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Ottawa, Canada
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About Barbara
I’m a television host and producer, award-winning public speaker, TEDx host, and international print journalist.
In addition to hosting and producing a live talk show in Ottawa, I write regularly for BBC World News, The Globe and Mail, ELLE, every major daily newspaper in Canada, and corporate clients in a range of industries.
I’ve published two children’s books, contributed to tourism guidebooks on Iceland and Chile, and co-edited an anthology of essays on Canada-European Union relations.
My work has taken me to over 40 countries and provided opportunities such as hosting TEDx in Denmark, interpreting for Mikhail Gorbachev’s entourage, and interviewing Noam Chomsky.
I speak fluent French and Russian, and hold degrees in international business, Russian studies, and journalism. I’ve lived and worked in Belgium, Japan, and across Canada.
English Persian (Farsi) French
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Business Finance Politics

Rhine river cruise: 5 dreamiest places to visit

11 Dec 2023  |  sailawaze.com
The article highlights a Rhine River cruise experience, detailing stops in Koblenz and Rüdesheim. In Koblenz, notable attractions include the Deutsches Eck, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, and local patisseries. Rüdesheim offers a rich wine culture and the unique Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet museum. The author shares personal experiences and tips, emphasizing the cultural and historical richness of the destinations.

Li-FT’s first Yellowknife lithium drill assays impress

10 Oct 2023  |  www.mining.com
Initial drill results from Li-FT Power's Yellowknife lithium project show significant potential, with notable lithium oxide grades and widths across multiple drill holes. CEO Francis MacDonald and Canaccord Genuity analyst Katie Lachapelle express optimism about the findings, which have surpassed expectations. The project, located northeast of Yellowknife, is easily accessible and has seen extensive drilling. Li-FT Power plans further drilling and aims to become a leading destination for spodumene resources in North America. The company's shares rose 2.5%, reflecting positive market sentiment.

How independent advisory firms are helping younger people get into the industry

05 Oct 2023  |  The Globe and Mail
Independent advisory firms are increasingly investing in young talent with prior work experience to shape the future of the investment industry. Programs at firms like Raymond James Ltd., Richardson Wealth Ltd., Desjardins Insurance, and Nicola Wealth Management Ltd. offer structured training, mentorship, and career development opportunities. These initiatives include internships, peer-to-peer training, and succession planning, aiming to build a well-rounded and knowledgeable workforce. The industry also emphasizes the importance of early career education and the potential for women to excel in financial advisory roles.

How Luxe Du Jour is disrupting the luxury resale market

01 Oct 2023  |  canada
Luxe Du Jour, founded by Tammy Phan in Calgary, has become a significant player in the luxury resale market, offering services such as shopping, renting, restoring, and reselling designer products. The company is expanding its operations to the United States, aiming to double its business size. Luxe Du Jour is known for its rigorous authentication process, low commission fees, and a variety of services including Luxe Bag Rental and Luxe Bag Spa. Customers like Stacy Coleman appreciate the quality and affordability of the products. Phan also provides tips to avoid scams when buying or selling luxury items online.

Converting office buildings to hybrid spaces, multiuse facilities, key to downtown planning

01 Oct 2023  |  The Globe and Mail
With 85% of employees expecting a hybrid work experience, businesses are rethinking their value propositions to attract and retain talent. Sheila Botting of Avison Young and Jamieson Jackson of Colliers discuss the shift towards collaborative office spaces and the importance of high-quality amenities. The transformation of downtown areas into multiuse neighborhoods is seen as a key strategy for revitalization. Hudson’s Bay Co.'s donation of its Winnipeg store to the Southern Chiefs’ Organization exemplifies corporate reconciliation, aiming to create a multiuse property that fosters social and economic opportunities. Colliers' Q3 report indicates a trend towards mandatory office attendance and highlights ongoing office-to-multifamily conversions in Calgary.

Pentagon seeks supply of chip mineral gallium after China curbs exports

01 Oct 2023  |  www.mining.com
The Pentagon plans to use the Defense Production Act to prioritize the recovery of gallium from waste streams by the end of the year, aiming to reduce reliance on Chinese imports. Gallium, essential for military radar systems, is typically extracted during mining operations for other materials but is often treated as waste due to high processing costs. The U.S. Geological Survey reports that China is a leading source for 25 of 47 critical materials, including gallium. The Center For Strategic and International Studies supports the Pentagon's strategy, noting that recycling gallium is a viable transition strategy as the U.S. seeks to ramp up domestic production.

