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London, United Kingdom
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About Bianca
A remote - working journalist, copywriter and editor with the dry wit of a Londoner and the keen grammatical eye of a former teacher. Proficient in digital and print media, I also build content strategies and create B2B and B2C content. Writing about travel, luxury products, popular culture, wellbeing and food, I have a passion for unique storytelling and the skills to create commercially viable content. Passionate about YA fiction, social justice and cake.
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Best Serums for Sensitive Skin

04 Apr 2024  |  uk.style.yahoo.com
The article reviews a selection of face serums suitable for sensitive skin, highlighting their benefits, ingredients, and prices. ALLEVEN's Total Face Serum is praised for its advanced formula and protective qualities. Nuxe's Essential Antioxidant Serum is noted for its natural ingredients and calming effects. Glossier's Super Pure is recommended for its ability to balance complexion and minimize pores. Wildsmith Skin's Copper Peptide Serum is lauded for its regenerative properties. StriVectin's Hyaluronic Dual-Response Serum is ideal for hydration and moisture retention. Victoria Beckham Beauty's Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum is recognized for its luxurious quality and regenerative ingredients. Diptyque's Infused Face Serum offers a unique solid stick format for easy application. This Works Stress Check Face Oil is appreciated for its calming botanical oils. The Glowcery's Clean Greens is a vegan, natural option that mimics the benefits of green juices for the skin. Lastly, BYBI's Supercharge Serum is a plant-powered, budget-friendly option that controls sensitive skin triggers. The article concludes that while The Glowcery and BYBI offer affordable options, and Diptyque provides a luxurious experience, ALLEVEN's serum stands out for its combination of active ingredients and results.

With a new woman editor at the helm of a major newspaper, will we finally see the end of sexism within our news?

04 Apr 2024  |  the-media-leader.com
The article discusses the issue of sexism in media, particularly in the context of a recent headline about George Pattinson, which was criticized for its misogynistic undertones. The author, Bianca Barratt, expresses hope that the appointment of Emma Tucker as the new editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal, along with other women leading major financial journalism outlets, will lead to a shift in the media narrative that is more inclusive and respectful of women. The article cites statistics from The Global Media Monitoring Project, which show that women are underrepresented as expert news sources, and mentions the establishment of a new non-fiction literary prize for women by Kate Mosse and the Women’s Prize Trust. The author argues that the media often perpetuates gender stereotypes and calls for a change in how women's stories are portrayed, highlighting the importance of addressing misogyny in media for societal progress.

Best wrist and ankle weights to get training with now

04 Apr 2024  |  uk.style.yahoo.com
The article discusses the benefits of using wrist and ankle weights during workouts, as endorsed by the American Council of Exercise. It highlights that adding 1-3lb extra weight can increase heart rate and help sculpt muscles faster. The article advises using these weights for stationary exercises and suggests consulting a trainer or medical practitioner before use. It also provides a guide on choosing the best weights, considering factors like material, comfort, and weight. The article reviews several products, including Sportneer Adjustable Weights, PROIRON Ankle/Wrist Weights, and Opti Wrist and Ankle Weights, and provides purchasing options from Amazon and Argos.

Beauty Subscription Boxes: The Ultimate Convenience in Personal Care

04 Apr 2024  |  uk.news.yahoo.com
The article discusses the trend of beauty subscription boxes, which deliver a variety of beauty and personal care products to consumers' doors on a regular basis. These boxes offer a convenient and often more affordable way to try new products, ranging from razors and skincare items to makeup and perfumes. The article highlights several subscription services, including FFS (Friction Free Shaving), FeelUnique, Glossybox, Birchbox, lookfantastic, Latest in Beauty, Mask Time, Nomakenolife, MINTD, The Perfume Society, Roccabox, Mondays, and Freda. Each service offers different options, such as customizable boxes, a range of product sizes, and flexible subscription terms. The article also touches on the eco-friendly and sustainable aspects of some of the subscriptions, particularly in the context of period products with brands like Mondays and Freda.

