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About Bala
Journalist & researcher in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Operated across the globe from LATAM, MENA & Europe.

-Covers politics, human rights, economics, environment, culture, & sport

-Live-reporting, news-reports, multimedia work, interviews, analysis, voiceover and independent research.

-Published in Al Jazeera English, TRT World, Equal Times, Anadolu Agency, Latino Rebels & others.

- Master's degree in Journalism.
-Fluent Spanish.
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Claim and counterclaim: unpacking Putin's reaction to the terror attack

27 Mar 2024  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Putin's speech addressed the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, highlighting disputed claims and the impact of terrorism.

Argentinian artist defies govt’s backing of Israel, stands with Palestine

28 Feb 2024  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
An Argentinian artist publicly opposes the government's support for Israel, expressing solidarity with Palestine through their art. The artist denounces what they describe as 'genocide' and uses their platform to highlight Palestinian struggles.

Will Argentina’s football lose its kick if clubs are privatised?

05 Jan 2024  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
The article discusses the potential impact of privatizing football clubs in Argentina, focusing on the community roots of the sport and the varying levels of support for privatization. It also touches on the broader implications for Pan-America club competitions.

How feasible is a Latin American regional currency?

22 Dec 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
A historical push

Lula’s push to join OPEC+ and what it means for Brazil

18 Dec 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Lula's initiative to join OPEC+ signifies a strategic move for Brazil, aiming to amplify its influence in global energy markets. This decision reflects a pragmatic approach to international relations, positioning Brazil as a significant voice in the Global South.

Groups supporting Palestinian rights concerned after Musk's trip to Israel

05 Dec 2023  |  trtworld.com
Elon Musk's recent trip to Israel has raised concerns among groups supporting Palestinian rights due to his interactions with Israeli officials and perceived support for Israel's actions in Gaza. Organizations like Sada Social and 7amleh, which advocate for Palestinian digital rights, have expressed significant concern over Musk's visit and its implications for Palestinians' ability to communicate and share their narratives on social media platforms. The article discusses the potential impact of Starlink in Gaza, the restrictions on Palestinian communication infrastructure, and the increase in digital violations and hate speech against Palestinians on social media since Musk's visit.

Palestine football crackdown fails to deter solidarity protests

30 Oct 2023  |  Botswana's struggle to have greater share of its diamond
Scottish football fans supporting Celtic displayed Palestinian flags during a Champions League match, despite the club's attempts to prevent it. The Green Brigade, a fan group, accused Celtic's board of censoring Palestinian solidarity. Amid the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza, pro-Palestinian solidarity among football fans faces strong opposition. The Premier League banned Palestinian and Israeli flags, and footballers expressing pro-Palestinian views have faced backlash. Critics argue that football authorities are selectively politicizing the sport, highlighting institutional anti-Palestinian racism and Islamophobia. Calls for consistent rules regarding political symbols and protests in football stadia are emphasized.

Palestine supporters say UK’s clamp down on solidarity efforts threaten civil liberties

21 Oct 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
The article discusses the criticism faced by the UK government for allegedly clamping down on pro-Palestinian solidarity efforts, which supporters argue threaten civil liberties. Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sitta, a plastic surgeon with Doctors Without Borders, reports harassment by British counter-terrorism police due to his humanitarian work in Gaza. Ismail Patel, Chairman of Friends of Al Aqsa, and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign express concerns over the UK's actions, which they believe are aimed at silencing Palestinian supporters and dehumanizing Palestinians. The article highlights the broader context of the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the UK's political stance.

Is the UK trying to stifle Palestinian voices?

16 Oct 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
The article questions whether the UK is attempting to suppress Palestinian voices, highlighting concerns about censorship and the broader implications for Palestinian rights.

Is Hamas’s military arsenal any match for the Israeli defence complex?

10 Oct 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
The article explores the military capabilities of Hamas in comparison to the Israeli defence complex, focusing on the costs and effectiveness of their respective arsenals. It delves into the power dynamics and strategic considerations in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

What could Evo Morales’ return mean for Bolivia?

