rapid digitalisation, making them significant users of digital media. This exposure has both positive and negative impacts on their health and wellbeing. To optimise adolescent wellbeing, it is crucial to empower them to use digital media beneficially while also strengthening governance mechanisms and health services to support and protect young users. Health professionals play a vital role in guiding adolescents and their caregivers to reliable online health information, advocating for better governance of digital media, and pushing for evidence-based policies and programs.

Science Books About Animals

21 Apr 2023  |  BOOK RIOT
The article highlights eight popular science books about animals, emphasizing their importance in understanding the natural world and the impact of human activities on animal diversity. The books cover a range of topics from animal perception and prehistoric life to the sixth extinction and the intelligence of cephalopods. Each book is praised for its unique perspective and contribution to the field of zoology.

India’s COVID crisis flags need to forecast variants

27 May 2021  |  Nature
Anurag Agrawal, a physician-scientist leading India's SARS-CoV-2 molecular-surveillance efforts, emphasizes the importance of forecasting COVID-19 variants. He heads the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in New Delhi.

Growing Champions: Embracing change is the right medicine for Asean’s healthcare providers

21 Mar 2021  |  The Edge Malaysia
The article discusses the challenges faced by healthcare providers in Asean due to Covid-19 and outlines five key themes for adapting to the new normal: enhanced public-private sector collaboration, digitalized patient encounters, new models of care, transformed operations and cost structures, and more equitable distribution of healthcare. It emphasizes the need for innovation, technology adoption, and strategic planning to ensure a robust recovery and improved healthcare outcomes.

The worst may be behind us, but it is still important to wear masks, avoid crowds

28 Jan 2021  |  The Indian Express
The first serosurvey in India by the Indian Council of Medical Research showed less than 1% positivity, indicating the lockdown contained COVID-19 spread. Subsequent serosurveys in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune indicated higher infection rates. The CSIR study of over 10,000 adults found a 10.1% seropositivity rate, suggesting a large number of recovered individuals with immunity. High seropositivity correlated with declining new cases. The study also found that public transport users and certain job roles had higher seropositivity. Smokers and vegetarians showed lower seropositivity, but these are associations, not causal links. Antibody studies indicated sustained immunity at six months. The findings suggest the worst of the pandemic may be over for India, but caution and COVID-appropriate behavior are still necessary.

SMB security and risk management – IT focusing on ensuring integrity of technology infrastructure

17 Dec 2020  |  cxotoday.com
SMB IT is increasingly tasked with managing cybersecurity, ensuring the integrity of technology infrastructure, and preventing data leaks. A global survey by Techaisle indicates that 75% of SMBs prioritize security solutions. The defense against cyber-threats involves a comprehensive approach including systems deployment, process establishment, and staff training. SMBs are deploying sophisticated security measures and considering managed security services, with a projected 152% increase in usage. Privacy is a cross-functional responsibility, with IT playing a significant role. SMB IT leaders are developing security technology portfolios and skills to address complex issues and aim to enhance regulatory compliance, customer trust, and bottom-line success.

Covid-19 response can result in the health systems we need

24 Mar 2020  |  www.ft.com
The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the transformative potential of new technologies like AI, robotics, and genomics in health systems. The Lancet-FT commission identifies three key lessons: the effective use of technology in Asia compared to the West, the risk of short-term needs overshadowing long-term risks, and the importance of digital governance. China's response showcased the power of digital platforms, while South Korea's rapid test production emphasized the value of open data and international cooperation. However, the rise of digital surveillance and misinformation poses significant challenges, necessitating robust governance models to balance privacy, commercial interests, and public health.

Harnessing the power of AI for global health

24 Oct 2019  |  www.ft.com
India's growing digital infrastructure and expertise offer significant potential to improve healthcare access for its population. The country faces challenges such as a shortage of trained medical staff, but AI and other technologies can support healthcare delivery. Concerns about privacy, accountability, and equitable access are emerging, prompting a joint Lancet and Financial Times Commission to explore these issues. The World Health Assembly has prioritized digital technologies for universal health access. AI shows promise in tasks like X-ray screening and diabetic retinopathy detection, but issues like 'black box' applications and data privacy remain. Coordinating diverse stakeholders and balancing data sharing with privacy are key challenges. The Aadhaar system exemplifies the potential and concerns of digital health initiatives. The Lancet/FT Commission aims to develop recommendations for the governance of digital health and AI to improve global health outcomes, especially for marginalized groups.

Harnessing the hype: How to become an AI business

23 Jun 2019  |  Arabian Business
AI is poised to contribute significantly to the global economy, with the Middle East, particularly the UAE and Saudi Arabia, expected to see substantial benefits. Businesses are advised to familiarize themselves with AI, acknowledge internal capability gaps, make incremental changes, and invest in talent to successfully integrate AI into their operations. The article emphasizes the importance of viewing AI as an integral part of business evolution rather than an optional add-on, and highlights the potential for AI to enhance and create new products and services.

Google Anthos – a big deal for midmarket, if a partner strategy emerges

10 Apr 2019  |  insightaas.com
Google announced Anthos, a Cloud Services Platform for managing hybrid clouds, at Cloud Next 2019. Anthos uses Kubernetes, supports AWS and Azure, and is hardware agnostic. It targets large enterprises but also has potential for the midmarket, which faces challenges in hybrid cloud management. Anthos Migrate simplifies VM migration across environments. The midmarket's early adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies highlights the need for a consolidated approach to manage diverse infrastructure. Google's success with Anthos in the midmarket may depend on developing an effective partner strategy, different from that for enterprises, to compete with Microsoft and IBM.

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