Best travel backpacks to buy in 2022

04 Apr 2024  |  uk.news.yahoo.com
The article reviews various travel backpacks, focusing on their features and suitability for different travel needs. It emphasizes the importance of ease of movement when choosing luggage and discusses the advantages of travel-friendly backpacks over larger, bulkier options. The article provides a detailed analysis of several backpacks, highlighting their best uses, such as business travel, durability, style, and environmental sustainability. Brands like Gomatic, Away Travel, Osprey, and others are reviewed, with specific models recommended for different purposes, such as the Gomatic Travel Pack for business travel and the Away The Backpack for a sophisticated look. The article also includes tips on what to look for in a travel backpack, such as the type of opening, compartments for valuables, fabric, and overall design.

Take the fuss out of creating crease-free clothing most quickly and efficiently

04 Apr 2024  |  everand.com
The article discusses the benefits of using a garment steamer over a traditional iron for removing wrinkles from clothing. It highlights that while both appliances use heated water to eliminate creases, garment steamers do not make direct contact with the clothes, which helps to preserve high-quality fabrics and is effective on hard-to-reach areas. The article suggests that garment steamers are quicker and more energy-efficient than irons and also offers the advantage of portability. The author provides a brief guide on how to achieve a wrinkle-free wardrobe using a garment steamer.

Best weighted blankets for adults to help anxiety and insomnia

04 Apr 2024  |  uk.news.yahoo.com
The article discusses the benefits of weighted blankets and provides a detailed review of various brands and their products. Weighted blankets are popular for their ability to improve sleep patterns and provide a sense of calm by using glass beads to create pressure. The article suggests that while they are not a substitute for medication or therapy, they can help reduce anxiety and insomnia. The journalist reviews several weighted blankets, highlighting their features, such as weight, size, material, and suitability for different needs. Brands like Aeyla, Soak and Sleep, Simba Sleep, Emma, Eve Sleep, and Kudd.ly are evaluated for their specific offerings, such as the best for anxiety, affordability, style, thermo-regulation, hand-woven design, sustainability, and machine washability. The article concludes with personal endorsements for the Mela blanket from Aeyla and the Simba Orbit, particularly for their soothing effects and ease of use.

10 best hip flasks to buy 2023

04 Apr 2024  |  bbcgoodfood.com
The article is a buyer's guide and review of the 10 best hip flasks to buy in 2023. It covers various categories such as best luxury, best for gifting, best budget, and best eco-friendly hip flasks. Brands like Aspinal of London, Urban Outfitters, and Ted Baker are featured with their products being described in terms of aesthetics, practicality, and value for money. The flasks are available from various retailers including Not on the High Street, Amazon, and direct from the brands. The guide also provides tips on what to fill the flasks with, linking to other buyer's guides for spirits such as gin, rum, and whisky. The article aims to help readers choose a hip flask that suits their needs, whether for personal use or as a gift.

What Makes 50 Plus Women Powerful Entrepreneurs

04 Apr 2024  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the underrepresentation of women over 50 in the media and their emerging power as entrepreneurs. It highlights the societal biases of sexism and ageism that women face, exemplified by the case of Miriam O'Reilly against the BBC. The piece mentions Forbes' inaugural 50 over 50 list, which celebrates the achievements of midlife women. Debbie White, founder of Frankly Deb, refutes myths about women over 50, emphasizing their relevance, tech-savviness, and economic influence. White, with her background in advertising for brands like Starbucks and Microsoft, now coaches women to build purpose-driven brands. The article argues that experience, market understanding, and clarity of purpose give these women an edge in entrepreneurship. It also challenges the misconception that older women are not adept at using social media, showing that their presence on platforms is growing and influential.


04 Apr 2024  |  the-media-leader.com
The article discusses the arrest of three journalists during the Just Stop Oil protests in the UK, highlighting concerns over press freedom. The journalists were detained despite identifying themselves as press. The response from the police was an apology and an internal review, but the author criticizes the lack of a firm commitment to stop arresting journalists. The article also points out the silence of media companies, particularly Global CEO, the owner of LBC where one of the arrested journalists works. The author argues that media companies should support their journalists to uphold democracy and protect their business interests. The piece is written by Bianca Barratt, who emphasizes the importance of journalists feeling protected to maintain trust and loyalty with their audience.

