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Aram Arkun

Lynnfield, United States of America
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About Aram
Aram Arkun is a journalist based in Lynnfield, United States of America. He is a graduate of Princeton (BA), with a master's degree in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania and a C.Phil. in Armenian history from UCLA (ABD), with Byzantium, Modern Europe and Russia as secondary fields in history. He was editor of the Armenian-American quarterly Ararat for over 4 years, and at present is assistant editor of the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, an English language weekly newspaper.
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Boston Tekeyan Cooking Series Kicks Off with Kata

27 Mar 2024  |  The Armenian Mirror-Spectator
The Tekeyan Cultural Association Boston Chapter launched an Armenian cooking demonstration series on March 21 with Dr. Knarik Arkun showcasing how to prepare kata, a traditional sweet pastry. The event included a live demonstration, hands-on opportunities, and pre-baked kata for tasting and purchase. Future events by the TCA Boston Chapter were announced, including cultural celebrations and performances.

Ful for Love: Boston Tekeyan Brings Together Community with Good Food and Entertainment

16 Mar 2024  |  mirrorspectator.com
The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) Boston Chapter hosted a well-attended brunch event at the Baikar Building in Watertown, featuring culinary delights prepared by Rita Balyozian and her husband Hagop. The event included performances by Angelina Nazarian and poet Sarkis Gavlakian, as well as humorous anecdotes by Sarkis Antreassian. The chapter announced future events, including a cooking demonstration and a jazz evening. A raffle was held to support upcoming activities, with thanks given to Gyumri Lavash bakery for their donation.

California Primary Election Results for Armenian Candidates

13 Mar 2024  |  The California Courier
California's primary elections featured several Armenian candidates running for various municipal, state, and federal positions. Notable races included Saren Joseph Simitian for the 16th Congressional District, Alex Balekian for the 30th Congressional District, and John Harabedian for California State Assembly District 41. In Los Angeles City Council races, Adrin Nazarian led District 2, while Levon Baronian and Carmenlina Minasova participated in other districts. Glendale City Council saw four Armenian candidates vying for two at-large seats. Preliminary results indicate competitive races with final outcomes to be determined.

Armenian Bishop Concerned About Loss of Identity, Unity

01 Mar 2024  |  mirrorspectator.com
Bishop Davtyan expresses concern over the assimilation and loss of Armenian identity among Javakhk Armenians in Georgia, highlighting language barriers and the need for proficient Georgian language teachers. The Armenian Church in Georgia plays a significant cultural and religious role, offering cultural centers and festivals to preserve Armenian traditions. Despite a decline in the Georgian-Armenian population and the closure of Armenian schools, cultural organizations and newspapers continue to promote Armenian heritage. Disputes over the control of historically Armenian churches and cemeteries persist, with some churches' statuses frozen by the state. Bishop Davtyan calls for unity among Armenians worldwide, especially in light of current challenges facing Armenia.

Krekorian Brings Political Savvy and Experience to LA City Council

22 Jan 2024  |  mirrorspectator.com
Paul Krekorian, with a background in law and a history of political involvement, has been a significant figure in mobilizing the Armenian community in Southern California. His political journey began with grassroots campaigns and led to his election to the Burbank Board of Education and later the California State Assembly. Krekorian has faced and addressed anti-Armenian racism, and he has been a pioneer for Armenians in U.S. politics, emphasizing the importance of political participation and accountability. He has also taken a stand on international issues, such as recognizing the independence of the Republic of Artsakh and calling for action against Azerbaijani aggression. As he approaches the end of his term on the LA City Council due to term limits, Krekorian reflects on his achievements and expresses a continued interest in influencing federal support for Armenian interests.

