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Bala Chambers

Journalist & researcher in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Operated across the globe from LATAM, MENA & Europe.

-Covers politics, human rights, economics, environment, culture, & sport

-Live-reporting, news-reports, multimedia work, interviews, analysis, voiceover and independent research.

-Published in Al Jazeera English, TRT World, Equal Times, Anadolu Agency, Latino Rebels & others.

- Master's degree in Journalism.
-Fluent Spanish.

English Spanish
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Groups supporting Palestinian rights concerned after Musk's trip to Israel

Latin America countries demand France return pre-Columbian era artefacts

Many challenges for Lula as he returns to power in Brazil

TRT WORLD - Covid-19 reduced opportunities for Latin American migrants in Spain

TRT WORLD - A Senegalese immigrant felt compelled to stand against Spain's far-right Vox party - his voice is growing stronger day by day.

Latino Rebels- In London, Community Fights to Save ‘Latin Village’ Amid Gentrification, Pandemic Lockdown

TRT WORLD - Earlier this year, the Argentinian President had promised to send an abortion bill to Congress. Now, despite the pandemic and opposition from religious sectors, pro-choice activists want him to follow up on his pledge to legalise abortion.

Latino Rebels -How a Social Movement Is Using Politics and Solidarity to Fight Extreme Inequality in Santa Fe, Argentina

Latino Rebels- How the Mapuche Are Helping to Shape Chile’s Next Constitution

Anadolu Agency -Foreign Ministry submits request to Argentina as recent tensions have been raised between nations

TRT WORLD- As Argentina’s economy spirals, locals are turning to acts of solidarity to help those worse off in Buenos Aires.

Latino Rebels- Argentine Students Create App to Combat Fires in the Americas

Equal Times- Chagos Islands-an archipelago of around seven atolls and 60 islands in the Indian Ocean used to be home to between 1,500-2,000 Chagossians who were forcibly removed from their homeland between 1967 and 1973 to make way for a US military base.

Anadolu Agency - Analysts say with many domestic issues, Biden will have less time for South America beyond shifting to multilateralism

TRT World -Youths in Argentina can vote as soon as they turn 16 and most are lean away from the economic right

TRT World -The South American nation remains deeply divided between those who see ousted President Evo Morales as a champion of the indigenous and downtrodden, and those who see him as an autocrat in the making.

TRT World -Public education is considered low quality due to what protesters say is a lack of investment in resources and teacher wages.

TRT World -Many Chileans see similarities between the Chile of today and the one under General Pinochet’s rule.

TRT World -Venezuelans impacted by the Argentine Crisis.

TRT World -Peso volatility could be a deciding factor in Argentina's election.

Al Jazeera English -In-depth research on Egyptian elections

AL Jazeera English - Following deaths of kidnapped journalists, rebels by splinter FARC group also abduct Ecuadorian couple, government says.

A feature on rising Peruvian soccer sensation Beto Da Silva.

Liverpool Echo- Story on the trajectory of Liverpool football club player Ryan Kent.

Piece shot on location in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Al Jazeera English - Voiceover for exclusive documentary - 3 mins 45 secs.

Al Jazeera English -New Netflix series has exposed some of the deeper political division in Brazil in advance of ex-president Lula's trial.

Al Jazeera English -Some celebrated, while others denounced decision to deny Lula's request to avoid jail while appealing his conviction

Al Jazeera English - Ex-Brazil President Dilma Rousseff calls for international solidarity in Spain after imprisonment of former leader Lula.

Al Jazeera English - Story about Venezuelans fleeing the crisis to Argentina

Al Jazeera English -Reporting on the new Cuban president

Al Jazeera English - Reaction to the recent debate on abortion in Argentina

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