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Kampala, Uganda

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Badebye Godfrey

Badebye Godfrey is a journalist based in Kampala Uganda.

I am a video journalist with a vast experience able to film high quality and well composed videos and well edited with proper sequencing.



In Uganda, one woman is inspiring others, by challenging stereotypes in/changing the country's furniture industry. Evelyn Zalwango started Awaka Furniture in 2006 in what’s traditionally been a male-dominated industry in Uganda.


The robot story


A business story in kinshasa highlighting the plight of inflation.


This is some of the freelance video work i do for CGTN




    Kampala, Uganda Social December 1 @ 12:00am

    Aisha Bahati is undoubtedly an inspiration to many people especially those with sight impairment At the age of seven, she suffered an ailment that later left her blind but many years later, the loss of sight couldn't be loss of a dream. Today she runs a salon and she is a sought after... Read more

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