Danny Bedrosian Publishes P-Funk Reference Book

11 Dec 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
Danny Bedrosian has published a comprehensive P-Funk reference book, compiling extensive interviews and research to clarify the contributions of various musicians. He also creates comics based on Armenian mythology, which have gained popularity beyond the Armenian community. Bedrosian continues to perform and produce music, adapting to the changing digital landscape by utilizing platforms like Patreon to support his work. His multifaceted career includes live performances, publishing, and education, highlighting his dedication to both music and Armenian cultural heritage.

Princeton Armenian Student Vigil for Artsakh Engages Many, Including President Eisgruber

11 Nov 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
The Princeton Armenian student group, after a period of inactivity, has been re-energized by recent tragic events in Armenia and Artsakh, including the 2020 Artsakh war. The group now boasts 16 members and an executive board. They have engaged with Princeton University's president, Christopher Eisgruber, urging him to address the issue of ethnic cleansing in Nagorno Karabakh and the denial of the Armenian Genocide within the university's Near Eastern Department.

Mirror-Spectator 90th Anniversary Gala Is a Smashing Success

09 Nov 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
The Armenian Mirror-Spectator celebrated its 90th anniversary with a gala that raised over $360,000. The event featured speeches from journalists and community leaders, including NBC News' Ken Dilanian, filmmaker Carla Garapedian, CivilNet's Eric Hacopian, and Washington Post's David Ignatius. They discussed the importance of Armenian voices in media and the current crisis in Armenia and Artsakh. Noubar Afeyan, co-founder of Moderna, spoke about Armenian unity and the future. The gala also raised funds for Artsakh Armenians displaced by conflict, with over $24,000 collected during the event.

NBC News Correspondent Dilanian to Speak at Mirror

24 Oct 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
Ken Dilanian, an NBC News correspondent, reflects on his career, including his experiences embedded with the US military in Iraq and his work covering intelligence agencies and the Justice Department. He discusses the challenges of maintaining journalistic independence and the importance of diverse sources. Dilanian also touches on his Armenian heritage and the limited US media coverage of recent events in Armenia and Artsakh. He highlights the decline of metropolitan newspapers and the uncertain future of journalism amidst the rise of digital media and partisanship.

ARF Bureau Chair Offers Party’s Perspective on Global Armenian Issues

25 Jun 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
Der Khachadourian, representing the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, criticizes the government of Nikol Pashinyan for its handling of the 2020 war and subsequent negotiations with Azerbaijan and Turkey. He emphasizes the importance of Armenian unity in the face of external threats and the need to defend Armenian minority rights worldwide. Der Khachadourian also discusses the politicalization of youth and the role of the diaspora in maintaining Armenian identity. The ARF, as part of the opposition Hayastan bloc, seeks to create a unified front against the current Armenian government and plans to organize a conference to promote unity. He also comments on the challenges and opportunities for the Armenian diaspora, including the integration of recent emigrants and the role of Armenian schools in preserving identity.

Israeli Blogger Lapshin Tours the Americas, Still in Pursuit of Justice

17 Jun 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
Aleksander Lapshin, an Israeli blogger, is touring the Americas to raise awareness about human rights abuses in Azerbaijan and the situation in Artsakh and Armenia. Despite facing personal risks and a lack of support from some organizations, he continues his advocacy work. Lapshin's journey includes meetings with human rights organizations and Armenian communities, aiming to highlight the plight of Armenian prisoners of war and the broader human rights issues in the region. His efforts are met with mixed reactions, reflecting the complex geopolitical landscape.

Hye Pointe Church Godfathers Take Oath to Support Completion of Sanctuary

12 Jun 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
On June 10, sixteen godfathers at the Armenian Apostolic Church at Hye Pointe in Haverhill, Massachusetts, signed a covenant in the presence of Primate Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan and pastor Fr. Vart Gyozalyan, pledging to support the completion of the church's sanctuary. The ceremony, witnessed by a group of 75 people, symbolized their dedication to their faith, heritage, and community. The construction's next phase is set to begin on July 1.

