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London, United Kingdom
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UK-born journalist based in Rio de Janeiro and available for work.
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Navigating shipping disruption with location technology

01 Oct 2024  |  HERE
The article discusses the significant impact of shipping disruptions on global trade, emphasizing the importance of location technology in mitigating these disruptions. It highlights the strategic importance of trade routes like the Suez and Panama Canals and the severe consequences of their disruptions. Experts like Ryan Wiggin and Nils Haupt stress the need for visibility, advanced analytics, and proactive planning to manage supply chain risks. Tomas Robenek from HERE underscores the role of location data in enhancing supply chain resilience and agility, showcasing HERE's capabilities in aggregating and visualizing data to support logistics professionals.

This technology gets your car in the right lane — with centimeter-level accuracy

12 Apr 2024  |  www.here.com
A pilot project involving Toyota, telecommunications company Orange, and HERE has demonstrated a technology that enables precise vehicle positioning to within centimeters, even in challenging environments like tunnels. The technology, which combines HD GNSS Positioning with vehicle dead reckoning and processes data in the cloud through 5G, was successfully tested on a French track and presented at the ION GNSS conference in Denver. It allows for real-time, accurate V2X communication, which is crucial for the development of connected and autonomous vehicles, particularly in emergency situations.

The logistics landscape in 2024 — resilience is crucial

06 Feb 2024  |  HERE
A survey conducted in part with Amazon Web Services among 900 transportation and logistics professionals in the US, UK, and Germany reveals that only 50% use basic data analytics. The report emphasizes the importance of building agile and resilient supply chains amidst AI advancements, carbon emission reduction pressures, and geopolitical tensions. Increased visibility in supply chains is a priority, with road-based operations providing the highest visibility. Cost is the main barrier to AI implementation, with a need for reliable, user-friendly technology solutions. Surprisingly, many organizations lack sustainability goals, but operational resilience remains a core topic in the logistics industry. Automated fleet tour planning and dynamic route optimization are suggested to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

What is lidar technology and how does it work?

26 Jan 2024  |  here.com
Lidar technology, essential for autonomous driving and location intelligence, operates by measuring the time it takes for light to reflect off objects and return to the sensor, creating a 3D point cloud of the environment. Its precision makes it valuable for creating detailed maps, like HERE HD Live Map, and for the automotive industry, where it aids in safe navigation for self-driving cars. Lidar also contributes to sustainability by optimizing routes and aiding in smart city planning.

Just how accurate can tracking your assets get?

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
Organizations are increasingly tracking assets to improve supply chain efficiency, but face challenges with cost and power availability. HERE and Sony have developed a low-power GNSS receiver integrated chip combined with cloud-based algorithms, offering high precision asset tracking. This technology is particularly useful for unpowered assets like railway wagons and shipping containers, and can significantly enhance location accuracy in urban environments. The solution, showcased at ION GNSS in Denver, is now being trialed by customers, emphasizing its low-power, accuracy, and reliability.

What is EV range anxiety?

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
Range anxiety refers to the fear of an electric vehicle running out of battery before reaching a destination or charging station, driven by the limited range of EVs compared to traditional cars. The scarcity and complexity of charging stations exacerbate this issue. To address range anxiety, EV manufacturers and governments are working together to enhance battery life, extend vehicle range, and expand charging infrastructure, which could encourage more people to adopt electric vehicles and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Location forecast: what's next for supply chains in 2024

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
Supply chains have become more agile and resilient due to recent disruptions, but many still rely on manual processes. Technologies like AI and route optimization are expected to see significant investment, enhancing efficiency and visibility. Elastic logistics, which adapts to changing demand, is replacing just-in-time manufacturing. Drones are being trialed for last-mile delivery, and digital twins are helping retailers optimize store locations and operations. Companies like HERE and Satalia are leading these innovations, while IBM and Gartner provide insights into future trends.

HERE WeGo can help you comply with the speed limit

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
HERE WeGo, a navigation tool, informs users of speed limits worldwide and offers warnings for exceeding them. It adapts to different vehicles and conditions, such as trailers, and provides Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) warnings. The app calculates accurate ETAs using speed limits and traffic information. It also includes features for motorcyclists and electric vehicle users, such as route planning and charging station details. The map's richness has increased with features like hill shading for elevation awareness.

EV charge points: is your U.S. state or country a leader or a laggard?

