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Bejan Siavoshy

Bejan Siavoshy is a multi-media journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area after working in East Asia for the past five years. Be it sitting in a sweltering gym with key players of Hong Kong’s local pro wrestling circuit or staying out at all hours of the night with the most prominent skateboarding crew in Ulaanbaatar, Bejan is eager to share with the world the unsung faces making waves in compelling subcultures across Asia; subcultures that are budding, despite a lack of exposure to the international limelight. Bejan has contributed stories to Huck Magazine, Victory Journal, Roads & Kingdoms, Neocha, Format, Channel 7 (Australia), AJ Plus and Swiss TV, among other media outlets.


Shot and edited rushes of vox pops in Beijing for Trump's visit to China in 2017.


Shot video interview and b-roll for video package on Shanghai's emerging start-up culture.

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