How advisors are speeding up the process of creating financial plans

01 Oct 2023  |  The Globe and Mail
Financial advisors are streamlining the process of creating financial plans by minimizing paperwork and focusing on direct, efficient communication. Alaeddine Jabri from Longevity Achieved advocates for asking only for necessary documents and leveraging conversations to gather information. Amrit Mavi of ATA Financial Group emphasizes the importance of direct communication with clients' accountants and lawyers to obtain comprehensive information. MaryAnn Kokan-Nyhof from IG Wealth Management prefers meeting clients at their homes and using checklists and software to facilitate real-time planning. These strategies help advisors provide timely and thorough advice, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.

Why Gen Xers are shying away from seeking financial advice

01 Oct 2023  |  The Globe and Mail
Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980, is hesitant to seek financial advice due to past economic crises and a general mistrust of financial institutions. Financial advisors have a significant opportunity to engage this demographic by offering respectful and non-patronizing financial education. Gen Xers, especially women, seek advisors who understand their unique financial challenges and can provide guidance on modern financial options and ethical investing. The article highlights the importance of advisors adapting their value propositions to meet the needs of Gen X clients, who are often busy and confused about financial planning. Key insights are provided by financial professionals Jen Lawrence, Galen Nuttall, Naoshad Pochkhanawala, and Saskia Vermeulen.

How to manage sudden wealth responsibly

01 Oct 2023  |  The Globe and Mail
The article discusses the challenges and strategies for managing sudden wealth, emphasizing the importance of prudent financial planning and long-term goals. Financial advisors like Rod Tyler, Steven Miao, and Brad Sarna share their experiences and advice on avoiding common pitfalls such as overspending and making hasty decisions. The article highlights the role of advisors in guiding clients through the emotional and practical aspects of sudden wealth, including legacy planning and inter-generational wealth transfer. Key trends include the increasing transfer of wealth to younger generations and the importance of open family discussions about financial planning.

Rhine cruises: Riviera Travel river cruise review

19 Sep 2023  |  sailawaze.com
Barbara Balfour reviews her experience with Riviera Travel river cruises aboard the MS Geoffrey Chaucer, highlighting the intimate onboard atmosphere, cultural excursions, and entertainment options. The journey begins in Cologne and includes stops in Koblenz and Rüdesheim, among others. Onboard amenities such as a fitness center, spa, and salon are mentioned, along with well-appointed suites with L’Occitane toiletries. Dining options cater to various preferences, with generous wine pairings at meals. The review conveys a positive sentiment towards the cruise experience.

Mining is one of the most male-dominated industries. These CEOs want to change that

26 Jul 2023  |  mining.com
Jody Kuzenko, CEO of Torex Gold Resources Inc., and Aurora Davidson, CEO of Amerigo Resources Ltd., discuss the challenges and strategies for increasing female representation in the mining industry. Kuzenko describes the need to work harder to overcome the presumption of incompetence she faces as a female CEO and outlines Torex's 'Daughters' initiative to empower women in Guerrero, Mexico. Davidson emphasizes the importance of the Rooney Rule for increasing female interviews and details Amerigo's sponsorship program to advance women in Chile. Both CEOs offer advice to women in the industry, highlighting the importance of setting boundaries and finding work-life balance.

Kindersley PEA outlines ‘strong’ economic case for Saskatchewan lithium project

26 Jul 2023  |  www.mining.com
The Kindersley lithium project in Saskatchewan, operated by Grounded Lithium, is highlighted for its economic viability with lower capital intensity and competitive operating costs. The project's Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) indicates an annual production of 11,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LHM) with favorable capex and opex. Other industry updates include the International Seabed Authority's development of an underwater mining code, Albemarle's plans for more lithium auctions, and Atlantic Lithium's approval to list on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

2 days in Copenhagen: Exploring a design lover's paradise

07 Jun 2023  |  Sawasdee
Copenhagen offers a rich blend of historic charm and contemporary innovation, making it a paradise for design enthusiasts. Key attractions include the Radisson Collection Hotel, Apollo Bar & Kantine, and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Visitors can enjoy waterfront rides, explore the vibrant Christianshavn district, and dine at award-winning restaurants like Höst and Geranium. The city's commitment to sustainability and design is evident in landmarks like Designmuseum Denmark and the whimsical Tivoli Gardens. For those with extra time, day trips to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Karen Blixen Museum, and UNESCO Heritage Site Deer Park are recommended.