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
HERE and SBD Automotive have created an EV Index assessing electric vehicle demand and infrastructure readiness across the US and Europe, revealing significant regional disparities. The index considers the number of charging points, vehicle registrations, geography, and road network length. It highlights the ideal ratio of EVs to public chargers and notes the influence of government incentives on infrastructure development. The US has a 7% EV market share, with California leading and states like North Dakota requiring different ratios. Europe shows variations with Norway and the Netherlands benefiting from government support, while Malta and Cyprus lag. The index was compiled using data from the HERE EV Charge Points API and various government sources, focusing on publicly accessible charge points.

How Germany's EV charging infrastructure has grown since green government

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
Germany plans to invest 6.3 billion euros to expand its electric vehicle charging infrastructure over the next three years, aiming to reduce transportation emissions by 48% by 2030. Despite skepticism among Germans about EVs replacing combustion engines by 2035, the growth of charging stations has been steady, with a slight increase under Chancellor Olaf Scholz's government. Coverage varies significantly across the country, with cities like Wolfsburg and Munich having high concentrations of charge stations. The National Control Center for Charging Infrastructure coordinates the expansion, but there are challenges in balancing local and federal needs. Comparisons with other countries like Sweden and Norway show different approaches to infrastructure deployment. The article suggests that a combined effort from the government, commercial investors, and local authorities is necessary to meet the government's goals for EV adoption and infrastructure expansion.

What are the benefits of route optimization?

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
Route optimization offers significant benefits for businesses, especially in logistics and delivery sectors, by reducing fleet costs, enhancing customer service, lowering carbon emissions, and improving operational efficiency. It enables savings on fuel and maintenance, ensures timely deliveries, and supports environmental sustainability. Additionally, route optimization software aids in data-driven decision-making, providing real-time insights into driver performance and delivery times, which is crucial for strategic planning and scaling operations.

HERE WeGo: now you can plan your holiday through our app

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
HERE WeGo, a navigation app, has introduced new features including a partnership with Booking.com for direct hotel bookings, intermodal journey planning, parking spot memory, and amenities display at rest stops for drivers, particularly beneficial for electric vehicle users. A new web version with 3D capabilities is set to launch in July, and users with older versions of the app are encouraged to update for continued feature access.

The case for drowsiness detection systems

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
Drowsy driving poses significant risks, with millions of drivers in the US driving tired annually. To combat this, technology is advancing in the form of drowsiness detection systems, which are becoming more accurate and integrated with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD). These systems can monitor steering behavior, eye movements, heart rate, respiration, and brainwave patterns to alert drivers of fatigue. Dreyev has developed a driver app using HERE Live Sense SDK to warn of road hazards, while HERE's suite of ADAS and HAD solutions, including Hazard Warnings, Lanes, and ISA Map, contribute to improved safety and driving experiences.

Tackling increased shipping container losses with location technology

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
Since November 2020, the loss of shipping containers has more than doubled compared to the previous decade, with 80% of goods traveling by sea. Factors such as rough waters, parametric rolling, increased American container imports, and the use of older containers contribute to this rise. Location technology, including HERE Routing and HERE Positioning, offers solutions to optimize shipment tracking, improve asset distribution, and reduce environmental impact.

EVs in range: electric trucks – what is holding us back?

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
Heavy-duty trucks, while only 4% of US vehicles, contribute 20% of transportation pollution. Electrification is a solution, but infrastructure challenges persist. Notable developments include Sweden's Volta Zero testing in the US. The Biden administration targets 50% electric vehicle sales by 2050, with a 40% increase in charging points. However, electrification is primarily focused on passenger vehicles. Eric Topp of AWS highlights the need for significant charging infrastructure improvements to support electric trucks. California mandates zero-emission trucks in ports and railyards by 2024, impacting supply chain sustainability. High costs and load capacity of electric trucks pose challenges for logistics firms. Driver shortages and mineral supply issues further complicate electrification, which may occur in phases. The transportation industry is slow to change, with modernization spurred by the pandemic. Topp emphasizes the necessity of business justification for sustainability initiatives.

What is digital twin technology?

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
Digital twin technology creates virtual replicas of physical assets, enabling businesses to monitor performance, simulate conditions, and analyze data for informed decision-making. It is widely used in urban planning and engineering to optimize traffic flow and improve residents' quality of life. Additionally, it enhances supply chain visibility and predictive maintenance. As the technology advances, its applications are expected to expand across various fields, including construction and manufacturing.

