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Asma Abidi

Tunis, Tunisia
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About Asma
+Asma Abidi is a journalist and a junior researcher based between Tunis and Bonn in Germany.
+She collaborated with different platforms such as http://correspondents.org, wirmachendas.jetzt,Deutsche Welle Arabic and more.
+She had also collaborated with Media Development organizations such as MiCT,International,Internews,Thomson Reuters International and BBC MEDIA ACTION.
+She is interested in reporting about Human Rights, Society Transformation,Women and Migration.
+Fields of interest:  Digital Storytelling, Media Development & Training, Human Rights & Migration , African Culture, Youth.
+Speaks : Arabic,French,English & German
+Digitally literate.
Arabic German English
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Fact Checking
Current Affairs Fact Checking

Verification Handbook: equipping journalists to combat media manipulation

01 Oct 2023  |  en.ejo.ch
The latest edition of the Verification Handbook, published by the European Journalism Centre, aims to equip journalists with the skills to combat disinformation and media manipulation. It includes contributions from experts like Craig Silverman, Claire Wardle, and Brandy Zadrozny, covering topics such as social media investigation, visual content verification, and the identification of bots. The handbook also addresses the complexities of information disorder and provides tools and techniques for digital investigations. It is praised as a valuable resource for journalists facing the challenges of modern media manipulation.

Journalism ethics expert on Coronavirus crisis: “This is a human story above all”

22 Apr 2020  |  en.ejo.ch
Aidan White, founder of the Ethical Journalism Network, discusses the ethical aspects of reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic, emphasizing the importance of accurate, fact-based, and humane journalism. He notes that the pandemic has led to a resurgence in public interest in traditional media for reliable information. White highlights the need for journalists to apply core values and show sensitivity, especially when dealing with vulnerable groups. He contrasts the current respectful coverage with past sensationalism seen during the Ebola crisis and offers tips for responsible reporting. The article suggests that the pandemic has been a positive period for journalism, with a return to public-interest reporting.

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