Tekeyan Takes VEM Ensemble to Detroit, Boston and Montreal

Political Scientist Suren Sargsyan Gives Interactive Talk on Armenian Foreign Policy Challenges

29 May 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
Suren Sargsyan, a Yerevan-based political scientist, engaged Armenian community leaders and members in a discussion on Armenia's current foreign policy challenges during an event in Watertown. The event was sponsored by the Tekeyan Cultural Association Boston Chapter and the Armenian Mirror-Spectator. Sargsyan, who is also a Ph.D. candidate, author, and president of the Armenian Center for American Studies, shared his insights and fostered an open dialogue on the situation in Armenia and Artsakh.

Azg Newspaper Interviews Aram Arkun in Yerevan

04 Apr 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
The Armenian diaspora is a complex and multifaceted entity with historical and contemporary divisions based on religion, politics, and immigration waves. The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, a publication with a long history, strives to maintain impartiality while covering significant issues affecting Armenia and the diaspora. The article highlights concerns about Armenia's security, the potential for regional conflict involving Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran, and the limited role the US might play. It underscores the need for Armenia to organize and defend itself, as external support may be limited. The diaspora's connection to Armenia remains vital, with ongoing efforts to support and influence outcomes in the region.

Armenians among Victims of Aleppo Earthquake and Its Aftereffects

10 Feb 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake on February 6 with its epicenter in Turkey resulted in at least 360 deaths in Aleppo, Syria, and hundreds injured. The total death toll in Turkey and Syria surpassed 17,000. Many buildings in Aleppo were destroyed, and Armenians were among the victims, with at least two killed and four wounded. Residents are fearful of aftershocks and are sleeping in cars, clubs, or churches. The government is conducting rescue operations and distributing limited aid. The Tekeyan Cultural Association's temporary meeting place sustained damage, and there is a need for food, water, blankets, and other essentials, exacerbated by pre-existing shortages due to American sanctions.

State Minister Vardanyan Renews Call to Support Artsakh

31 Jan 2023  |  mirrorspectator.com
Ruben Vardanyan, State Minister of Artsakh, emphasizes the critical need for international support amid a blockade imposed by Azerbaijan. He highlights the severe limitations on resources and the broader political implications of the blockade, which aims to undermine Artsakh's self-governance. Vardanyan calls for increased pressure from global powers, particularly the OSCE Minsk Group, to counter Azerbaijan's actions. He underscores the importance of the Armenian diaspora's role in maintaining international interest and support for Artsakh. Despite the challenges, Vardanyan remains hopeful about Artsakh's future and its right to self-determination.

CEO Orujyan Raising Awareness about FAST in US

09 Jan 2023  |  The Armenian Mirror-Spectator
FAST's CEO Orujyan is actively promoting the foundation's initiatives in the US, including its Global Innovation Forum focused on AI, which resumed in Yerevan after a two-year hiatus. The forum attracted 1,300 participants from 20 countries. FAST is also coordinating with other organizations like Synopsys and ArMat to avoid overlap and enhance educational transformation in Armenia. Fundraising efforts have been successful, with a gala in Los Angeles reaching the goal to support ten research teams with grants. The Armenian government has started offering similar funding, indicating the success of FAST's model. Orujyan aims to institutionalize FAST to ensure its sustainability and is planning fundraisers in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and London to support the AI program and other initiatives.

Armenian Trade Delegation Visits Glendale

13 Dec 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
An Armenian business delegation visited Glendale, California, from December 1 to 7, 2022, to participate in the Armenian American Business Bridge and Armenian Trade Show programs. The event, organized by the Armenian American Business Council and Liva Elite Business Group LLC, with support from the International Business Relations Support Council, featured a trade show with fifty Armenian and Artsakh producers. The Consulate General of the Republic of Armenia in Los Angeles hosted the event, which showcased a variety of Armenian products and services. The delegation aimed to establish business-to-business connections and was welcomed by Glendale officials, including Mayor Ardashes Kassakhian, who emphasized the importance of trade relations with Armenia.

