Barbara D'Amico

Barbara D'Amico

Torino, Italy

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Barbara D'Amico

Barbara D'Amico is a journalist based in Torino, Italy. She is specialized in Economic Journalism/Investigative Journalism/Data Journalism. She is contributor for Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Makeshift Magazine (English), Wired Italia and she worked for Il Sole 24 Ore and Radio 24. She writes and speaks in Italian and English. Check her Linked In profile


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Servizio sull'occupazione nel mondo dell'arte e intervista al critico e architetto Fabrizio D'Amico


Un gruppo di commercianti a Torino si è unito contro la crisi pur di salvare la storica pasticceria di quartiere dal fallimento: una storia di solidarietà e di intelligenza economica documentata per il Corriere della Sera.


A list of contributions for Wired Italia (Economic field)


If you want to know how plants will fare on a warming planet, send them to 2050 — Crop to the Future


Una linea ferroviaria ad alta velocità al centro di una polemica internazionale. Per collegare Tel Aviv a Gerusalemme le ferrovie israliane hanno varato un progetto che viola la Linea verde perchè attraversa un tratto di territorio palestinese/ "Israele - il treno della discordia" is an audio investigation realized for Radio24 in 2011 on an controversal high-speed train project financed by the Israel Government that should have passed right through the Occupied Territories.


Africa Bianca is an audio documentary realized with the colleague Fabio Lepore (Gruppo l'Espresso) and the supervision of Matteo Bellizzi (video documentarist)


Un blog che racconta il mondo del lavoro e delle imprese in Italia dal punto di vista dei lavoratori e degli imprenditori/ La Nuvola del Lavoro is a multi-author blog owned by Corriere della Sera that collects investigations and stories about labour subjects (mainly through workers' stories)


No Taboo is a short in-depth article within the Lovegiver movement, an Italian association that defends the right to a sexual lives also for people with disabilities



  • Hacking the Earthquake, tracking the money – how an Italian movement is facing corruption in reconst

    Torino, Italy Current Affairs December 31 @ 12:00am

    Terremotocentroitalia is not just the name of the Italian regions that last August have been havily affected by an earthquake. It is also the tech response a group of volunteering developers and social experts are giving to a big problem: helping the population bit by a natural disaster to... Read more

  • Rise an fall of the sharing economy players in Italy.

    Torino, Italy Current Affairs December 31 @ 12:00am

    Gnammo is a famous Italian startup that allows everyone to take part to dinners/lunches organized by perfect strangers. After 3 years of successes and a good bunch of users it risks to close down: the Italian Parliament has just approved a law that forbid people to use services like this to sell or... Read more

  • Space Entrepreneurs - From technology to business, a race to the Stars

    Torino, Italy Current Affairs December 31 @ 12:00am

    Argotech is a little, young company based in Turin. It was enrolled by the European Space Program to find a way to get gourmet food being tasted also during the space missions. The team found a way to get a real Italian coffee also at zero gravity. D-Orbit is another startup able to clean the Space... Read more

  • Handmade and artisan jobs reshaping the lost future of the young Italians

    Torino, Italy Cultural December 31 @ 12:00am

    An inisght of the rebirth of works we thought too old-fashioned or out of market to resist the hi-tech race. From artisans to handmade shoes, from glass arstits to carpenters and bakers: these are the new jobs young italian workers are taking over because all the other sectors they have been... Read more

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