As baby boomer enter their golden years, the stresses on our health-care system will bring it dangerously close to a breaking point

01 Apr 2023  |  www.lexpert.ca
The article discusses the increasing pressures on the Canadian healthcare system as the baby boomer generation ages, highlighting the legal challenges and opportunities that arise. It covers the complexities of healthcare law, the impact of legislation like Ontario's Patients First Act, and the shift towards centralization of healthcare services. Legal experts such as Penny Washington and Noam Goodman provide insights into the need for sophisticated understanding of healthcare law and the political culture surrounding it. The article also touches on the frustration with political interference in healthcare innovation, the lack of transparency in medical error disclosure, and the debate around private healthcare. It suggests that the system's inefficiencies and the growing demand for services may eventually lead to more private sector involvement and a push for change in Canadian healthcare.

The new influencers: three women who are transforming the commercial real estate industry

31 Dec 2022  |  The Globe and Mail
Three influential Canadian women in commercial real estate—Marion LaRue, Patricia Phillips, and Diana Hoang—share their experiences, challenges, and advice for future generations. They discuss the industry's pressing issues, such as rising construction costs, labour shortages, and the need for more women in the workforce. Each highlights their significant projects, including the Richmond Olympic Oval and The Dorian hotel, and emphasizes the importance of diversity, mentorship, and innovative practices in overcoming industry challenges.

Father Knows Best

22 Apr 2022  |  bocaratonobserver.com
Craig Kessler's book, 'The Dad Advice Project,' compiles wisdom from 42 fathers, including notable figures like a PGA Tour golfer and a former CIA director. The book emphasizes the importance of learning from failure, ensuring children's psychological and physical safety, and the significant influence fathers have on their children. Various fathers, including Jackiem Joyner, Ryan Serhant, and Louis Hernandez Jr., share personal insights on fatherhood, highlighting themes of responsibility, presence, and the value of time over material gifts. The article underscores the universal challenges and rewards of being a dedicated father.

Want a better work-life balance? Here’s how to manage on less income

12 Apr 2022  |  The Globe and Mail
Financial advisors Carole Urias, Sara La Gamba, and Heidi U. Pullem provide strategies for managing a reduced income while seeking a better work-life balance. Urias, from Peak Investment Services Inc., emphasizes the importance of reassessing priorities and reducing work-related expenses. La Gamba, of SPM Benefits Inc., advises on balancing time with financial security and discretionary spending. Pullem, from Pullem Wealth Management at Worldsource Financial Management Inc., suggests preparing for income reduction by making lifestyle adjustments. They recommend cutting discretionary spending, utilizing local resources, and exploring side hustles to offset reduced cash flow.

Why the ‘culture of now’ is making it difficult for Canadians to save for retirement

16 Mar 2022  |  www.theglobeandmail.com
Financial advisors in Canada are concerned that a 'culture of now' mindset is hindering Canadians' ability to plan for retirement. A survey by Co-operators Group Ltd. found that 85% of financial professionals believe this mindset prevents retirement planning from being a priority. Advisors note that retirement planning tools like RRSPs and TFSAs are underutilized and misunderstood. Chad MacKenzie, a financial advisor, emphasizes the importance of a unique financial plan for each individual, while Cindy Marques, CEO of Money MakeCents Inc., advises clients to prioritize retirement savings over home ownership. The pandemic has shifted client focus towards experiences over possessions, and advisors are working to help clients make better financial decisions by understanding the emotional aspects of their relationship with money.

Friendly Hotels in the United States

01 Feb 2022  |  American Kennel Club
Many hotel chains in the United States are increasingly accommodating pets, with about 75 percent of luxury, mid-scale, and economy hotels now allowing pets. The article provides a comprehensive list of pet-friendly hotel chains, including Red Roof, Motel 6, Best Western, Choice Hotels, DoubleTree by Hilton, Extended Stay America, Four Seasons, Hampton Inn, Home2Suites by Hilton, Kimpton Hotels, Marriott, The Peninsula Hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, Staypineapple, and Westin. Each hotel chain's pet policies, including fees, weight limits, and amenities, are detailed to help pet owners plan their travels. Dr. Sara Ochoa, a veterinarian, offers a pet travel checklist to ensure a comfortable journey for dogs.