ICARE Modernizes Agribusiness at New Campus

30 Nov 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
ICARE is expanding its agribusiness initiatives at the ZYAC campus in Armenia, aiming to create a comprehensive mini-campus with classroom spaces, business units, and student residences. The campus will feature a vineyard, winery, greenhouse, and an agrihub funded by USAID, serving as the first applied center for agribusiness startup incubation and acceleration in Armenia. ICARE collaborates with international organizations like the World Bank, FAO, and the Austrian Development Agency to implement various projects. The expansion plan, estimated to cost up to $50 million, aims to support the Armenian economy by fostering innovation and research in food production and processing. ICARE envisions replicating its model across Armenia and potentially globally, contributing to economic development and resilience in rural areas.

Armenian Composers’ Union President Takes Measure of Group on 90th Anniversary

20 Oct 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
The Armenian Composers’ Union, headquartered in Yerevan, is celebrating its 90th anniversary with renovations, music festivals, and cultural outreach. The union's resort in Dilijan is being updated, and a large hall with excellent acoustics is planned for performances. The anniversary was marked by music festivals across Armenia, concerts in border areas, and donations of musical instruments and scores. An exhibition at the Yeritasardakan Metro station showcased the union's history. The union's international presence has grown, with performances in various countries. The president, who is also a composer, plans to focus on completing renovation projects and enhancing the union's musical library.

Michael Goorjian’s ‘Amerikatsi’ Art Film Wryly Presents Message of Hope

13 Oct 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
Michael Goorjian's film 'Amerikatsi' presents a message of hope through a surrealistic fable set in Soviet Armenia. The film, which faced challenges such as COVID-19 and the 2020 war in Armenia, was supported by the Armenian Ministry of Culture and the National Cinema Center, and involved many Armenians from the diaspora. It features a trilingual script and aims to inspire other filmmakers to create in Armenia. The film has begun to receive acclaim at international film festivals and is expected to move to theatrical release and streaming platforms after the festival circuit. Goorjian encourages Armenians to support the film as a cultural representation.

Armenian Heritage Park 10th Anniversary Gala Honors Stephen Kurkjian, Celebrates Immigrant Contributions, Funds Park Maintenance

04 Oct 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
The Armenian Heritage Park celebrated its 10th anniversary with a gala honoring Stephen Kurkjian for his contributions to journalism and the Armenian community. The event highlighted the significant contributions of immigrants to American society and emphasized the importance of recognizing historical events like the Armenian Genocide. Kurkjian expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided by the United States and underscored the park's role in embracing immigrant communities. The Boston Globe and Comcast were acknowledged for their support in creating a video about the park.

Genocide Scholar Dadrian’s Grave Left Unmarked and Untended in Yerevan

17 Aug 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
The grave of Vahakn Norayr Dadrian, a noted scholar of the Armenian Genocide, has been found unmarked and untended in Yerevan, leading to public outcry. Despite a state burial commission established by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and a ceremony organized by the National Academy of Sciences, the grave's neglected state has raised concerns. Various organizations, including the Republic of Armenia, the Ararat Eskijian Museum, and the Zoryan Institute of Armenia, were involved in the transportation and burial of Dadrian's remains. The situation highlights issues of cultural heritage and the honoring of significant historical figures.

California Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian Shares Vision of Armenians in a New California, Aims for LA City Council

30 May 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
Adrin Nazarian, a California Assembly Member, shares his vision for the Armenian community's political and cultural influence in California and his aspirations for the LA City Council. He emphasizes the importance of Armenian community organizations and the potential for Armenian candidates to succeed beyond their ethnic base. Nazarian is recognized for his legislative work on equity, infrastructure, elder community issues, and cultural heritage preservation, including the CalKids program and a bill to prevent public museums from exhibiting state-sponsored items from countries that desecrate cultural artifacts. He reflects on the 2020 Artsakh war's lack of media coverage and the need for accountability in the press. Nazarian also discusses his efforts to commemorate the Armenian Genocide through a state holiday and monument, and his work to ensure diversity on corporate boards. He highlights the importance of the Armenian community in California to engage politically and maintain a connection with Armenia.

