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Arthur de Oliveira

Arthur de Oliveira is a Filmmaker, Poet, and Theater Practionar from Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil. Over the past sixteen years Arthur has been traveling between the United Arab Emirates, where he is based in, and Brazil. Arthur’s travel and varied cultural exposure has sparked his interest in multidisciplinary art forms that create hybrid art pieces much like the multicultural environment he was raised in. 

Arthur’s work often explores issues of distance and missingness within the context of family. Heavily inspired by the New Sincerity movement, Arthur’s storytelling is focused on contemporary issues that investigate the consequences of globalization on the individual level. His most recent film, When Grown Wild and Far, explores the Portuguese word saudade within an estranged grandfather-grandson relationship. Other works by Arthur include hybrid poetic experiments that mix documentary practices and fictional storytelling such as his chap book, Stretch Marks Across Time with Plants. 

Arthur has a B.A. in Film and New Media from New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). While at NYUAD, Arthur has traveled around the world exploring different modes of storytelling as a form of research for his artistic projects. 

Arthur is currently a Jameel Arts Center Youth Assembly member in Dubai and a freelance copywriter in Abu Dhabi.

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