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Aymara Lorenzo

Caracas, Venezuela
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About Aymara
As an experienced journalist with nearly 30 years of reporting under my belt, I have covered a diverse range of news events from my base in Caracas, Venezuela, and  special coverages in Colombia, México and Honduras. Throughout my career, I have worked as a correspondent for respected media outlets including CBS, Telemundo, La Voz de América, Infobae, Radio Televisión Martí, and Univisión.

For 16 years, I focused on military reporting for various Venezuelan media, providing insight into this important area of national affairs. I was on the ground covering the significant events of 2002 and for 11 years after that, until 2014, I took on a general producer, anchor, and interviewer role for the morning show on Globovisión television news channel.

In 2017, I co-founded the Public Information Service, which stands as the first news outlet in Venezuela native to the WhatsApp social network. This innovative platform allows us to provide timely and reliable information to our audience, even in a challenging media landscape.

I am curious and passionate about listening to people’s stories and using my skills to share, impact and contribute to society.
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Finance Politics Current Affairs

Maduro intervenes the Venezuelan Red Cross accused by Diosdado Cabello of 'conspiring' against the government

06 Oct 2023  |  Martí Noticias | Martinoticias.com/
The Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela ordered a comprehensive restructuring of the Venezuelan Red Cross, removing its president and board members following accusations by Diosdado Cabello of conspiracy against the government. The decision came after Miguel Ángel Villarroel of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies urged President Nicolás Maduro not to intervene. The tribunal appointed Ricardo Filippo Cussano to lead the restructuring. The Venezuelan Red Cross has denied the accusations, while the government, despite denying a humanitarian crisis, has collaborated with international organizations to address the country's issues.

Venezuelans React to Cabello's Visit to Cuba

11 Aug 2023  |  Martí Noticias | Martinoticias.com/
While Maduro's regime met with its counterpart in Cuba, workers from the health and education sectors protested in Venezuela. Caracas residents consulted by Martí Noticias view the outcome of the visit with skepticism.

UN receives green light to monitor peace agreement between the Colombian government and ELN

03 Aug 2023  |  Martí Noticias | Martinoticias.com/
The UN Security Council unanimously authorized the UN political mission in Colombia to verify the ceasefire agreement between the government and the ELN, Colombia's largest remaining guerrilla group. The resolution also expressed willingness to do the same for a truce with another armed group, the Estado Mayor Central. The UN has been monitoring a 2016 peace agreement with the FARC, which ended over 50 years of conflict. The Colombian government requested the UN mission's mandate be extended to include the June truce with the ELN. The Security Council hopes the agreement will improve the humanitarian situation and encouraged adherence to international humanitarian laws. The UN mission, expiring on October 31, includes 120 observers, with authorization for 68 more and a suitable civilian component to verify the ELN ceasefire. The council is open to further expanding the UN mission if an agreement with the Estado Mayor Central is reached. The article also touches on political repression in Venezuela by Maduro's regime, concerns raised by Amnesty International, and the non-renewal of a US license for oil and gas transactions with Venezuela due to unfulfilled electoral commitments.

Live transmission for Radio Television Martí

Interview in Globovisión to the presidential candidate María Bolívar. (2012)

Interview with the president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó for Radio Televisión Martí.

Radio Television Martí report on the story of Luis Brito, a Venezuelan who narrates, from somewhere in the Darién jungle, his passage between Colombia and Panama.

Street coverage for Radio Televisión Martí of Juan Guaidó's complaint about the presence of Cubans in the Venezuelan armed forces

Investigative work for Univisión on what Maduro does to stay in power with the support of the military

Eating garbage: the last resort for Venezuelans to avoid dying of hunger

15 Apr 2018  |  infobae
Venezuelans, even those with shelter, are increasingly resorting to searching through garbage for food due to the country's severe economic crisis. The article describes the plight of individuals like José Rodríguez, who, despite having a roof over his head, must scavenge for food among waste to survive. Organizations like Cáritas and Fedecámaras are providing support, but the situation reflects a broader issue of poverty and scarcity. The government's official stance, as stated by Vice President Elías Jaua, is that the food scarcity is due to increased demand and not a lack of supply. However, surveys and experts highlight the dire situation, with a significant portion of the population not eating three times a day and nearly 28 million Venezuelans living in poverty.

Hausmann: Venezuela will experience the darkest economic period during the recall referendum

12 Jun 2016  |  El Estímulo
Ricardo Hausmann discusses the severe economic and social crisis in Venezuela, attributing it to strategic errors by the government led by Nicolás Maduro. He highlights the collapse of various sectors, including the oil industry, and criticizes the government's mismanagement and lack of transparency. Hausmann argues that a political transition is necessary for economic recovery and advocates for empowering society through free-market policies. He also emphasizes the importance of adhering to constitutional processes, such as the recall referendum, to achieve change.

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