Armenians Must Mobilize Against Dr. Oz

24 May 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
Dr. Oz's candidacy for senator has raised concerns among Armenians due to his connections with the Turkish government and individuals close to President Erdogan. Despite his claims of opposing Erdogan and pledging to relinquish Turkish citizenship if elected, his past interactions with Turkish organizations and figures who deny the Armenian Genocide have led to skepticism about his political and personal affiliations.

New Glendale Mayor Kassakhian Focuses on Fundamentals of City Governance, Gives Voice to Armenians

07 May 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
Ardy Kassakhian, the new mayor of Glendale, emphasizes the importance of fundamental city governance while addressing the needs of the Armenian community. He highlights the challenges posed by political divisions, the aftermath of the Artsakh war, and the decentralization of community activism. Kassakhian outlines his goals for the city, including improving public safety, addressing housing affordability, and enhancing civic education. He also aims to use his platform to raise awareness about the situation in Artsakh. Despite the challenges, Kassakhian remains optimistic about Glendale's future and is committed to serving his community.

Lav Eli Performs to Enthusiastic Audiences in Boston, with Guest Performer John Berberian

03 May 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
The Armenian rock group Lav Eli concluded their East Coast tour with a performance in Watertown, Massachusetts, for the Boston area, featuring cofounders Mher Manukyan and Gor Mkhitarian, accordionist Ara Dabandjian, and guest oud player John Berberian. The event was so popular that a second performance was added, and the audience actively engaged with the music.

Armenian Ombudsman Tatoyan Will Continue Human Rights Work After Leaving Office

01 Mar 2022  |  mirrorspectator.com
Armenian Ombudsman Tatoyan criticized Azerbaijani policies for fostering Armenophobia and endangering both Armenians and Azerbaijanis. He highlighted the aggression faced by Armenians in Artsakh and near the Azerbaijani border, including direct violence and difficulties in daily life due to Azerbaijani soldiers' actions. Tatoyan condemned the Armenian state's policy for not prioritizing evidence of hostility and failing to guarantee rights under these conditions. He announced his intention to continue his human rights work after leaving office and stressed the importance of unity between Armenia, Artsakh, and the Armenian diaspora. Tatoyan also noted the role of international companies in spreading Azerbaijan's narrative that Artsakh is an internal matter while attempting to erase Armenian identity in occupied areas.

Massachusetts Mandates Genocide Education in Public Schools

20 Dec 2021  |  The Armenian Mirror-Spectator
Massachusetts has mandated genocide education in public schools, requiring instruction on the history of genocide in accordance with the history and social science curriculum framework for middle and high school students. The legislation was supported by various organizations and individuals, with no partisan division, although Democrats were highlighted as key supporters due to their control of the legislature. The bill faced opposition from Turkish Americans who argued against the inclusion of the Armenian Genocide, but this did not affect the outcome. The law also establishes a Genocide Education Trust Fund to promote teaching of human rights issues, with funding from donations, state appropriations, and fines from hate crimes or civil rights violations. The curriculum will be updated to comply with the new law, and while specific genocides are not mandated, several examples will be covered, allowing local school districts to choose how to implement the instruction.

Pharmacist Yogurtian Gives New Boston Mayor Covid Booster in Popular Clinic

10 Dec 2021  |  mirrorspectator.com
Osco pharmacist Sossy Yogurtian administered a Covid booster shot to Boston Mayor Michelle Wu at a highly successful walk-in clinic at City Hall, which extended its hours due to high demand. The clinic, aimed at encouraging vaccinations, received extensive media coverage and provided 360 shots. Mayor Wu emphasized the importance of getting boosted to protect communities, while Yogurtian offered assistance to the Armenian community for vaccinations.