Common Mistakes in Giving and Following Directions

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
The article discusses common mistakes people make when giving or receiving directions, emphasizing the importance of clarity, simplicity, and specificity. It advises breaking down instructions into memorable chunks using clear landmarks, avoiding overly complex or detailed directions, and not relying solely on GPS technology. The article also recommends asking for clarification when receiving directions to prevent unnecessary backtracking or confusion.

EV does it: how we can overcome range anxiety

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
Electric vehicle sales increased by 36% in 2022, but range anxiety remains a significant barrier to adoption. Chris Handley of HERE discusses the inaccuracies in EV range forecasts by manufacturers, which often overestimate by about 20%. Factors such as temperature, elevation, headwinds, and traffic can significantly affect range. HERE is developing machine-learning algorithms and predictive tools to provide more accurate range forecasts and charge point availability, aiming to transform range anxiety into range thoughtfulness.

Do EV truck drivers experience more range anxiety than commuters?

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
Electric vehicle (EV) range anxiety is a significant concern, particularly for truck drivers who travel long distances and cannot complete their journeys on a single charge. While the number of charging stations on highways has increased, the White House reports only 130,000 EV chargers for 3.9 million miles of U.S. roads, with many being rural. Trucks require larger battery packs for longer distances, increasing the risk of depleting their charge. Charging needs for EV trucks are projected to be substantial by 2035, and range forecasts are often overestimated by about 20%, adding to the challenge. Terrain challenges can also limit access to certain routes for EVs.

The great supply chain reset: the path to resilience

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted global supply chains, leading to a shift towards more resilient strategies. Businesses are recognizing the need for agility and better operational visibility, with a trend towards nearshoring and reshoring manufacturing. The use of automation, AI, robotics, and data analytics is becoming more prevalent to streamline logistics. The APAC region faces challenges in technology implementation, despite a strong desire to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Initiatives like the US government's Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW) and international collaborations, such as between Singapore and Sweden, aim to enhance supply chain visibility through data-sharing and AI-driven analysis.

Powering your electric fleet: evaluating the availability of EV charging stations

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
The limited availability of public EV charging stations is a significant barrier to the mass adoption of electric vehicles. In the US, the public charging network supports an average of 24 EVs per charger, while Norway has 30 cars per unit, compared to a global average of 10 EVs per charge point. Factors such as environmental conditions, battery age, and car type affect EV range, which is higher in urban areas. Compatibility issues arise from proprietary charging stations and networks requiring specific memberships or apps. Different charging standards and connector types add to the complexity. Charging times, which can range from 20 to 60 minutes or more, and the scarcity of charging stations compared to gas stations, necessitate additional planning for EV owners.

How HERE WeGo makes driving an electric vehicle easier

03 Jan 2024  |  here.com
HERE WeGo, a free navigation app, has introduced new features for journey planning, including a motorcycle-specific navigation mode and the ability to plan complex routes with multiple stops, such as for charging electric vehicles. The app, which competes with Google and Apple Maps, now allows users to plan trips with several stops before departure, a highly requested feature. The app shows EV charge points, connector types, and real-time availability. Product Manager Andrei Dmitriev mentioned that further enhancements for motorbike navigation and EV support are expected.

What smart cars will mean for consumers and automakers

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
The article explores the future of smart cars and their impact on consumers and automakers. It highlights the transition from basic connectivity to personalized in-vehicle experiences, emphasizing the role of data in enhancing safety, security, and convenience. Ronak Amin from HERE discusses the potential for vehicles to integrate more deeply with digital ecosystems, akin to smartphones, and the importance of partnerships between automakers and tech companies. The piece also delves into the specific challenges and opportunities presented by electric vehicles (EVs), particularly in optimizing range and energy management through advanced data integration.

Can vertical location technology improve warehouse management?

03 Jan 2024  |  www.here.com
Vertical location technology addresses storage capacity challenges in warehouses by utilizing the full height of storage facilities with multi-level shelving units and automated retrieval systems. This innovation leads to minimized costs, faster order fulfillment, increased productivity, and improved worker safety. It also provides accurate real-time data for supply chain managers to optimize inventory levels and for logistics companies to refine routes and delivery schedules. The technology's space management approach has revolutionized warehouse optimization, resulting in reduced costs and increased profits.

