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Axcel Chenney

Port Louis, Mauritius
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About Axcel
Radio Journalist since 2002, Axcel Chenney is, since March 2015, the Head of Multimedia of the news website lexpress.mu, the most visited Mauritian website according to Alexa.  
From 2013 to 2015, he was the Chief Editor of RadioPlus, a private radio station with 52 percent of the Mauritian listenership. 
Holder of a Masters Degree in Media Management, Axcel is also a radio and tv trainer making the most of the radio and TV potential of traditionally-print-journalists of the group La Sentinelle.
In February 2014, he started lecturing Journalism Ethics at the Mauritius Campus of the University of Curtin.

Journaliste radio depuis 2002, Axcel Chenney dirige depuis Mars 2015, les opérations multimédia du site d’information lexpress.mu le site mauricien le plus fréquenté selon les classements Alexa.  
De 2013 à 2015, il a été le Rédacteur en Chef de RadioPlus, la radio qui, avec 52 pour cent de part d’audience est la plus forte à l’Ile Maurice.
Détenteur d’un BAC+5 de l’ESJ-Lille et l’Université de Lille 1, il agit aussi comme formateur en techniques de la radio et télé au groupe La Sentinelle et chargé de cours en « éthique du journalisme » au campus mauricien de l’Université de Curtin.
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Mauritius: In Surinam, Pravind Jugnauth flirts with contempt of court

20 Mar 2023  |  fr.allafrica.com
Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth is accused of potentially committing contempt of court after allegedly calling a magistrate 'incompetent' and criticizing a judgment related to the arrest and release of Bruneau Laurette. The comments, if proven to be his, could undermine public confidence in the judiciary and violate the principle of sub judice. The situation reflects an ongoing institutional crisis in Mauritius, with the judiciary caught in a conflict with the executive branch.

Robin Ramburn: 'Even if Pravind Jugnauth dissolves the National Assembly, the Privy Council can well hear Suren Dayal's appeal'

05 Mar 2023  |  lexpress.mu
Senior Counsel Robin Ramburn critically examines the week's legal-political events, including the escalation between the Police Commissioner and the Director of Public Prosecutions over the bail release of Bruneau Laurette. Ramburn discusses the independence of the judiciary and police, the role of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and the perception of police autonomy. He also addresses his role as the lawyer for Suren Dayal, who is challenging Pravind Jugnauth's election at the Privy Council, and the potential impact of the case on Mauritian politics. Additionally, Ramburn comments on the cost of living and the legal profession in Mauritius.

Mauritius: Bribe of Rs 27 Million for a Minister | Bhadain 'I Will Not Wait Forever'

27 Feb 2023  |  fr.allafrica.com
Roshi Bhadain has publicly revealed a bribery case involving a minister, a broker, and two employees from a private company that secured a large government contract, with the payment to be made in Singapore. The Prime Minister has been informed of the details, which remain undisclosed to the public. Amidst a surge of rumors, it has been leaked that two private sector executives involved have resigned, serving a three-month notice. Bhadain has warned that he will not wait indefinitely for action to be taken.

Mauritius: After Saturday's Sold-Out, Linzy Goes for a 2nd Concert on Sunday

04 Feb 2023  |  fr.allafrica.com
Linzy's concert 'Lavwa Linité' marking 35 years of her career sold out 2300 tickets four days before the event scheduled for February 4, 2023, at the J&J auditorium. Due to high demand, the producer Jorez Box scheduled a second show for Sunday at 5 pm. The concert features at least 16 other local and regional voices, with musical direction by Elvis Heroseau and a talented team including Didier Baniaux and Yann Payet. The final grand rehearsal was described as breathtaking.

Mauritius: Bissoon Mungroo - 'Kistnen? Pravind Jugnauth Knows Who Did It'

17 Oct 2022  |  fr.allafrica.com
Bissoon Mungroo, a member of the MSM party, discusses his recent appointment as honorary consul of Suriname, his friendship with Surinamese President Chan Santokhi, and his involvement in Surinamese politics. He criticizes the handling of the Kistnen murder case, suggesting that Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth knows who is responsible. Mungroo also expresses his intention to sue ICAC Director Navin Beekarry for professional misconduct and shares his views on the political landscape in Mauritius, including his loyalty to the MSM and his perspective on the upcoming elections.

Mauritius: Kugan Parapen - 'Descendants of slaves and coolies are not part of the economic elite's future plan'

26 Sep 2022  |  fr.allafrica.com
Kugan Parapen, an economist and member of Rezsitans ek Alternativ, discusses the themes of economic inequality and the impact of real estate development on the local population in Mauritius. He criticizes the conversion of agricultural land into real estate projects aimed at foreigners, which he believes excludes the descendants of slaves and coolies from the economic elite's future plans. Parapen argues against the capitalist system that has led to increased social inequality and advocates for an economy that serves society, not the other way around. He also touches on the offshore industry in Mauritius, suggesting it contributes to economic injustice. The interview reflects Parapen's views on the need for a societal shift away from ultra-liberal capitalism towards a more equitable system.