Ari Wartanian Works for Civil Rights through Change for Progress

30 Nov 2021  |  mirrorspectator.com
Ari Wartanian, after various roles in civil rights and social work, founded Change for Progress in 2019 to advocate for universal civil rights, focusing primarily on voting rights reforms. Despite challenges, including the pandemic, the organization continues to push for legislative changes and aims to expand its outreach through field canvassing and volunteer recruitment. Wartanian's commitment to civil rights remains steadfast, with the organization distinguishing itself through its field presence and weekly calls to action on social media.

Jerusalem Armenian Patriarchate Official Comments on New Land Lease

16 Sep 2021  |  mirrorspectator.com
Fr. Yeretzian of the Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem discusses the new 99-year land lease for the Goveroun Bardez property, emphasizing the importance of preserving Armenian rights and properties. He addresses past and current land use issues, including a hotel project with investor Dany Rubinstein and a parking lot agreement with the Jerusalem city government. Yeretzian highlights the challenges faced by the Patriarchate, including legal battles and internal criticism, while stressing the need for financial independence and vigilance against external attempts to control Armenian lands.

Boston Mayor Walsh Rescinds Khojaly Commemoration Proclamation, Confirms Strong Relationship with Boston Armenian Americans

10 Mar 2021  |  mirrorspectator.com
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh rescinded a proclamation commemorating Khojaly, after being contacted by Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, who arranged a meeting with Armenian community leaders. Walsh, in the midst of transitioning to become the US Secretary of Labor, accepted responsibility and expressed respect for the Armenian community. Anthony J. Barsamian of the Armenian Assembly of America thanked Walsh for his candor and commitment. Koutoujian highlighted the importance of educating both the Armenian and non-Armenian communities about the Armenian Genocide and the situation in Artsakh, emphasizing the power of long-term relationships and community advocacy.

Themed Sneakers, Call World Attention to Armenia

08 Dec 2020  |  The Armenian Mirror-Spectator
Najarian, a member of the New England Patriots, used the My Cause My Cleats campaign to raise awareness about Armenia and the Artsakh war. He spoke to his team about the Armenian Genocide and current issues, leading to public support from teammates Slater and McCourty. Coach Belichick, familiar with Armenian issues, also commented. Najarian's themed sneakers, designed to tell a story, were showcased by Cam Newton in an unplanned moment, further highlighting the cause. Najarian's deep connection to his Armenian heritage and family history underscores his advocacy efforts.

City of Smile Boston Friends Organize an Evening to Benefit Children with Cancer in Armenia

25 Feb 2019  |  The Armenian Weekly
The City of Smile Boston Friends group is organizing a fundraising event to support children with cancer in Armenia. The event, featuring Anna Hakobyan, will take place at the Westin Waltham Hotel on April 5. The Muratsan Chemotherapy Clinic in Yerevan, which provides free cancer treatment to children, faces challenges such as lack of resources, equipment, and proper housing for families. Efforts are being made to improve the situation, including the establishment of the City of Smile Foundation and collaborations with international institutions. The Boston-Armenian community has been actively involved in supporting the clinic, with initiatives like the Jimmy Fund Walk and personal contributions.

Impressive Talents Highlight AIWA’s 25th Anniversary Conference

03 Nov 2016  |  The Armenian Mirror-Spectator
The 25th anniversary celebration of AIWA highlighted the organization's history, achievements, and future goals. Key figures such as Carolyn Atinizian Yardemian, Silva Katchiguian, and Katherine S. Kazarian played significant roles in the event. AIWA's contributions to women's empowerment were celebrated, with awards given to notable individuals like Selina Özuzun Dogan, Houry Gebeshian, Carolyn G. Mugar, Carolyn Rafaelian, and Katherine Sarafian. The event emphasized the importance of community support, visionary leadership, and the ongoing mission to empower Armenian women globally.

Memoirs of Napoleon’s Dashing Armenian Bodyguard Published


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