Unlock route optimization: how to boost productivity, profitability and sustainability

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
The demand for route optimization software is increasing, with the global market projected to grow significantly by 2030. Accurate and efficient routing is crucial for various industries, including fleet management, supply chain, eCommerce, and ride-sharing. Optimizing routes can lead to significant fuel savings, improved customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. The article highlights the importance of using advanced technologies and data analytics to provide reliable routing solutions, addressing different needs from fleet operators to ride-sharing services.

Delivering precision: how accurate can ETAs really get?

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
Advancements in location data and dynamic maps are enabling delivery services to provide more accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs), overcoming challenges such as unpredictable road conditions, last-minute pick-ups, and external factors like weather. By leveraging real-time traffic patterns, dynamic maps, and machine learning, services can optimize routes, recalculate ETAs, and enhance customer satisfaction by keeping recipients informed and prepared for deliveries.

BMW launches highly automated driving function in Germany – powered by HERE

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
BMW is set to launch its Personal Pilot, a highly automated driving function classified as SAE Level 3, in Germany from March 2024, starting with the new Series 7. The feature is enabled by HERE HD Live Map, which provides critical data for localization, prediction, and path planning, enhancing the vehicle's situational awareness. The map data also defines the operational design domain, indicating when Personal Pilot can be activated. Nicolai Martin of BMW Group and Jason Jameson of HERE highlighted the importance of high-definition maps in automated driving.

Location forecast: the innovations powering connected cars in 2024

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
The automotive industry is evolving with software-defined vehicles (SDVs) that connect to the digital world, offering new services for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. The European Union's ISA regulation is making Intelligent Speed Assistance technology mandatory in new vehicles, with HERE ISA Map being the preferred choice for compliance. Electric vehicle (EV) sales are surging, with countries like Australia and India seeing significant growth, and companies like Amazon India and Eicher Motors and Buses partnering to electrify logistics. Ride-hailing is becoming more sustainable with electric taxis and alternative transportation like e-bikes and scooters. Mobility-as-a-service is expanding, incorporating EVs and autonomous vehicles, with car-sharing platforms like Zoomcar and Tata Power EV Charging Solutions promoting EV adoption. The future of automakers may lie in investing in software-based services as consumer habits shift towards shared and sustainable transportation.

Routes to sustainability: the mobility trends your fleet needs now

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich showcases innovations shaping the logistics industry, with a focus on sustainable transportation. Advancements include better batteries for electric vehicles, with MIT inventing a concrete that charges EVs and the potential of solid-state batteries. E-cargo bikes are gaining popularity for urban deliveries, offering an efficient and emission-reducing alternative to vans. Barcelona's superblock concept prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists, influencing delivery methods and urban planning. 3D printing is recognized for its potential to reduce supply chain disruptions and increase sustainability, with BMW incorporating the technology into its i8 Hybrid-Roadster.

Omdia: HERE is a consistent leader of location platforms

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
Omdia has ranked HERE as the top location platform for another year, with an improved score of 8.09, widening the gap with its nearest rival, Google. The Omdia Location Platform Index evaluates vendors on platform completeness and market reach, with HERE leading the group that includes Google, TomTom, and Mapbox. HERE's strengthened position is attributed to its increased probe data and innovative solutions for electric vehicles, ADAS, and autonomous driving. The use of AI and machine learning has further enhanced HERE's capabilities, addressing challenges such as EV charging scarcity and route inefficiency.

Revving up riding: how RGNT Motorcycles blends classic style with futuristic tech to transform biking

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
Professor Stephan Heres, a new motorcycle enthusiast from Munich, has been enjoying his RGNT motorcycle, which combines classic design with advanced sustainable technology. The bike features a silent electric motor and a sophisticated navigation system developed in collaboration with HERE, enhancing the riding experience. The RGNT app allows riders to plan routes, check battery status, and share routes with friends. The innovative 'Isolines' feature helps riders gauge their travel range based on battery capacity. The collaboration between RGNT and HERE aims to provide a premium, user-friendly riding experience.

AI, EVs, supply chains and self-driving: highlights from Directions 2023

03 Jan 2024  |  www.here.com
Directions 2023 brought together companies from various industries to discuss challenges and opportunities in the automotive sector, including the digital cockpit experience, EV range, predictive routing, and autonomous driving. The event highlighted the importance of location technology across industries, the role of partnerships, and the shift towards mobility services among younger generations. Discussions also covered the impact of electric vehicles on consumer acceptance, the potential of autonomous trucks, and the use of technology to reduce CO2 emissions and improve supply chain efficiency. HERE's role in the future landscape was emphasized, particularly in collaboration with technology and software partners.