04 Oct 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
The article explores the potential implications of Evo Morales' return to Bolivia, highlighting the different sociopolitical visions and the divisive nature of Morales as a figure. It also discusses the role of MAS-IPSP without Morales as President.

Will Brazilian football fully open its doors to Middle Eastern investment?

02 Oct 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Brazil's football landscape is undergoing significant changes with the passage of the 'Football, Inc' bill, allowing clubs to become corporations. This shift has attracted North American and Middle Eastern investors, particularly in clubs like Esporte Clube Bahia. The financial crises faced by many clubs have driven this change, with foreign investments seen as a potential solution. City Football Group is negotiating a major stake in Bahia, while other clubs have received backing from US investors. The emergence of new leagues and the potential for lucrative TV rights are key factors driving this investment. However, there are concerns about the long-term impact on the identity and competitiveness of Brazilian clubs.

Why Milei's visit to Israel marked incendiary anti-Palestine rhetoric

01 Oct 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Javier Milei's visit to Israel, shortly after becoming Argentina's president, sparked controversy due to his strong pro-Israel stance and anti-Palestine rhetoric. His speech at the Panamerican Maccabee games and subsequent actions, including pledging to move Argentina's embassy to Jerusalem, drew criticism from Argentina's Islamic Centre and other regional actors. Milei's alignment with Israel and the US, and his departure from BRICS+ countries, highlights a significant geopolitical shift. Critics argue that his policies could destabilize Argentina's neutral stance and align it with declining US hegemony, potentially impacting regional dynamics and Argentina's foreign relations.

From Arafat to Abbas: How Brazil's Lula kept his ‘dream’ of a free Palestine

01 Oct 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, during his presidency, has consistently supported the Palestinian cause, dating back to his time as a union leader. Lula's administration recognized the Palestinian State in 2010 and sought to strengthen Brazil's role in international diplomacy, particularly in the Middle East. Despite a shift towards Israel under Jair Bolsonaro's government, Lula, upon his return to office in 2023, has faced domestic and international challenges but continues to advocate for Palestine, including condemning Israeli actions in Gaza and receiving Palestinian refugees in Brazil.

Argentina's potential far-right Vice-President, a divisive figure reopening old wounds

22 Sep 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
The article discusses the potential rise of a far-right Vice-President in Argentina, highlighting the divisive nature of the candidate and the reopening of old wounds. It touches on themes such as Christian conservatism, accusations of denialism, and Argentina's historical position on autocracy.

Argentina heads to presidential primaries amid crippling economic crisis

11 Aug 2023  |  www.trtworld.com
Argentina is preparing for primary elections on August 13, which will serve as a precursor to the presidential election on October 22. The primaries aim to narrow down the presidential candidates, with a threshold of 1.5 percent of the total vote required to proceed. The country is currently facing a severe economic crisis, with high inflation and labor unions protesting in the streets. Key political figures include Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Economic Minister Sergio Massa, and lawmaker Javier Milei. Citizens like Mateo Abelenda and Emiliano Correia note a shift towards right-wing politics, drawing parallels with the rise of Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro. Amid economic concerns, some Argentines are contemplating voting for the least-worst option, with candidates like Martin Lousteau and Patricia Bullrich also in the mix. The upcoming elections are seen as potentially defining the next two decades for Argentina and the region.

Terzi: the newest Turkish dizi that’s winning over Latin America

31 May 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
The Turkish dizi 'Terzi' (The Tailor) is gaining significant popularity in Latin America, despite the geographical distance. Viewers appreciate its engaging plot, cultural elements, and the performances of actors like Cagatay Ulusoy and Salih Bademci. The success of 'Terzi' follows the trend set by earlier Turkish series such as 'Binbir Gece' (1001 Nights), which have captivated Latin American audiences. Experts highlight the importance of the Latin American market for the international success of Turkish dizis, noting that viewers often prefer to watch these shows via online streaming platforms.