Southern Hospitality

29 Nov 2020  |  bocaratonobserver.com
Montage Palmetto Bluff, located in Bluffton, South Carolina, offers a luxurious escape with a Five-Star Rating by Forbes 2021 Travel Guide. The resort features a variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, paddleboarding, and dolphin viewing, as well as amenities like a spa, multiple dining options, and a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. Guests can also enjoy unique experiences such as river cruising and the Picnic + Pedal with Veuve Clicquot. The resort's accommodations are designed to reflect the region's architectural style, and local art is prominently featured. Nearby attractions include the coastal town of Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, and Savannah.

Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre launching virtual fundraiser on Oct. 21 after COVID-19 roadblocks

25 Sep 2020  |  calgaryherald.com
The Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre is initiating a virtual fundraiser on October 21 to support its services amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill Hitchman, a prostate cancer survivor, praises the Centre for its exceptional services. The Centre, which has seen a decrease in fundraising due to the pandemic, is launching the Keep It In Calgary campaign. The event will feature local celebrities and aims to foster community through conversation. Despite the pandemic's impact on programs like the MAN VAN, the Centre's executive director, Pam Heard, stresses the ongoing need for their services, especially as prostate cancer is highly treatable when detected early.

Lemons Into Lemonade

30 Aug 2020  |  bocaratonobserver.com
Marcus Lemonis, multimillionaire and star of CNBC's 'The Profit,' shares his journey from a challenging childhood in Beirut and Miami to becoming the CEO of Camping World, the nation's largest RV retailer. Lemonis's entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age, starting businesses in lawn-mowing and candy sales. Despite setbacks, including being fired from his grandfather's Chevy dealership, Lemonis's tenacity led him to success in the RV industry, advised by Lee Iacocca. On 'The Profit,' Lemonis uses his experience to help small business owners by investing in their companies and emphasizing the importance of people, process, and product. He encourages entrepreneurs to see the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity for introspection and growth.

Thank You, Next

26 Jul 2020  |  bocaratonobserver.com
Emmy Award-winning actress Patricia Heaton's new book, 'Your Second Act: Inspiring Stories of Reinvention,' offers motivational and practical steps for mid-life transformations. Heaton, who found fame at 38 with 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' shares her own journey and profiles others who have successfully reinvented themselves. The book includes stories of diverse individuals, such as a medical-staffing company founder, an NFL player turned opera singer, and a high school dropout who created an organic bread line. Heaton emphasizes that second acts are not about correcting past mistakes but embracing new opportunities. She also discusses her personal experiences, including quitting alcohol and developing film projects with her husband, David Hunt.

Road To Recovery

18 Mar 2020  |  bocaratonobserver.com
Elizabeth Vargas, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, opened up about her battles with anxiety and addiction, which nearly cost her life and marriage. Now sober since 2014, she spoke at the Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services annual luncheon in Boca Raton. Vargas, who has a history of panic attacks dating back to childhood, used alcohol to self-medicate. Her career in broadcast journalism, including roles on 'Good Morning America' and '20/20', masked her struggles. After a public outing and multiple rehab attempts, she achieved sobriety and now advocates for mental health awareness, co-parents her sons with ex-husband Marc Cohn, and hosts 'A+E Investigates'. Vargas emphasizes the importance of self-care and setting boundaries, especially for working women.

Time Out says

09 Mar 2020  |  Time Out Worldwide
Hotel Berns in Stockholm is not only a historical hotel dating back to the 1860s but also a vibrant nightlife spot and a concert venue that has hosted famous acts like the Supremes and Rihanna. The hotel features a mix of art nouveau design, vintage and contemporary elements, and is known for its grand hall with crystal chandeliers, cocktail bars, a French bistro, and the Berns Asiatika Chinese restaurant. It offers 82 uniquely designed guestrooms with various amenities and views. Guests have access to a gym, VIP nightclub entry, and discounts at the high-end Sturebadet spa. The hotel is located in Norrmalm, close to shopping areas and historical sites, and offers tips such as staying in Marlene Dietrich's dressing room or the Hugo Berns suite for a historical experience.

Onward And Upward

23 Jan 2020  |  bocaratonobserver.com
Charlie Porchetto and Diego Colmenero, founders of Urbanica The Hotels, have expanded their hotel empire in Miami, with two hotels currently operational and three more to open in the coming years, including a $40 million beachfront property on Collins Avenue in North Beach. Originating from Argentina, their partnership has evolved from residential and commercial real estate to the hospitality industry, with successful projects like The Meridian Hotel and The Euclid Hotel in Miami's South of Fifth neighborhood. They are also exploring opportunities in Edgewater and North Beach, leveraging Miami's growth and its strategic position as a gateway to South America.

