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Ayodeji Victor Bolorunduro

Doha, Qatar
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About Ayodeji
Ayodeji Victor Bolorunduro is a versatile journalist based in Doha, Qatar, with a keen expertise in business and sports reporting. His journalistic pursuits have led him to cover a wide array of topics, including sports sponsorship, marketing, and the intricacies of the personal care industry, as well as the nuanced world of coffee, tea, and chocolate sectors. Bolorunduro's work is distinguished by his insightful interviews with senior executives and industry experts, through which he sheds light on economic development and business expansion, particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and Qatar.

In addition to his primary beats, Bolorunduro extends his reporting to politics and lifestyle, demonstrating a broad interest and understanding of various fields. His contributions to journalism are marked by a commitment to exploring current affairs and education, as evidenced by his engagement with prestigious institutions such as Georgetown University's Sports Industry Management Program and the Josoor Institute.

Bolorunduro's reporting on festivals and sports development further showcases his adaptability and depth as a journalist. His ability to navigate complex topics and present them in an accessible manner has made him a respected voice in the media landscape of Qatar and beyond, offering readers a comprehensive view of the dynamic interplay between sports, business, and society.
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Business Politics Science & Environment

Herra Hair Perfume CEO lauds Qatar's business-friendly environment

05 Apr 2023  |  Qatar Tribune
James Davis, CEO of Herra Hair Perfume, praised Qatar's friendly atmosphere and supportive environment for businesses in an exclusive interview with Qatar Tribune. He highlighted the strategic importance of establishing a hub in Qatar for the GCC region, influenced by the partnership with Omran al Sherawi and the SPA Qatar team. Davis, also the founder of Clay Hair Salon in the UK, discussed the introduction of a new fragrance, Arabia, tailored to the Qatari market's appreciation for quality and style. The fragrance, which took two years of research and development, has been well-received since its soft launch. Davis reflected on the origins of Herra Hair Perfume, born from his curiosity about the lack of luxury hair protection products, leading to the brand's creation in 2012. He also expressed a personal affinity for Qatar, hinting at the possibility of settling there in the future.

Qatar's coffee, tea, chocolate sector to get boost with opening of roasting plants

25 Jan 2023  |  Qatar Tribune
Qatar is set to open its first coffee-roasting plants, as reported by industry expert Fernando De Guama, CEO of Four and One, during the first Chocolate, Coffee and Tea (CTC) Festival in Doha. Despite the blockade against Qatar, the CTC sector is thriving with an estimated market size of QR17 billion. The average coffee shop in Qatar can generate up to QR2 million annually. The sector is expected to grow further with new product variants and the rise of SMEs. The blockade has had minimal impact due to government actions ensuring a steady supply of products. The CTC Festival aims to become an annual event to promote Qatari tourism, with 40 exhibitors this year, and interest from companies in Oman, Kuwait, and other regions for future participation. The festival runs until February 3 and is open from 5pm to 12am.

Scully Discusses the Importance of Value-In-Kind Sponsorship in Sports

21 Apr 2018  |  Al Bawaba
The article discusses the insights of a senior US executive, Scully, on sports sponsorship and marketing. Scully, with over 20 years of experience, emphasizes the importance of 'value-in-kind' (VIK) sponsorship for sports clubs and associations, suggesting that they should seek partnerships with businesses that can offer more than just monetary support. He proposes models where clubs can earn percentages from branded merchandise sales and encourages associations to look for win-win models. Scully also praises Qatar for its dedication to sports and its successful hosting of events, advising that local participation should be increased to build on these legacies. He speaks highly of his involvement with Georgetown University's Sports Industry Management Program and the Josoor Institute, noting the latter's global reach and effective programming.

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