The Fight to Save London’s 'Latin Village'

05 Apr 2023  |  Latino Rebels
The article discusses the plight of the 'Latin Village', a cultural and commercial hub in London, which is facing demolition due to a redevelopment project by Grainger Plc in partnership with Haringey Council. Vicky Álvarez Martínez, a Colombian refugee and trader at the market, shares her story and the importance of the market for the Latin American community in London. The market serves as a social space for migrants, offering a sense of community and cultural connection. However, a Compulsory Purchase Order has been approved for the market's demolition, despite opposition from traders and local supporters. The community has proposed an alternative non-profit plan to preserve the market. The COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated the situation, with the market remaining closed for repairs. The United Nations has criticized the redevelopment as a 'gentrification project' with a disproportionate impact on minorities. Traders and activists continue to fight against the gentrification and social cleansing they believe the redevelopment represents.

Latin America countries demand France return pre-Columbian era artefacts

01 Apr 2023  |  trtworld.com
Latin American embassies in France, including those of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, and Peru, have condemned the Parisian auction house Million for attempting to sell pre-Columbian artefacts. Mexico claims 83 of the 148 items belong to the country and, along with other nations, demands the auction be stopped and the artefacts repatriated. Despite the outcry and Mexico's legal actions involving Interpol and its Attorney General, Million insists on proceeding with the auction, citing adherence to UNESCO's convention and French law. The embassies emphasize the artefacts' cultural significance over commercial interest and are pursuing diplomatic measures for their defense, including engagement with UNESCO and the French government.

Mapuche Awakening

01 Apr 2023  |  Latino Rebels
The article discusses the mass protests in Chile that began in October 2019, which were driven by issues of inequality and privatization. The protests led to a referendum to change the country's military dictatorship-era constitution. The Mapuche Indigenous community, which has been fighting for recognition and rights under the Chilean constitution, became a symbol of resistance during these protests. Dr. Amaya Alvez Marín, a law professor, and Diva Millapan, a Mapuche activist, share insights into the historical and ongoing struggles of the Mapuche people, including the loss of ancestral lands and the impact of foreign settlers and forestry companies. The article also covers the Mapuche's unique worldview, their sustainable relationship with nature, and their legal traditions. The need for a new constitution that recognizes indigenous rights and addresses historical injustices is emphasized, along with the challenges of decolonization and legal pluralism. The article concludes with the recent political developments regarding indigenous representation in the constitutional process and the efforts of the Mapuche women's network to advocate for change.

Mexico taps into lithium to power foreign investments

20 Mar 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Mexico is leveraging its lithium reserves to attract foreign investments while maintaining state control. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador nationalized lithium, leading to the creation of LitioMx, a state-owned company. Tesla's Elon Musk announced a factory in Monterrey, and foreign companies like Ganfeng Lithium Co have significant projects. Mexico's lithium, mostly found in clay, poses extraction challenges. The country aims to balance resource control with private investment to support economic development and meet global demand for electric vehicle batteries. Environmental concerns persist, particularly regarding water usage and regulation.

Colombia to Türkiye: A chef’s journey to feed earthquake survivors

10 Feb 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Ivan Francisco Escobar, a chef from Colombia, traveled to Türkiye to aid earthquake survivors by preparing 25,000 meals daily in Antakya, one of the worst-hit areas. As a member of the World Central Kitchen, Escobar emphasizes the importance of providing not just food but also hope and morale to those affected. The article highlights the collaborative efforts of local Turkish chefs and volunteers, supported by the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, to continue food distribution and support the survivors in rebuilding their lives.

'Genocide' in Amazon: Indigenous Brazilians resist mining intrusion

01 Feb 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has labeled the health crisis among the Yanomami people in the Amazon as 'genocide,' prompted by illegal gold mining that has led to severe malnutrition, disease, and deaths. The crisis has been exacerbated by the policies of former President Jair Bolsonaro, who is accused of opening up protected lands to miners. Indigenous leaders and advocacy groups have highlighted the devastating impact on the Yanomami, including a significant increase in child mortality rates. The Brazilian government is now responding with medical aid and investigations, while indigenous leaders call for justice and the removal of illegal miners.