Canada’s first Inuk cardiac surgeon gets to the heart of the matter

03 Sep 2019  |  The Globe and Mail
Dr. Donna May Kimmaliardjuk, the first Inuk cardiac surgeon in Canada, is currently the chief resident of cardiac surgery at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. This article is part of the Breaking Barrier series, sponsored by American Express Canada, which highlights Canadian women in male-dominated fields. Dr. Kimmaliardjuk's great-grandmother predicted her future as a healer when she was a baby. Despite the challenges faced by her parents, including her father who was raised by a single mother and her Inuk mother who grew up in a financially scarce environment, they ensured that Dr. Kimmaliardjuk received a well-rounded education. Dr. Kimmaliardjuk, who once considered becoming a concert pianist, decided to pursue medicine at the age of six after learning about her paternal grandfather's death. She has achieved significant milestones in her career, including being one of the few female cardiac surgeons to do a residency at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

As immigrants’ wealth soars, unique skills are needed to serve their financial needs

21 Aug 2019  |  The Globe and Mail
Financial advisors serving immigrant investors must understand cultural sensitivities and complex financial needs. Wilkie Kam of BMO Nesbitt Burns in Vancouver, who is familiar with Chinese cultural beliefs about money, emphasizes the importance of diversification and financial literacy. Statistics Canada reports a 70% increase in average wealth among established immigrants in Canada over two decades. Advisors like Cindy Reid-Shelton of Intent Planning Group in Winnipeg and Marco Zaino of Echelon Wealth Partners in Montreal stress the need for personalized discovery processes and education on Canadian investment vehicles. Collaboration with immigration lawyers and government agencies, such as the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, is also beneficial. Enoch Weng of Freedom 55 Financial in Vancouver highlights the value of financial advice in helping immigrants avoid common pitfalls and save time.

The Good Husband

25 Jul 2019  |  bocaratonobserver.com
Ken Jeong, known for his role in 'The Hangover,' reflects on his career and personal life, particularly his wife's battle with breast cancer. Jeong's wife, Tran Ho, was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer in 2007 but has been cancer-free for over a decade. Jeong will speak at the Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation’s Go Pink Luncheon, advocating for early detection and health care advocacy. The article highlights Jeong's transition from a physician to a successful actor and comedian, his dedication to his family, and his various roles in film and television.

This CPA’s photo broke the Internet

05 Jul 2019  |  cpacanada.ca
Ross Dance, a CPA who also runs a photography business, gained internet fame after a wedding photo he took went viral, being featured in major media outlets. He started in photography influenced by his parents and later pursued accounting for job security. Dance finds that photography and accounting complement each other, with one re-energizing him for the other. His CPA designation has been beneficial in managing the business side of his artistic endeavors. He began his photography business focusing on dog photography to help black dogs get adopted and later expanded to family photos and weddings.

Service gap has a long-term cost on women investors

07 Mar 2019  |  The Globe and Mail
A service gap in the financial industry is having a long-term cost on women investors, who face unique challenges such as becoming widows at an average age of 56 and being part of the fastest-rising demographic of divorcees over 50. Despite Canadian women set to inherit $900 billion by 2026, they often do not seek financial advice, partly due to the industry's male-dominated advisor workforce and lack of understanding of women's financial needs. Experts advocate for advisors to engage in 'courageous conversations' with female clients, focusing on trust-based relationships and understanding their unique definitions of retirement and financial goals. Tailored retirement planning for women, considering their likelihood to outlive male counterparts and the nuances of survivor benefits, is crucial for providing meaningful, ongoing advice.

Leading Man

01 Feb 2019  |  bocaratonobserver.com
John C. Tolbert, president of Boca Raton Resort & Club, is celebrated for his third year in the role and his extensive community service. Raised on a dairy farm, his life transformed through travel and a career in hospitality. Tolbert has been recognized with awards such as Business Leader of the Year by the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and Hilton's Luxury Leader of the Year. He co-founded the nonprofit Stronger & Better Together for Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria relief and raised funds for the George Snow Scholarship Fund.


