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Barbara Balfour

I’m a television host and producer, award-winning public speaker, TEDx host, and international print journalist.
In addition to hosting and producing a live talk show in Ottawa, I write regularly for BBC World News, The Globe and Mail, ELLE, every major daily newspaper in Canada, and corporate clients in a range of industries.
I’ve published two children’s books, contributed to tourism guidebooks on Iceland and Chile, and co-edited an anthology of essays on Canada-European Union relations.
My work has taken me to over 40 countries and provided opportunities such as hosting TEDx in Denmark, interpreting for Mikhail Gorbachev’s entourage, and interviewing Noam Chomsky.
I speak fluent French and Russian, and hold degrees in international business, Russian studies, and journalism. I’ve lived and worked in Belgium, Japan, and across Canada.

English Persian (Farsi) French Russian
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Barbara Balfour interviews the owner of Ottawa's first and only zero-waste lifestyle grocery store on Daytime Ottawa. Valerie Leloup is a schoolteacher turned entrepreneur who opened NU Grocery to help others lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.


How do you find the right people to help run your business? How do you find the right office space? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you raise enough money for your business to thrive? Join journalist Barbara Balfour with special guest entrepreneurs Steve Cody, Margo Crawford and Greg O'Donnell for answers to these questions and much more!


Learn the secrets of successful multicultural relationships and how to navigate the challenges that pop up along the way! Journalist Barbara Balfour ( hosts guests Nataxja Cini, Leah Williams and Karen Larche on popular live talk show Ottawa Experts. Join the conversation on how society increasingly shows signs that love is colour blind - but some people still need to catch up.

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