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Berny Araya

San José, Costa Rica
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About Berny
Berny Araya is a seasoned journalist and videographer based in Costa Rica, with over 25 years of experience in the field of media. His extensive career includes more than two decades of freelance work for various agencies and television networks globally. Araya's expertise allows him to adeptly cover a wide range of topics, with a particular emphasis on environmental and travel journalism within Central and South America. His ability to relocate to different countries in the region, or elsewhere in the world, demonstrates his commitment to capturing stories wherever they unfold.

Araya's work is characterized by a deep appreciation for the natural world, often spotlighting the breathtaking landscapes and ecological importance of destinations such as Playa Conchal in Costa Rica. His reporting not only showcases the region's crystal-clear waters and white sands but also underscores the value of ecotourism and the need for sustainable practices that safeguard these pristine environments.

In addition to his travel and environmental reporting, Araya is a passionate advocate for animal welfare. His coverage of Refugio Tucán, a sanctuary for injured or orphaned sloths, has brought to light the challenges these creatures face due to human encroachment and environmental degradation. Through his articles and videos, Araya raises awareness about the critical conservation efforts necessary to protect wildlife and promote the reintegration of species like sloths into their natural habitats. His dedication to journalism serves not only to inform and educate but also to inspire action towards preserving the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystems.
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Fact Checking

Watch the moment snake poison is turned into antivenom

06 Feb 2024  |  AP News
The Associated Press (AP) is highlighted as a longstanding and reputable news organization, established in 1846. It is renowned for its commitment to factual, fast, and unbiased reporting across various formats. AP is a crucial entity in the news industry, not only for its journalism but also for providing necessary technology and services. The organization has a significant impact, with more than half of the global population engaging with AP's journalism on a daily basis. The article underscores AP's position as a trusted source of news worldwide.

Scientists in Costa Rica are injecting venom into horses to create antibodies to treat humans bitten by snakes

05 Feb 2024  |  euronews
The article discusses the process by which scientists at the Clodomiro Picado Institute in Costa Rica create antivenom to treat snake bites. The institute breeds poisonous snakes and extracts venom, which is then injected into horses to stimulate an immune response. The horses produce antibodies that are collected and purified to create antivenom. The institute produces up to 150,000 doses annually, exporting them to various continents. The World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted the global shortage of antivenom treatments and the institute's role in drafting guidelines for antivenom production. The WHO also explains how the antibodies help the human immune system eliminate toxins from snake venom.

CGTN Espanish


Eclipse 2023

DW Frogs Bacteria

Berny Araya Reel Species Costa Rica

Berny Araya Reel News Coverage San José, Costa Rica

CBS News Live Streaming Service

09 Oct 2019  |  www.cbsnews.com
The article discusses CBS News Live, which is a 24/7 anchored streaming news service provided by CBS News and Stations. It is available for free to all individuals who have access to the internet. The service offers continuous news coverage, allowing viewers to stay informed on current events and breaking news as it happens.

Sloths in Costa Rica receive rehabilitation against mistreatment

04 Oct 2019  |  Voz de América
Sloths, the slow-moving tree inhabitants of Central and South American tropical forests, have not been treated kindly by human activity. Miguel Ángel Rivera reports on the efforts to rehabilitate and return these popular creatures to the treetops.

A Home for Sloths in Costa Rica

30 Sep 2019  |  euronews
In Costa Rica, the Tucán Refuge is dedicated to rescuing, healing, and releasing sloths back into the wild. Many sloths arrive after being injured by vehicles, dog attacks, or electric shocks. The refuge, which collaborates with Costa Rican authorities, has successfully rehabilitated and returned hundreds of sloths to their natural habitat. Volunteers at the refuge provide meticulous care, including using stuffed animals to comfort the baby sloths and feeding them with syringes filled with goat's milk.

60 Seconds of Vacation at Playa Conchal and Its Natural Beauty

11 Jun 2019  |  CNN
Playa Conchal in Costa Rica is highlighted as an ideal vacation destination, noted for its crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, forests, and ecotourism attractions.

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