The digital cockpit: embedded navigation versus smartphone mirroring — which is best?

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
The article explores the debate between embedded navigation systems and smartphone mirroring in vehicles, highlighting the industry's shift towards digital cockpits. It discusses the potential benefits of embedded systems, such as a more integrated and personalized driving experience, and the challenges automakers face in retaining control over vehicle data and monetizing new services. The article also touches on the future of automotive technology, including Software-Defined Vehicle architecture and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and mentions General Motors' decision to exclude CarPlay from its new electric vehicles starting in 2024.

How do you build a resilient supply chain in 2023?

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
Building a resilient supply chain in 2023 involves problem-solving capabilities, adaptability, strategic planning, and full visibility of supply chain interactions. Identifying potential weak spots and addressing them proactively is crucial. Companies must ensure their supplier networks are robust and capable of meeting demand while anticipating and reacting quickly to disruptions. Full end-to-end visibility through automation and digitization is essential for smooth operations. Utilizing deep learning-based algorithms can help create predictive supply chains, generating cost savings and supporting long-term business strategies.

How does EV charging infrastructure vary in the European Union?

03 Jan 2024  |  HERE
By 2035, the European Union aims to phase out new carbon-emitting vehicles, with exceptions for ICE vehicles running on e-fuels. The uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) varies significantly across the 27 EU states, with a major barrier being the lack of adequate EV charging infrastructure. Sweden leads with the highest share of EVs, while countries like the Netherlands and Luxembourg have a well-developed public charging network. Germany, despite having over a million registered EVs, needs to expand its charging infrastructure. Lithuania lags with the fewest charging stations and a low EV fleet share. The data, sourced from HERE EV Charge Points and other authoritative bodies, highlights the diverse challenges and progress in EV infrastructure across the EU.

2023 in review: this year's biggest milestones in fleet management

31 Dec 2023  |  HERE
2023 marked significant advancements in fleet management, driven by sustainability and innovation. Key developments included the European Commission's measures to make freight transport greener, the rising popularity of electric vehicles and e-bikes, and the impact of extreme weather on transportation networks. Germany saw a surge in e-bike usage, with major automakers like Porsche and Audi entering the market. The European Union proposed regulations for carbon-neutral cars by 2035. Despite challenges, the year showcased crucial innovations promising more sustainable and resilient transportation systems.

World GIS Day: 5 maps and what they tell us about the world

15 Nov 2023  |  HERE
Geographic information systems (GIS) significantly impact the world by enabling better decision-making through data visualization. Five maps illustrate various insights: the distribution of electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the U.S., the traffic impact of Taylor Swift's Eras tour, the implementation of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) in the EU and Norway, optimal routing for trucks in the U.S., and the concept of 15-minute cities in the U.S. These maps, using HERE data, highlight the importance of GIS in addressing contemporary challenges and improving urban planning and transportation.

2023 in review: this year's greatest innovations in connected driving

01 Oct 2023  |  HERE
Electric vehicle adoption has surged in 2023, introducing new challenges like range and charging anxiety. Stellantis aims to address these concerns with its Charging & Energy business unit and the Free2move Charge platform. CATL has developed the Shenxing cell, a fast-charging battery. BMW showcased an AI-powered color-changing car at CES 2023, enhancing driving customization. High temperatures pose a challenge to EV battery efficiency, prompting manufacturers to explore advanced cooling techniques. Euro NCAP updated its safety testing protocols, with NIO achieving high safety ratings for its vehicles. The year has seen significant advancements and challenges in connected driving.

AI-powered route optimization is transforming logistics

01 Oct 2023  |  HERE
AI and machine learning are revolutionizing logistics by optimizing route calculations and fleet operations. Despite the industry's conservative nature, AI has been a topic of discussion since the late 2010s. Many organizations still rely on manual methods, but the increasing availability of data allows for more accurate and efficient route predictions. AI can process vast amounts of data to optimize routes, improve asset utilization, and reduce costs. HERE uses anonymous probe data and machine learning to generate accurate ETAs and keep maps updated, benefiting companies that use their routing data.