Brazil's Lula needs to 'de-radicalise' state institutions to stay in power

10 Jan 2023  |  Muslims in Italy struggle to bury victims of the pandemic
Following a divisive election, Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva faces the challenge of de-radicalizing state institutions to maintain power. The January 8 attack on Brazil's democratic institutions by supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro underscores the deep political polarization. Experts emphasize the need for thorough investigations and prosecutions to restore order. The article highlights the influence of far-right ideologies, the role of digital platforms in spreading radical content, and the historical context of political extremism in Brazil. Lula's ability to deliver economic and social stability is seen as crucial to reducing political polarization.

Many challenges for Lula as he returns to power in Brazil

02 Jan 2023  |  trtworld.com
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, known as Lula, has been inaugurated as Brazil's president amidst a politically divided nation and following a narrow election victory over Jair Bolsonaro. Lula, who was previously imprisoned on corruption charges but later had his convictions overturned, faces legislative challenges due to a strong conservative presence in Brazil's legislature. He has pledged to rebuild the country, emphasizing democracy, economic revitalization, and social policies. Lula's cabinet includes 37 ministers from 9 political parties, with notable appointments such as Geraldo Alckmin as vice president, Simone Tebet as Minister of Planning and Budget, and Marina Silva as environmental minister. Despite some criticism over gender parity, the cabinet features black and indigenous representation. Internationally, Lula aims to rebuild foreign relations after Bolsonaro's isolationist policies. His return signifies a resurgence of leftist leadership in Latin America.

Environmental defenders join forces across Argentina to stop mining boom

01 Jan 2023  |  Waging Nonviolence
Environmental defenders in Argentina are uniting to resist the government's push for new mining projects, which they argue lead to environmental degradation and health issues. Key figures like Freddy Carbonel and Rosa Farías are leading efforts through organizations such as Pro Eco Ecologist Group and Algarrobo Assembly. Despite legal and physical challenges, these groups have achieved some victories, including a federal court case against mining executives and a law protecting local glaciers. However, the push for lithium mining, driven by global demand and supported by the government, poses new threats. Activists continue to mobilize, advocating for stronger environmental legislation and the protection of Indigenous and local communities.

Covid-19 reduced opportunities for Latin American migrants in Spain

18 May 2021  |  TRT World
The article discusses the plight of undocumented Latin American minorities in Spain, focusing on their struggles with poverty, the asylum process, and the additional hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights the story of Maniny, a Colombian refugee, and her family's journey from Colombia to Spain, facing threats and displacement. The article also touches on the economic difficulties faced by migrants like Susana from Honduras and Ernesto from Cuba, who are unable to work legally or access government assistance. The Red Cross and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) are mentioned as organizations providing aid. The article also references the Spanish right-wing populist party Vox and its stance on migrants. It concludes with the ongoing advocacy for the formalization and regularization of informal migrants and asylum seekers in Spain.

From undocumented migrant to anti-far-right activist in Spain

18 May 2021  |  TRT World
The article discusses the plight of Serigne Mamadou Keinde, a migrant from Senegal who faced violence and corruption at home and sought a better life in Europe. After a perilous journey, he settled in Spain, where he struggled for nine years to regularize his status amidst stringent immigration laws. The article highlights the challenges faced by migrants like Serigne, who are often forced into informal labor due to restrictive policies. It also touches on the rise of the right-wing VOX party in Spain, which has been compared to other nationalist parties in Europe and is known for its anti-immigrant stance. Serigne has become an activist, gaining a following on social media and fighting against the narratives propagated by VOX. The article also mentions the efforts of RegularizacionYa, a social movement advocating for the rights of undocumented migrants, and the support from footballer Keita Baldé, who provided assistance to migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pro-Choice in Argentina