Mauritius: Construction - How a Company Blacklisted by the World Bank Circumvents Mauritian Laws

09 Sep 2022  |  allAfrica.fr
A Chinese company, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Ltd (CJIETCG), blacklisted by the World Bank for falsifying past experiences to secure a contract, has seemingly circumvented Mauritian laws through a new entity, China Jiangsu Mauritius Constructions Ltd (CJMCL). Despite sharing a common address in Curepipe and having the same key personnel, CJMCL claims to be legally separate and has obtained a permit from the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) to operate in Mauritius. The CIDB, bound by construction sector laws, cannot act against a company that is not corporately linked to the blacklisted entity. Nabeel Bhunnoo, a Mauritian shareholder of CJMCL and former employee of CJIETCG, insists that the new company is unrelated and has been funded independently, saving 100 Mauritian jobs.

Assirvaden: 'Can Nando Bodha seriously aspire to 31 tickets?'

04 Sep 2022  |  lexpress.mu
Patrick Assirvaden, president of the Parti Travailliste (PTr), discusses the political landscape in Mauritius, addressing the recent events involving Navin Ramgoolam and the PTr's position ahead of the next elections. He reflects on the emotional rollercoaster following a successful party congress and an unfavorable court judgment for Ramgoolam. Assirvaden emphasizes that Ramgoolam's legal challenges will not alter his political ambitions or the party's strategy. He also touches on the potential for alliances with other parties, including MMM, PMSD, and extraparliamentary groups, while maintaining that Ramgoolam's prime ministership is non-negotiable. The interview covers the PTr's openness to new ideas and the need to engage with the 50% of the population that does not identify with any political party, suggesting a broad, inclusive approach to future governance.

Mauritius: Praveen Swami - 'India, like all powers, aspires to data from undersea cables but has never been able to decrypt it so far'

10 Aug 2022  |  fr.allafrica.com
Praveen Swami, an Indian journalist specializing in national security, discusses the controversy surrounding Huawei's involvement in digital espionage, particularly in Mauritius where Huawei equipment is used in the Safe City project and the submarine cable connecting Rodrigues to Mauritius. He highlights that espionage is a common practice among superpowers, including India, though India's decryption capabilities are limited compared to the Five-Eyes Alliance. Swami also touches on the strategic interests of India and China in the Indian Ocean and the potential use of Agalega by India for military purposes. He concludes by reflecting on the pervasive state surveillance and its implications for individual privacy and political stability.

Praveen Swami: 'India, like all powers, aspires to draw data from undersea cables'

09 Aug 2022  |  www.lexpress.mu
Praveen Swami, an Indian journalist specializing in national security, discusses the controversy surrounding Huawei's involvement in cyber espionage, particularly in relation to Mauritius. He highlights the global issue of digital espionage by superpowers, including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and India. Swami explains that while India has data harvesting capabilities, it lacks the decryption abilities of the Five-Eyes Alliance. He also touches on the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean and the potential for Mauritius to become a site of military interest for India and other countries. The article delves into the complexities of India-China relations and the broader implications for regional security and diplomacy.

Shakeel Mohamed: 'No! Ramgoolam is not coming back to take revenge on the Jugnauths'

31 Jul 2022  |  lexpress.mu
Shakeel Mohamed, a prominent attorney and member of the Mauritian parliament, criticizes Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth for his behavior and alleged involvement in illegal activities related to the 'sniffing' affair and Baie-du-Jacotet case. Mohamed accuses Jugnauth of vulgar conduct, violating the Official Secrets Act, and failing to follow ICTA procedures. He also discusses the lack of checks and balances in Mauritian democracy, the potential for a private prosecution against Jugnauth, and the economic challenges facing the country. Mohamed expresses support for Navin Ramgoolam as a future Prime Minister and dismisses the idea that Ramgoolam seeks revenge against the Jugnauths. The article also touches on the opposition's strategy to address the cost of living and the need for political change before the 2024 elections.

Alleged 'Sniffing': Why the Huawei Excuse Put Forward by Hurreeram is Completely Nonsense

31 Jul 2022  |  lexpress.mu
Bobby Hurreeram, the Minister of National Infrastructure, has publicly discussed the Indian intervention at Baie-du-Jacotet, alleging it was to determine if Huawei was spying on internet traffic, contradicting the Prime Minister's earlier secrecy on the matter. The government's narrative aligns with Indian journalist Praveen Swami's theory that the Chinese military was using Huawei's infrastructure in Mauritius to spy on India. Technical experts, including Ish Sookun, question the plausibility of the government's claims, suggesting that the alleged anti-espionage operation against Huawei does not technically justify the location of the intervention. The article also highlights the close ties between Mauritius and China, including the Safe City project implemented by Mauritius Telecom with Huawei's technology, and suggests that Hurreeram's attack on Huawei may not be credible given the government's previous relationship with the company.

My plea against oppression against journalists in my bilingual acceptance speech after receiving the CNN Multichoice African Journalist Awards in French Electronic Media Category.

www.lexpress.mu web broadcast on regional election night 2015 in Mauritius. Diffusion Web au soir des résultats des élections municipales 2015 à l'île Marurice

My LIVE Skype Call in "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" on Fox News on August 4th 2015. Reporting on MH370 search results in the region of Reunion Island.


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