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Kampala, Uganda

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Badebye Godfrey

Badebye Godfrey is a journalist based in Kampala Uganda.

I am a video journalist with a vast experience able to film high quality and well composed videos and well edited with proper sequencing.



In Uganda, one woman is inspiring others, by challenging stereotypes in/changing the country's furniture industry. Evelyn Zalwango started Awaka Furniture in 2006 in what’s traditionally been a male-dominated industry in Uganda.


The robot story


A business story in kinshasa highlighting the plight of inflation.


This is some of the freelance video work i do for CGTN



  • Unsung heroes

    Kampala, Uganda Social December 31 @ 12:00am

    In Kampala lives an old woman who has been managed to raise over 100 children without a job. 78 year old Benna Nakijoba, popularly known as Jaja has striven through charity work to raise babies abandoned by their parents some from the tender age of 3 months. Until 2010, jaaja was living in a very... Read more

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