18 May 2021  |  TRT World
The article discusses the pro-choice movement in Argentina, highlighting the efforts of activists like Carla Vicario, a member of feminist collectives 'La Malona' and 'Territorias', who are part of the 'National Campaign for the right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion.' The pandemic has exacerbated healthcare access issues, particularly for abortion services. The article also covers the experiences of women like Johanna, who sought legal abortion with the help of 'La Malona.' Dr. Gabriela Irrazábal of CONICET explains the social and economic disparities in abortion access. The article contrasts this with the pro-life stance of activists like Guadalupe Batallán of 'Frente Joven.' It also touches on the broader feminist movement in Latin America, including 'Ni Una Menos' and the 'National Women’s Summit.' The piece concludes with the potential implications of Argentina's abortion laws on the region and the determination of feminist collectives to fight for legal and decriminalized abortion.

Anadolu Agency -Foreign Ministry submits request to Argentina as recent tensions have been raised between nations

Argentinians express solidarity with the vulnerable and poverty stricken

18 May 2021  |  TRT World
The article discusses the economic challenges faced by Argentina, with a focus on the high inflation rate, poverty levels, and homelessness. It highlights the failure of the previous administration led by President Macri to fulfill the 'zero-poverty' pledge, as reported by the INDEC national statistics bureau. The article then shifts to the story of Tadeo Donegana, an 18-year-old Argentine student who was moved by the plight of the homeless in Buenos Aires. Tadeo, who has a passion for science and programming, developed an application called Ayumapp, which is an interactive worldwide map that allows users to mark locations of homeless individuals so others can provide help. The app has gained traction with around 10,000 downloads and 3,000 active users, documenting 550 cases of homelessness. It has also been used by an NGO in Santiago, Chile, and has seen downloads in various European countries.

Argentine Teens Develop App to Detect Wildfires in Real-Time

18 May 2021  |  Latino Rebels
The article discusses the development of an app called 'Satellites on Fire' by four Argentine teenagers from the ORT School in Buenos Aires. The app, designed to detect fires in real-time across the Americas, was created in response to the devastating wildfires in Argentina. The students, mentored by their professor and organizations like Satellogica and OpenSpace, utilized cloud resources from Amazon Web Services and satellite imagery from the GOES satellite, operated by NOAA and NASA. The app aims to improve upon existing fire detection systems like FIRMS by providing quicker and more accurate alerts, especially in remote areas. The students are seeking further investment for development and are exploring new features such as lightning detection and alert systems. They are also engaging with various authorities and organizations to enhance the app's reach and effectiveness in combating wildfires and their consequences on biodiversity and climate change.

Anadolu Agency - Analysts say with many domestic issues, Biden will have less time for South America beyond shifting to multilateralism

Chagossian families' struggle for their right to return home

05 May 2021  |  Equal Times
The article discusses the ongoing struggle of the Chagossian people, who were forcibly removed from their homeland, the Chagos Islands, by the UK to make way for a US military base on Diego García. Despite a UN court ruling against the UK's control over the islands, the UK has not allowed the Chagossians to return. The Chagos Islands were detached from Mauritius to form the British Indian Ocean Territory, and the US established a military base there after a secret agreement with the UK. The Chagossians have faced a series of legal battles for the right to return and compensation, with limited success. The US and UK governments are both implicated in the continued colonialism of the 21st century. The Chagossians, now partly residing in the UK, continue to fight for their rights, including the right to return, compensation, and resolution of citizenship issues.

Empathy and Solidarity: The Fight Against Poverty and Exclusion in Argentina's Chalet Neighborhood

18 Mar 2021  |  Latino Rebels
The article discusses the socioeconomic challenges faced by the residents of Chalet, a neighborhood in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. María Claudia Albornoz, a local health worker and social psychologist, describes the decline in social mobility and the lack of access to basic services in the area. She is part of 'La Garganta Poderosa,' a social movement that emerged from the financial crisis of 2001-2002 and works to combat structural exclusion through political discussion and solidarity. The movement also supports soup kitchens, which have become crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. María highlights the importance of community-based networks in addressing poverty and the need for the government to prioritize vaccinations for women working in soup kitchens. The article also touches on the impact of the pandemic on education and child poverty in Argentina, as reported by UNICEF.

