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Aris Apostolopoulos

Athina, Greece
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About Aris
Aris Apostolopoulos is a journalist based in Athens, Greece.
Greek English
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The Top 10 Managerial Skills Recruiters are Looking For

Remote Work Statistics Survey Reveals Insights into Home Office Habits and Productivity

05 Apr 2023  |  Irish Tech News
The article discusses the findings of TalentLMS' Remote Work Statistics Survey, which asked 450 full-time remote workers about their work habits and environments. It reveals that 70% of remote workers receive company-provided training, with 87% receiving regular training, mostly online. Despite this, 67% would like more training. The survey also highlights that 31% have a dedicated home office, and 79% do not find background noise to be a problem. Communication tools like Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts are frequently used to maintain contact with teams and supervisors. Contrary to skepticism about remote work, 90% of respondents feel more productive working remotely. The article suggests that remote work is not vastly different from traditional office work and encourages companies to invest in training for remote employees to enhance productivity.

How to build an effective performance evaluation system

03 Aug 2020  |  TalentLMS Blog
An effective performance evaluation system is crucial for employee progress and organizational growth. The article outlines a step-by-step guide to building such a system, including reviewing the current system, setting performance measures, factoring in employee training, creating evaluation forms, allowing self-review, providing specific feedback, preparing for worst-case scenarios, and establishing a regular evaluation schedule. It emphasizes the importance of objective measures to counteract bias, the integration of training progress, and the benefits of more frequent evaluations for better results and morale.

Training your team on how to work remotely

29 Apr 2020  |  - The online magazine for those involved in workplace learning, performance and development
Aris Apostolopoulos offers tips for training teams to work remotely, emphasizing the need for adaptability in the business world. He suggests developing a work-from-home guide, training on company missions and values, providing online training, and training on technology. Apostolopoulos encourages a trial-and-error approach to find what best fits a company's needs for managing a remote team and maintaining company culture.

Lack of training can make managers leave their job

18 Dec 2019  |  www.trainingjournal.com
A survey on manager retention indicates that half of the managers may leave their jobs within a year due to an unhealthy work environment, exclusion from decision-making, and lack of training opportunities. Despite the importance of training for employee retention, only 7% of managers received management training before their promotion, 21% after, and 47% both before and after. Surprisingly, 24% never received any management training, although 78% receive regular compliance training. The majority of managers value role-specific training, and 47% considering leaving their job cite insufficient training as a reason.

Five Tips for Becoming a Successful Remote Worker, According to 450 Remote Professionals [New Data]

10 Sep 2019  |  blog.hubspot.com
Remote work has grown significantly over the past decade, and while it offers flexibility, it requires specific skills for success. A survey by TalentLMS highlights that remote workers often work fixed hours, need familiarity with digital tools like Zoom and Slack, and must have strong communication skills. Additionally, the ability to focus and manage time effectively is crucial. Strategies such as background noise, task lists, and productivity techniques can enhance focus and organization for remote workers.

6 Staff Onboarding Trends to Watch in 2019

13 Dec 2018  |  Glassdoor
The article discusses six emerging trends in employee onboarding that are expected to be significant in 2019. The first trend, preboarding, involves engaging new hires before their first day at work. Personalized onboarding, the second trend, tailors the onboarding experience to individual preferences and interests. Cultural assimilation, the third trend, focuses on integrating new employees into the company's culture beyond just its mission and values. The fourth trend cautions against over-automation in onboarding, emphasizing the need for a personal touch. Niche training, the fifth trend, highlights the importance of equipping employees with specific skills for their roles. Lastly, microlearning, the sixth trend, addresses the need for short, focused training sessions to accommodate decreasing attention spans. The article was originally published by TalentLMS and is reprinted with permission.

6 Copywriting Lessons from Home TV Shopping

30 Mar 2017  |  mirasee.com
The author shares six copywriting lessons learned from watching home TV shopping programs, emphasizing the effectiveness of simple language, the use of relatable human presenters, referencing expert sources, leveraging testimonials, showing products in action, and creating a sense of urgency to buy now. These insights are drawn from a personal experience of seeking inspiration to overcome a creative block. The article suggests that despite changes in medium, from TV to online platforms, these elements remain key to persuading customers to make a purchase.

A real-life story about online catfishing. I wrote this story for The Kernel but, recently, The Week re-published it.

Voters in Sweden, Denmark and Greece demand their say on 'broken' Europe

24 Jun 2016  |  Mail Online
The article discusses the varied reactions across Europe following the UK's decision to leave the European Union, commonly known as Brexit. Voters in different countries expressed a range of opinions, from support for the UK's decision to concerns about the potential negative consequences. Some see it as an opportunity for the EU to reform, while others fear economic downturns and the possibility of other countries following the UK's lead. The sentiment in Germany and Austria is largely negative, with fears of EU disintegration, whereas opinions in France are divided. In Sweden and Denmark, there is talk of potentially holding their own referendums, and in Greece, there are calls to leave the EU. The article captures individual voices from various professions and backgrounds, reflecting on the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote and its implications for the future of the EU and its member states.

Confessions of a Phony Telephone Psychic

11 May 2016  |  www.narratively.com
The author shares a personal account of their experience working as a phone-psychic named 'Ella.' They describe waking up with a fear of being exposed as a fraud for over three years. The author vividly recounts the anxiety of being called out as a fake by a passerby on the street. However, this fear dissipates as soon as they begin their workday. Upon sitting at their desk and assuming the role of 'Ella,' they experience a transformation in voice, posture, and demeanor, feeling like a completely different person while performing their duties as a psychic over the phone.

A story I wrote for The Establishment about a woman who believed she was the star on a reality show. As it turned out, she was just sick.


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