06 Jan 2019  |  Hilton
The article serves as a promotional piece for Hilton, aiming to inspire potential travelers with various travel ideas. It covers a range of travel experiences, including top travel tips, solo trips, and family-friendly vacations. Hilton positions itself as a helpful resource for planning these travel experiences.

Industry Leaders Call for Revisions to Canadian Securities Regulators' Proposed Client-Focused Reforms

30 Nov 2018  |  The Globe and Mail
At the Advocis symposium, industry leaders discussed the need for revisions to the client-focused reforms proposed by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). The reforms aim to eliminate early withdrawal fees for mutual funds, enhance conflict-of-interest standards, and improve know-your-product (KYP) and know-your-client (KYC) requirements to better serve retail investors. Critics, such as Debra Foubert from the Ontario Securities Commission and Dennis Tew from Franklin Templeton Investments Canada, argue that the reforms could have negative business consequences, reduce competition, and limit investment options for consumers. Advocis has opposed the banning of embedded commissions, advocating for consumer choice in financial advice payment methods. The association is also introducing a new Professional Financial Advisor (PFA) designation to support new advisors and address regulatory inconsistencies. Neil Gross, another panelist, emphasized the importance of meeting investor expectations and aligning business practices with regulatory requirements.

How to help financial planning clients avoid ‘lifestyle creep'

17 Oct 2018  |  The Globe and Mail
The article discusses the concept of 'lifestyle creep' where individuals increase their standard of living as their discretionary income rises. Galen Nuttall, a financial advisor from Belleville, Ontario, shares his personal experience with lifestyle creep and how he now helps his clients manage their spending habits. The article highlights the importance of storytelling in financial planning and the use of tools like forecasting and financial planning software to help clients visualize their financial goals. Craig Dunkerley, CEO of the Toronto-based Blackthorn Group of Companies, emphasizes the power of compounding and the benefits of starting a business for tax advantages. David Boyd from BMO Nesbitt Burns discusses the use of Naviplan software for comprehensive financial planning. The article underscores the receptiveness of millennials to financial planning and the importance of advisors tailoring their services to individual client needs.

The Evolving Role of Financial Advisors in the Age of Online Trading and Robo-Advisors

01 Oct 2018  |  The Globe and Mail
The article discusses the evolving role of financial advisors in the age of online trading and robo-advisors. Neil Nisker of Our Family Office Inc. emphasizes the need for adaptability among advisors, especially as more clients engage in online trading. The article highlights how advisors can stay relevant by embracing technology, offering personalized services, and providing value beyond what algorithms can. Shyam Ganesh of Grow Your Wealth Financial Planning and Brian Shumak of Brian Shumak Financial Services discuss the importance of comprehensive financial planning, including tax, insurance, and estate planning. Client experiences with robo-advisors like Wealthsimple and personal trading accounts are also shared. Michael Sprung of Sprung Investment Management talks about the challenges when clients want to make investment decisions that advisors may not agree with. The article underscores the importance of professional advice in making informed financial decisions, despite the wealth of information available online.

Garbage-bag manufacturer leads the way in sustainable living

07 Sep 2018  |  The Globe and Mail
The article discusses the evolution of the Canadian company Glad, known for its garbage bags, and its role in advancing sustainability and waste management solutions. Glad's history is traced from its invention in 1950 to its current status as a leader in compostable bag manufacturing. The article highlights Glad's Orangeville plant, which has made significant investments in energy reduction and sustainable manufacturing practices. It also covers Glad's partnerships with Canadian cities to promote waste diversion programs and its research collaboration with York University to improve recycling systems. Additionally, the article touches on the broader Canadian manufacturing sector's challenges with technology adoption and innovation, citing insights from the Conference Board of Canada and the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

Candace Cameron Bure is bringing classy back - one act of kindness at a time.

31 Jul 2018  |  bocaratonobserver.com
Candace Cameron Bure, known for her role as DJ Tanner on 'Full House' and its spinoff 'Fuller House' on Netflix, has written a book titled 'Kind is the New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously.' The book is inspired by her experiences on 'The View' as the sole conservative Christian voice, where she engaged in many heated debates. Bure emphasizes the importance of kindness and civil discourse, even when in disagreement. She shares a personal story of kindness from Whoopi Goldberg during a difficult time. Bure is also busy with her acting and producing roles, including directing an episode of 'Fuller House,' and has launched a product line with DaySpring.com. She stresses the importance of self-care and setting boundaries to maintain kindness and class. Bure, a devout Christian, believes in staying true to her faith without the need to win debates or change minds.

