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Ayuni Ayatillah

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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About Ayuni
Ayuni Ayatillah is a journalist based in Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

She specializes in lifestyle, parenting and women issues topics, with a flair for storytelling and simplified English that appeals to local readers.

She has experience writing for local and international parenting and women issue websites such as Makchic.com, Mom Center and AprilMag.com. She also has experience writing/blogging for numerous brands such as Philips, MILO, Nickelodeon and Dutch Lady to name a few.

She interviews with people and write about their stories in online and print media.

She is good with time management and work best with a defined goal in mind.
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I never understood why those dirty dishes keep piling up. But now I do.

01 Oct 2023  |  Medium
The author reflects on the challenges of managing household chores during Ramadan, particularly the piling up of dirty dishes. Through a personal anecdote involving her teenage daughter unexpectedly helping with the dishes, she gains a deeper understanding of her own mother's actions and the importance of self-care. The narrative highlights the significance of asking for help and the realization that a clean kitchen does not define one's worth as a parent.

Travel writing at HaveHalalWillTravel.com

Yuna: How to remain intact while breaking barriers

26 Nov 2016  |  April Magazine
The article discusses the journey of Malaysian-born singer-songwriter Yuna, highlighting her rise from a MySpace artist to an international music sensation. Yuna began writing songs at 14 and gained a significant following online, becoming a prominent figure in the Malaysian music scene. Notably, she broke cultural barriers by performing while wearing a hijab. Yuna's music, particularly her album 'Chapters', is known for its R&B and smooth jazz influences, with lyrics that resonate with her fans. Despite facing criticism from conservative elements in Malaysia, Yuna continues to inspire many, especially Asian women, to pursue their dreams while staying true to themselves. The article admires Yuna's authenticity and her ability to maintain her identity amidst the pressures of the American music industry.

Discover Your Child's Smarts with UOB Kidsmart's MIDAS™ Tool

07 Nov 2016  |  Mumcenter
The article discusses the importance of identifying and nurturing children's natural abilities in the context of a rapidly changing world where new career fields like robotics and biotechnologies are emerging. It introduces the MIDAS™ tool from UOB Kidsmart Programme, which is based on Dr. Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. The tool helps parents understand their child's strengths across eight types of intelligence and plan for their educational enrichment accordingly. The article emphasizes that while the MIDAS™ assessment is not definitive, it provides valuable insights into a child's potential and preferred learning styles, which can inform study strategies and career guidance.

5 Things Mothers Need to Know Before Buying Diapers

02 Sep 2016  |  Mumcenter
The article provides information for parents on choosing the right diapers for their babies and toddlers. It highlights the importance of selecting diapers based on type, occasion, absorbency, softness, breathability, and size. The article specifically promotes Drypers brand diapers, mentioning products like Drypers Drynight, Drypers Drypantz, and Drypers Touch, which offer features such as 12-hour absorbency, comfort fit for active babies, and soft and breathable materials. It advises parents to get samples to test the diapers, mentioning that free samples of Drypers Touch can be requested online. Additionally, it promotes the Drypers loyalty program where points can be redeemed for educational toys.

Baby blues: you should not let it rule you

29 Aug 2016  |  April Magazine
The article discusses the personal experience of a mother dealing with postpartum anxiety, also known as 'baby blues,' and the potential progression to postpartum depression (PPD). The author describes the emotional and physical challenges faced after giving birth, including feelings of helplessness and dark thoughts. The article highlights the prevalence of PPD, with statistics from the American Centers for Disease Control indicating that 11 to 20% of women who give birth each year in the U.S. may experience PPD symptoms. The stigma surrounding PPD in society is addressed, noting that many women suffer in silence due to fear of judgment. The importance of emotional readiness, a strong support system, and the willingness to seek help when overwhelmed are emphasized as crucial for new mothers to navigate the early stages of motherhood. The article advocates for open discussions about these challenges to better prepare and support mothers.

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Feb 2017

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