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Assane Diagne

Dakar, Senegal
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About Assane
Assane Diagne is currently the Editor of APS, the state-run news agency of senegal.  He has got work experience with the BBC (radio and online) as a freelancer.  He has also worked with the Non aligned cointries news agency network as Dakar correspondant.  
Diagne holds a BA in journalism from Dakar University,  an MA degree in journalism from Cardiff University and an MA in Englisn from Saint Louis University (Senegal).
English French
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Fact Checking

Rise of the Twirwaneho rebel group highlights the enduring instability in the east of the DRC

05 Sep 2023  |  theconversation.com
The Twirwaneho, an armed group claiming to defend the Banyamulenge community in South Kivu, Eastern DRC, has become more active since 2019, highlighting the fragmented nature of Congolese politics. The group, led by Michel 'Makanika' Rukunda, has been accused of human rights violations and is on the EU sanctions list. Twirwaneho's rise to power demonstrates the unending nature of the conflict in the Congo, with the group becoming a symbol of defiance. The group's involvement in national politics is minimal, but it has become emblematic for both the community it claims to defend and those who view Tutsis as foreign invaders. The UN expert group report suggests collaboration between Twirwaneho and the Rwanda-backed M23. Research indicates that Twirwaneho is part of a complex political, economic, and existential struggle among armed groups in the DRC, distinct yet connected to these groups.

Africa: Russia-Africa Ties Tested by War in Ukraine - How the Russo-Western Conflict is Exported to Africa

24 Jul 2023  |  fr.allafrica.com
The article discusses the impact of the Russo-Western conflict, particularly the war in Ukraine, on Russia's ties with Africa. It highlights that Africa is not a vital interest for Russia, which focuses on the post-Soviet space, but notes an increased prioritization of Africa in Russian foreign policy. The trade balance between Russia and Africa is positive, largely due to relations with Algeria and Egypt. Russia's re-engagement in Africa is sporadic and leverages local contexts and long-standing Russian actors on the continent. The article also mentions Russia's military supplies to sub-Saharan Africa and its diplomatic narrative promoting multipolarity and state sovereignty. Votes at the UN General Assembly on the war in Ukraine show some African countries' abstention or absence, indicating a degree of understanding or benevolent neutrality towards Russia. The article concludes that Africa is becoming a potential ground for confrontation between Russia and the West, with Russia's African policy influenced by its global power strategy and its Western-centric foreign policy.

Russia-Africa ties tested by war in Ukraine: how the Russo-Western conflict is exported to Africa

23 Jul 2023  |  theconversation.com
The article discusses how Africa is becoming a battleground for confrontation between Russia and the West, shifting from a competitive to a confrontational stance due to the war in Ukraine. It highlights Russia's lack of vital interests in Africa, its positive trade balance with the continent, and the use of military and economic diplomacy to rebuild influence. The article notes the Russian Foreign Ministry's role in coordinating diplomatic actions in Africa and the potential for increased diplomatic resources. It also mentions the Wagner Group's security role and the potential for religious engagement through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The sentiment of some African states towards Russia is described as understanding or benevolently neutral, reflecting a global power policy by Vladimir Putin that seeks confrontation below the threshold of conflict with the West.

Bad Law – Legal and Regulatory Responses to Misinformation in Sub-Saharan Africa 2016–2020

01 Jun 2021  |  www.uwestminsterpress.co.uk
The chapter discusses the legal and regulatory responses to misinformation in Sub-Saharan Africa from 2016 to 2020. It is part of a larger work on misinformation policy in the region, published by the University of Westminster Press. The text is factual and peer-reviewed, providing a comprehensive analysis of the subject.

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