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Bartosz Kaczorowski

Łódź, Poland
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About Bartosz
PhD, Assistant Professor in Department of Contemporary History, University of Lodz, Poland
English Spanish Polish
Research Fact Checking
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Franco Against Stalin

21 May 2023  |  actashistoria.com
The book 'Franco Against Stalin' by Bartosz Kaczorowski explores the extent of Franco's regime's anti-communism during World War II. It details Franco's support for Hitler's Germany against Stalin's Russia, including the Blue Division's involvement and later attempts to align with the Allies to prevent the spread of Soviet influence in Europe. The book also discusses Franco's interactions with Franz von Papen to counter Hitler and achieve an 'acceptable' Germany for the Allies. Despite the failure of these initiatives, the book highlights Franco's efforts to form an anti-Soviet bloc of Western states and the eventual futility of Spanish diplomacy as Germany fell and the Red Army advanced. The work also touches on related historical events such as the German-Polish War of 1939 and the Russo-Finnish War of 1940, culminating in the Soviet occupation of Berlin and Germany's surrender.

CZY MOSKWA UPOKORZYŁA UNIĘ? Dr Kaczorowski: Rosja tworzy fałszywe paralele

Kaczorowski: To jest spór katalońsko-kataloński. Aktywny udział w promocji sporu bierze Rosja

Unia Europejska - stan gry: nowe kryzysy i zmienne

Russia and Poland clash over history

26 Jan 2020  |  El País América
A diplomatic conflict is escalating between Russia and Poland over their respective roles in World War II. Russia accuses Poland of partial responsibility for the conflict, while Poland criticizes Russian President Vladimir Putin for political historical revisionism. The dispute is overshadowing events commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army. Putin's recent speech in St. Petersburg, where he defended the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact and blamed Poland for complicity with Nazi Germany, has intensified the controversy. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has accused Putin of lying, suggesting Russia is using historical revisionism to distract from its internal and external issues. The conflict occurs amidst tense EU-Russia relations and criticism of Poland's government for undermining judicial independence and press freedom.

Hybrid War in Catalonia? How the Kremlin was breaking the unity of Spain

13 Dec 2019  |  klubjagiellonski.pl
The article discusses how the Kremlin used Catalonia as a tool to destabilize Western states and create favorable conditions for Russian policy in Eastern Europe. It highlights Russian media manipulation during the 2017 Catalan independence referendum, the presence of a high-ranking Russian military intelligence officer in Catalonia during the referendum, and the separatist side's actions to seek diplomatic support from Russia. The article also examines the broader international context, including Russia's attempts to influence public opinion on national self-determination and the geopolitical implications for NATO and EU member states.

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