How youth culture fueled Peronist success in Argentina

21 Jan 2020  |  TRT World
The article discusses the significant role of social media in Argentina's elections, particularly focusing on the influence of platforms like Instagram. Argentine academic Raquel Tarullo highlights Argentina's high engagement with social media, ranking 5th globally for time spent and 3rd in Latin America for Instagram users. Tarullo notes that social media was a key component in the leftist Peronist political party Frente De Todos' digital communication strategy targeting youth. The article also touches on the legal change allowing 16-year-olds to vote since 2012, a move seen by some as a tactic to garner the younger vote. The campaign strategies have evolved since the 2015 elections, with a more organized approach reaching new sectors. The article includes perspectives from young Argentines who recognize the importance of social media in political participation and representation.

Bolivia: A complex picture of a political crisis

21 Jan 2020  |  TRT World
Bolivia's National Assembly has passed a bill to annul the previous presidential election and set the stage for new elections, excluding candidates who served in the last two terms. This move comes after allegations of electoral fraud and weeks of social unrest that resulted in over 30 deaths. Former President Evo Morales, who resigned on November 10 following pressure from the military and a critical OAS report, has claimed asylum in Mexico. The interim government has charged Morales with terrorism and sedition. Political scientist Jorge Dulon notes that the path to new elections begins a dialogue, with Morales' party, the Movement For Socialism, seeking certain protections, including the ability for Morales to return to Bolivia and participate in future elections.

‘Living on the margins’: What Chilean teachers want from protests

21 Jan 2020  |  TRT World
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is considering a cabinet reshuffle in response to mass protests demanding greater equality. Over a million people participated in a peaceful rally in Santiago. The protests, which initially began due to a metro price hike, have highlighted broader issues of social inequality. There have been 19 fatalities and over a thousand injuries, with allegations of state force abuse to be investigated by the UN. Chile's education system is a focal point of the protests, with teachers advocating for significant reforms. The system is divided into private, subsidized, and state education, with the latter suffering from poor quality and resources. The protests reflect a call for an end to the wealth disparity affecting various aspects of society, including education.

Over a Million Chileans Demand Equality in Historic Mobilization

21 Jan 2020  |  TRT World
Chile witnessed a historic mobilization in Plaza Italia, Santiago, with over a million participants demanding equality and protesting against the injustices persisting since the dictatorship era of General Augusto Pinochet. The demonstration, the largest since the return to democracy in 1990, was a unified stand against issues such as education, housing, health, and human rights abuses. The UN is set to investigate allegations of torture and abuses by the military, with 19 deaths and over 500 injuries reported amidst the unrest. Protestors are calling for radical changes, including a new constitution to replace the one fraudulently approved during Pinochet's regime. The protests have been largely peaceful, with instances of violence and looting, but are seen as necessary by some to achieve socio-political change.

Argentina provides little relief to Venezuelans who have fled

18 Oct 2019  |  TRT World
The article discusses the mass exodus of Venezuelans due to the country's economic collapse, resulting in a humanitarian crisis. Approximately 4.3 million Venezuelans have fled, with Argentina becoming a major destination, now home to the largest Venezuelan migrant community in the region. The UN estimates 130,000 Venezuelans in Argentina, while Reuters suggests the number could be as high as 650,000. The article includes personal accounts from Venezuelans who have relocated to Argentina, seeking a better life away from the shortages and hyperinflation back home. However, recent economic downturns in Argentina, including a market crash, currency devaluation, and high inflation, are causing concern among the Venezuelan migrants, who fear that Argentina's economic situation is starting to mirror that of Venezuela's past.

