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Ashraf Ahmed

Ashraf Ahmed is a journalist based in Cairo, Egypt.

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Tutankhamun reintroduced polytheism after Akhenaten. One of the rare pharaohs worshipped as a god was Tutankhamun. His wealth was revealed in 1922 when KV62, the only near-intact tomb, was found. His tomb was one of the largest archaeological discoveries.


The day marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of iCon Studio, and the company has huge plans to celebrate the occasion by holding a wonderful event in celebration of the landmark occasion.

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while shooting in Spain

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Color Grading showreel


iConStudio© witnessed a landmark achievement in Expo 2020 with the production of “The Prophets” in a pioneering innovative approach to storytelling. Each movie clip was shown on five Ultra high-definition complementary screens that create a brand new rich


Since our company is passionate about gaming and adores shooting games that are reminiscent of PUBG, we can also claim that animating cinematic video games is part of our profession Thank you for my Gamers


iConStudio© specializes in producing high-quality 2D and 3D animation videos, and Post Production With over 24 years of experience, our creative team has a strong record of success in promoting businesses through developing engaging content that helps com


iConStudio© is a fully-fledged media production company based in Egypt. We provide complete production services encompassing animation, video production, and postproduction. We gained a reputation across the Middle East for being a one-stop media producti

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