Best Travel Backpacks: Cheap, Hostel-ready And Hard-wearing Bags That Are Ideal For Where Your Trip Takes You - Evening Standard

04 Apr 2024  |  everand.com
The article discusses the resurgence of travel and holidays as the world opens up post-pandemic. It highlights the excitement around exploring new places, cuisines, and cultures after a period of travel restrictions. The author emphasizes the importance of having a good backpack for those planning long-term travel or visiting multiple destinations in a short time. A range of 60-70 liters is recommended for a backpack to accommodate essentials and extra items, with a suggestion to opt for a larger size if traveling in winter due to bulkier clothing. The article aims to guide readers on preparing for their travel adventures.

Emma Gannon shares her advice for overcoming money muteness

04 Apr 2024  |  forbes.com
Emma Gannon, a writer and podcaster, discusses the challenges of financial communication for self-employed individuals and SMEs, particularly when it comes to chasing late payments. She has partnered with GoCardless, a fintech company, to highlight issues surrounding 'money muteness' and the impact it has on mental health. Gannon shares her personal experiences with payment difficulties and offers advice on how to ensure timely payments. Her tips include using technology to automate payments, setting clear payment terms, asking for partial payment upfront, charging for late payments, building relationships, and avoiding unpaid work. The article also touches on the gender disparity in financial confidence, with women feeling more awkward about chasing payments than men, a situation Gannon attributes to societal differences in financial literacy.

Best neck creams

04 Apr 2024  |  uk.style.yahoo.com
The article discusses the importance of using a dedicated product for the neck and décolleté area due to the skin being thinner and more prone to aging compared to the face. It highlights the benefits of creams that boost hydration and cell renewal to combat the effects of gravity and sun exposure. The article provides a list of recommended neck creams, including IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Neck Cream, Clarins Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck Concentrate, and This Works Perfect Cleavage Lotion. Each product is described with its key ingredients, benefits, and price, with an emphasis on their ability to firm, plump, and moisturize the skin while reducing signs of aging such as fine lines and pigmentation.

The Best Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wet Wipes and Paper Towels

04 Apr 2024  |  uk.style.yahoo.com
The article discusses the environmental issues caused by single-use plastics, particularly wet wipes, which contribute to the formation of fatbergs in London's sewage systems. The government's crackdown on single-use plastics has led consumers to seek eco-friendly alternatives. The article reviews several biodegradable and reusable cleaning products, including bamboo wipes, reusable kitchen towels, bath and washcloths, makeup remover pads, and makeup removal kits. Brands like CannyMum, Cheeky Panda, and Ecoegg offer products that are not only eco-friendly but also effective for various cleaning purposes. The article concludes with a verdict, recommending CannyMum Bamboo wipes as the top pick due to their biodegradable nature and larger size.

Author Laura Price speaks on returning to work after cancer

04 Apr 2024  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by individuals returning to work after cancer treatment, highlighting the taboo surrounding workplace discussions about the illness. It references a study by AXA PPP Healthcare indicating that managers often avoid discussing cancer with affected team members, leading to feelings of being unsupported. The author, Laura Price, shares her personal experience with breast cancer and the importance of work for her mental health and independence. She emphasizes the need for honest communication and understanding from colleagues, and not making assumptions about the capabilities of those who have been ill. Laura's debut novel, 'Single Bald Female', is mentioned as a depiction of a young woman working through cancer treatment. The article also provides information on where to find support for returning to work after cancer.

Best Silk Hair Wraps to Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

04 Apr 2024  |  sports.yahoo.com
The article reviews various hair wraps and sleep caps designed to prevent bed head and protect hair during sleep. Silke London's Isla Hair Wrap is praised for its elegance and effectiveness in preventing breakage and greasiness. Slip's Pure Silk Turban is noted for its quality and ability to reduce frizz and damage. Emmet's Mulberry Silk Night Cap is recommended for those with large hairstyles, while This is Silk offers a redesigned, high-quality silk cap. SILKUP's Luna Hair Wrap is highlighted for its comfort and fit. Lilysilk's Night Bonnet with Ribbons is hypoallergenic, and Ankara Bonnets are inspired by Afrocentric Heritage. Jasmine Silk's Pure Silk Sleep Cap is suited for shorter hair, and Story of Shanghai's Silk Scarf is versatile as a hair wrap. The article provides a verdict on the best silk hair wraps for maintaining hair health overnight.