Peso volatility could be a deciding factor in Argentina’s election

18 Oct 2019  |  TRT World
The article discusses the impact of Argentina's economic crisis on small businesses and entrepreneurs as the country prepares for presidential elections. The primary elections saw a significant defeat for the incumbent President Mauricio Macri by his leftist opponent Alberto Fernandez, which led to a 25 percent devaluation of the Argentine peso. This currency drop and the high inflation rate, currently at 54 percent, have made daily life and business operations more challenging. Business owners like Walter Lillo have had to adapt by changing contracts and thinking in dollars due to the peso's volatility. Research Professor Luis Beccaria provides insight into the unique bi-monetary nature of Argentina's economy and the immediate impact of currency devaluation on prices. The article also highlights the struggles of workers like Leandro Correa, who faces financial insecurity and difficulty in balancing costs and profits.

A feature on rising Peruvian soccer sensation Beto Da Silva.

Piece shot on location in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Al Jazeera English - Voiceover for exclusive documentary - 3 mins 45 secs.

More than 31,100 Venezuelans now hold Argentine residence as droves flee the country’s economic crisis.

03 May 2018  |  Al Jazeera
The article discusses the influx of Venezuelans into Argentina due to Venezuela's economic crisis. Over 31,100 Venezuelans have obtained Argentine residence, seeking asylum from insecurity, violence, and scarcity of necessities in their home country. The article highlights the story of Miguel and Alexa Rodriguez, a Venezuelan couple who moved to Buenos Aires and faced challenges in finding work but eventually settled into new careers. Argentine President Mauricio Macri has expressed a willingness to help Venezuelans, contrasting with tighter border controls in Brazil and Colombia. Opinions among Argentines and Venezuelan immigrants about the influx are mixed, with some welcoming the newcomers and others concerned about Argentina's capacity to handle mass immigration. The article also touches on the economic situation in Argentina, including inflation and protests. Some Venezuelans in Argentina are considering returning home if conditions improve, while others, like Gioconda Canas, plan to stay due to the long road to recovery they anticipate for Venezuela.

Cuba announces Miguel Diaz-Canel as new president

19 Apr 2018  |  Al Jazeera
Miguel Diaz-Canel has been formally announced as the new president of Cuba, succeeding Raul Castro. With little known about his plans due to the outlawing of political campaigning in Cuba, Diaz-Canel is expected to continue the path of his predecessor, focusing on the transition to a new socio-economic model that began in 2011. His political career started during Cuba's 'special period' and he has since held various significant positions, including minister of higher education and first vice president. Diaz-Canel has demonstrated progressive stances on social issues and has advocated for increased internet access and modernizing the media. He is also expected to tackle the issue of Cuba's dual currency system. Internationally, he is anticipated to maintain Cuba's sovereignty while being open to cooperation with other countries. The article also discusses the potential stance of the Trump administration towards Cuba and the EU's more engagement-oriented approach.

Rebels kidnap couple on Ecuador and Colombia border

17 Apr 2018  |  www.aljazeera.com
Ecuador's government has received a video showing a couple, Oscar Efren Villacis and Katty Vanesa Valesco, kidnapped by a dissident rebel group led by ex-FARC member Guacho, operating on the border with Colombia. The couple was taken hostage following the killing of two journalists and their driver by the same group. The rebels, known as Oliver Sinisterra Front, have demanded the release of detained fighters in exchange for the couple. Increased military presence by Colombia and Ecuador has led to arrests of group members. Academic Pete Watson highlighted the government's failure to establish control in areas previously occupied by FARC as a contributing factor to the kidnappings and noted the criminal nature of new splinter groups. Ecuadorian authorities are offering a reward for information on Guacho, while peace efforts continue with other groups like the ELN, despite their disruptive actions.

Ex-Brazil President Dilma Rousseff calls for international solidarity in Spain after imprisonment of former leader Lula

10 Apr 2018  |  Al Jazeera
Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has initiated an international campaign to garner support for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, her predecessor, who is serving a 12-year sentence for corruption. Speaking in Madrid, Rousseff called for global solidarity and criticized the imprisonment as a politically charged act to prevent Lula from running in the upcoming presidential elections. She emphasized that the Workers Party (PT) does not have a 'Plan B' and will maintain Lula's candidacy. Rousseff met with leaders of Spain's Podemos party, who also spoke out against the situation in Brazil. The article also touches on the broader context of corruption in Brazil, referencing the ongoing 'car wash' operation that has implicated over 100 individuals, including politicians. Rousseff is scheduled to continue her talks in Barcelona and then travel to the US.