2023 in review: this year's breakthroughs in automated driving

01 Jan 2023  |  HERE
2023 marks significant advancements in autonomous driving, with key developments in robotaxis, hands-free driving, and safety technologies. Motional's IONIQ 5 robotaxi has begun nighttime service in Las Vegas, while OEMs are embracing hands-free driving systems that enhance convenience and safety. Advanced driver assistance systems are projected to prevent numerous traffic fatalities, and new driver drowsiness detection technologies aim to improve road safety further. Collaborations, such as between BMW and HERE, are leveraging high-definition mapping for increased accuracy and reliability.

Why HERE Maps for Android is perfect for travelers

01 Jan 2023  |  HERE
HERE Maps for Android is highlighted as an ideal tool for travelers, offering offline maps, turn-by-turn navigation, and public transportation information even in remote locations like Madeira. The app's features are showcased through a storytelling approach, emphasizing its utility and coverage. Melinda, a representative, explains the benefits and the fun yet challenging process of creating promotional content.

My profile of the judge fighting Brazil's war on drugs on the frontlines

Can performing Shakespeare help to cure mental illness?

06 Apr 2016  |  Aeon
The article discusses the therapeutic use of theatre for mental health patients in Rio de Janeiro, led by Vitor Pordeus, a doctor and actor-director. Pordeus's group, Madness Hotel, consists of psychiatric patients who perform Shakespeare plays as a form of therapy. The article explores the impact of this approach on the patients' well-being, noting improvements in their ability to communicate and interact. It also addresses the challenges faced by the project, such as funding and criticism from traditional medical practitioners. The article places the project in the context of Brazilian cultural traditions and the history of using art in psychiatric treatment, referencing figures like Nise da Silveira and Augusto Boal. It also touches on the broader debate about the relationship between creativity and mental illness, citing the work of Kay Redfield Jamison and others.

Invisible Sao Paulo: A Facebook page for the homeless

06 Apr 2016  |  www.bbc.com
The article discusses the willingness of homeless individuals to share their stories and have their photographs taken, as observed by Mr. Lima. Despite potential estrangement from family or past legal issues, it is noted that it's a rarity for homeless people to decline the opportunity to tell their story.

Brazilian mum turns detective to get justice for son murdered by police

What It's Like Being a Female Cocaine Boss

06 Oct 2015  |  www.vice.com
The article is an interview with Raquel Santos de Oliveira, a former drug dealer from Rocinha, Brazil's largest favela. Raquel recounts her life as the partner of drug boss Ednaldo de Souza and her brief tenure as the boss after his death. She describes the violent and turbulent world of Rio's drug trade during the time cocaine flooded the area. Raquel also talks about her descent into addiction, her eventual disillusionment with the lifestyle, and her path to recovery. She has since written a semi-fictional book, 'Number One,' about her experiences. The interview touches on the gender dynamics within organized crime in Rio and Raquel's current life, where she has found peace, pursued education, and aspires to transform the drug treatment system in Rocinha.

Rio police condemned for 'symbolic apartheid' in detaining youths to prevent beach thefts

29 Aug 2015  |  The Independent
Police in Rio de Janeiro have been criticized for detaining young people, predominantly black, to prevent potential disturbances at tourist beaches as the city prepares for the Olympics. This practice, seen as 'symbolic apartheid,' involves stopping and searching buses and sending those detained to shelters without evidence of any crime. The strategy, intended to prevent 'arrastao' incidents, has been challenged in court and declared illegal. Rio's security chief defends the preventative detentions, while critics argue it targets youths from poor areas based on appearance, perpetuating social and racial discrimination. The city's governor and security chief are now required to present a new approach to the situation.

Singers, rappers, TV stars among candidates in Brazil’s national elections

25 Sep 2014  |  The Independent
The article discusses the trend of celebrities running for political office in Brazil's national elections, highlighting various candidates such as a plastic surgeon, an astronaut, and a clown. It mentions the success of former footballer Romario and clown Tiririca in previous elections and their bids for re-election. The piece also touches on Brazil's open list proportional representation system, which allows votes for high-profile candidates to benefit their parties. The influence of evangelical Christian leaders in politics is noted, as well as the use of television to campaign. The article addresses the serious issue of corruption in Brazilian politics, referencing the ongoing Petrobras scandal and the Mensalao trial, which have implications for the ruling Workers' Party and President Dilma Rousseff's re-election prospects.

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