When banks balk, ordinary investors can become city builders with ‘small change’

22 Jun 2018  |  The Globe and Mail
The article discusses the shift in real estate investment towards crowdfunding platforms, highlighting Small Change, founded by Eve Picker, as a key player. Picker, speaking at the Building a Better City forum in Ottawa, emphasized the democratization of investing and the potential of crowdfunding to address urban development challenges. With a high urbanization rate in Canada, cities face issues like heritage protection and road safety. Picker's Small Change aims to connect investors with developers for projects that banks typically avoid due to their innovative nature. The article also touches on the broader implications of fintech in capital formation and the need for more intentional city planning that reflects diverse cultures and meets local needs. Other speakers at the forum discussed the importance of public transit equity for women, the reflection of Indigenous culture in urban spaces, and the shift towards a collaborative consumption economy for sustainability.

Barbara Balfour interviews the owner of Ottawa's first and only zero-waste lifestyle grocery store on Daytime Ottawa. Valerie Leloup is a schoolteacher turned entrepreneur who opened NU Grocery to help others lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

How do you find the right people to help run your business? How do you find the right office space? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you raise enough money for your business to thrive? Join journalist Barbara Balfour with special guest entrepreneurs Steve Cody, Margo Crawford and Greg O'Donnell for answers to these questions and much more!

Learn the secrets of successful multicultural relationships and how to navigate the challenges that pop up along the way! Journalist Barbara Balfour (www.barbarabalfour.com) hosts guests Nataxja Cini, Leah Williams and Karen Larche on popular live talk show Ottawa Experts. Join the conversation on how society increasingly shows signs that love is colour blind - but some people still need to catch up.

Why sales of women's sportswear are gathering pace

30 Aug 2017  |  www.bbc.com
The article discusses the growth in women's sportswear sales, attributing the rise to the improved style and aesthetic appeal of the clothing. This trend has not only boosted sales but has also popularized women's sportswear as a fashionable choice for leisurewear. The analysis suggests that by focusing on making sportswear both functional and stylish, brands have been able to expand their market and appeal to a broader audience of women who choose to wear these items in casual, non-sporting contexts.

Craving Ice Cream? Here’s 4 Ottawa Hot Spots to Cool Down at This Summer

05 Jun 2017  |  Marriott Bonvoy Traveler
The article highlights the vibrant frozen treat scene in Ottawa, challenging the city's outdated reputation as dull. It features four establishments: Stella Luna, known for its award-winning gelato and premium ingredients; Cupcake Lounge, offering ice cream sandwiches and popsicles with a Latin twist; and Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen, which introduces Asian flavors into ice cream. Each spot is described with its unique offerings and background stories, such as Stella Luna's global recognition and Moo Shu's innovative flavors. The article suggests that these culinary experiences contribute to Ottawa's growing reputation as a city full of fun and flavor.

Junk tycoon treasures his bucket-list hug with Oprah

16 May 2016  |  The Globe and Mail
The article discusses the journey of Brian Scudamore, the CEO of O2E Brands, and how he was inspired by AOL Inc. co-founder Ted Leonsis to create a list of 101 life goals after Leonsis survived a near-death experience. Scudamore transformed his modest junk removal business into a home-service empire, which includes 1-800-Got-Junk? and other franchises. He encourages his employees to set personal goals and shares his own, which range from meeting influential people to adventurous activities. The article highlights Scudamore's entrepreneurial spirit, his challenges with ADD, and his unconventional path to success.

‘Practically free’ university is changing lives

04 Dec 2015  |  The Globe and Mail
The article discusses the story of Ivah Camille Baban, a Filipino nanny in Toronto, who discovered the University of the People (UoPeople), a non-profit, near-tuition-free, accredited online university offering degrees in business administration and computer science. Founded by Shai Reshef in 2009, UoPeople has over 2,000 students from more than 150 countries and is supported by organizations like the Gates Foundation and companies such as Google and Microsoft. The university provides affordable education with a bachelor's degree costing $4,000 and an associate degree at $2,000. Baban, who already holds a nursing degree from the Philippines, sees UoPeople as a second chance and hopes to use her education to help others in a humanitarian way. The university is staffed by volunteer professors from top universities and has partnerships with institutions like NYU, offering further education opportunities to its graduates.

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