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Asha Gopalkrishnan

Helsinki, Finland
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About Asha
I'm a freelance multimedia journalist and photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. With a keen interest and sharp focus on creative storytelling, I'm on the lookout for my next adventurous project.
English Hindi Tamil
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The power of leapfrogging

Governments across the world struggle to strike the right balance between efficiency and pragmatism while framing policies. But the murky deals in the corridors of bureaucracy are now under the scanner. And even though 'lobbying' seems like a bad word, it is far from being on its way out. This story delves deeper into why India should consider formalizing advocacy.

India's radio industry.

India is becoming a hub for medical facilities - from basic medical check-ups to cancer treatment to dental surgeries to even renting wombs. So what makes Surrogacy a billion dollar idea, what are its pitfalls and above all why does this industry need to be regulated?

What happens when an Indian immigrant in Finland leaves behind the cosy confines of a stable job to test the waters of entrepreneurship?

01 Jun 2016  |  thisisFINLAND
The article discusses the journey of Indian immigrant entrepreneur Shakir Abdulkhader, who left his job at Barona IT to start Kairali Foods, a food and grocery business in Finland. The business, which imports spices and pulses from India, has grown to serve a diverse customer base and supports the local Indian, Nepalese, and Thai restaurants. The article also touches on the broader trend of Indian immigrants in Finland turning to entrepreneurship, citing the country's favorable business environment and the growing immigrant population as catalysts. Challenges such as language barriers are acknowledged, but entrepreneurs are finding ways to overcome them. Another Indian, Apramey Dube, is mentioned as aspiring to start a marketing and branding consultancy in Helsinki. The article suggests a positive outlook for Indian entrepreneurs in Finland.

Is sustainable urbanization a myth or reality?

The European & American economy is in trouble and the impact of that is being felt world over. But Asia is an exception. Can India make the best of it or is it too soon to place a bet on the emerging economy?

Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Gaming Industry

01 Dec 2014  |  thisisFINLAND
Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order, shares her journey from joining a boys' crafts class to leading a game development studio known for the mass transit simulation game Cities in Motion and its upcoming release, Cities: Skylines. Hallikainen emphasizes the importance of consumer engagement and her ability to work with a tight budget. Elina Arponen, founder of Tribe Studios, discusses her venture into creating multiplayer learning and entertainment simulation games with social storylines, such as Dramagame. Both entrepreneurs highlight the challenges they faced and the importance of breaking gender stereotypes to bring diverse talent into various fields.

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