Brazilians Divided After Supreme Court Denies Lula's Plea to Avoid Jail

06 Apr 2018  |  Al Jazeera
The Brazilian Supreme Court's decision to deny former President Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva's request to avoid jail while appealing his corruption conviction has polarized the nation. Lula da Silva, who remains popular despite his conviction for accepting bribes, considers the charges a 'political witch-hunt.' The ruling sparked protests from both supporters and detractors, highlighting the country's division. Some view the decision as a step towards a new democratic era where no politician is above the law, while others see it as a continuation of a 'coup' that began with the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff. Lula da Silva intended to run for president again, but this ruling jeopardizes his candidacy. Despite this, he leads in the polls, and the Workers' Party insists on his candidacy, claiming his innocence. The uncertainty surrounding his ability to run reflects a broader concern about the lack of viable political options in Brazil.

New Netflix series exposes deep political division in Brazil

02 Apr 2018  |  Al Jazeera
The Netflix series 'The Mechanism' has sparked controversy in Brazil, highlighting political divisions ahead of ex-president Lula's trial. The show, directed by Jose Padilha, is inspired by the country's largest corruption scandal, known as the 'car wash scandal'. It has led to a campaign to cancel Netflix subscriptions due to perceived misrepresentation and politicization. The timing of the series is significant as it coincides with the appeals court's rejection of Lula's final objections and the Supreme Court's pending decision on his imprisonment. The series has been criticized for its portrayal of events, particularly by former President Dilma Rousseff and film critic Pablo Villaca. Despite the controversy, the Workers' Party remains popular, and the country is deeply divided on the issue of corruption and political narrative.

Economic decline and President Sisi’s internal policies have led many to call for a boycott of this year’s election.

21 Mar 2018  |  Al Jazeera
The article by Al Jazeera examines the impact of Egypt's economic situation on the upcoming elections. It discusses the country's struggle with high inflation rates, which have soared since President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's rise to power following the military coup in 2013. The government's policy to subsidize living costs has been highlighted, alongside the static minimum wage and its decreasing value in dollars. Unemployment rates and the role of remittances from Egyptians living abroad are also covered. The article touches on the gender disparity in literacy rates as well. Calls for an election boycott due to economic dissatisfaction are mentioned, raising questions about how these factors will influence voter decisions.

Women’s rights groups cautiously optimistic as more than 70 politicians introduce bill that would legalise abortion

09 Mar 2018  |  Al Jazeera
Women's rights groups in Argentina are hopeful as over 70 politicians have introduced a bill to legalise abortion. The bill would permit abortions within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, a significant change from the current law which only allows it in cases of health risk, rape, or severe fetal deformity. Activists celebrated the introduction of the bill, which has seen increased momentum for change under President Mauricio Macri, despite his personal opposition. The debate has shifted towards viewing abortion as a public health issue, with a focus on the high number of clandestine abortions and the resulting maternal deaths. While the bill is expected to face challenges, particularly in the conservative Senate, rights activists are optimistic that they can exert enough pressure to pass the legislation.

Ryan Kent dazzles against Bayern Munich as Liverpool consider his future

02 Aug 2017  |  Liverpool Echo
The article discusses the impressive performance of Liverpool FC's young player Ryan Kent during a match against Bayern Munich, where he showcased his skills and contributed to a goal. Despite an offside call against teammate Adam Lallana, Kent's performance sparked conversations among fans about his potential role in the team under manager Jurgen Klopp. The article also covers Kent's football journey, including his time at Liverpool's academy, his professional debut, and loan spells at Coventry City and Barnsley, where he earned a reputation for his dribbling skills and won the Young Player of the Year award at Barnsley. The piece concludes with the consideration of whether Kent should be integrated into Klopp's team or gain more experience through loan moves.

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