Financial advisor Francesca Smith shares how female founders can make their money work harder for them this year

04 Apr 2024  |  forbes.com
Financial advisor Francesca Smith from Jarrovian Wealth is addressing the investment gap between men and women in the UK, particularly among female business owners. Despite women being statistically better investors, they lag behind in financial literacy and investment. Francesca is hosting monthly investment events in London to educate women and has launched Frankie’s, a membership network aimed at empowering women in finance. She emphasizes the importance of choosing the right investment partners, utilizing pensions, balancing personal and business wealth, ensuring business protection, and managing cash effectively. Francesca's mission is to empower female founders to make their money work efficiently for them, offering free wealth and community-building starter kits and advice through her consultancy and Jarrovian Wealth, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Can We Talk?

04 Apr 2024  |  refinery29.com
The article is a part of a column named 'Can We Talk?' which focuses on sex and relationships. In this particular piece, the columnist addresses a question regarding how partners can navigate a relationship when both individuals struggle with the same mental illness. The column aims to provide insights and advice on managing such a situation, emphasizing the importance of communication, understanding, and mutual support. The article serves as a guide for couples facing similar challenges and seeks to offer solutions that can help maintain a healthy relationship despite the complexities of dealing with mental health issues.

Why Feeling A Sense Of Belonging At Work Matters And How To Cultivate It

27 Feb 2024  |  Forbes
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives have faced significant pushback, with tech giants like Google and Meta drastically cutting their DEI budgets and the US Supreme Court overturning Affirmative Action. Julia Duthie, a successful executive with a challenging background, emphasizes the importance of belonging at work for employee well-being and productivity. Research from BetterUp supports this, showing improved job performance and lower turnover when employees feel they belong. Duthie offers actionable advice for fostering a sense of belonging, including seeking supportive colleagues, being open to connections, understanding oneself, and finding great leaders.

Best for: easy organisation and a weatherproof cover

08 Jan 2024  |  standard.co.uk
The article reviews the Cotopaxi Del Día version of the Allpa Travel Pack, highlighting its style, practicality, and suitability for cabin travel. It is noted for being on the pricier side but is considered a top-of-the-range product that promises durability. A key feature of the backpack is its full-wrapper zipper, which allows it to be opened like a book for easy packing and unpacking. The Del Día version is also made from re-purposed fabrics, which is a selling point for eco-conscious consumers, as it ensures each model is unique.

Laura Taylor, founder of Social Flow Collective, shares her expert advice on using LinkedIn as an entrepreneur in 2024.

08 Jan 2024  |  forbes.com
Laura Taylor, the founder of Social Flow Collective, highlights the advantages of using LinkedIn for entrepreneurs, especially in the context of digital marketing and lead generation. She points out that LinkedIn has evolved from a platform for employees to a valuable tool for business owners, offering creative features to enhance user engagement. Laura shares her personal success story of leveraging LinkedIn to grow her consultancy without a website. She emphasizes the importance of content creation, predicting growth in LinkedIn Live, Audio events, and Vlogs for personal branding. Laura recommends a balanced content strategy, positioning oneself as a thought leader, and investing time in building an engaged community. She also stresses the need for collaboration and supporting others within the LinkedIn community to generate leads and opportunities.

Natalie Busari, Founder of The Nerve of My MS

15 Dec 2023  |  forbes.com
Natalie Busari, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, found a lack of representation for Black people in the MS community and in medical research. To address this, she founded The Nerve of My Multiple Sclerosis, a non-profit aimed at supporting Black individuals with MS. She discusses the misconception that MS is rare among Black people and shares her personal experiences with racial bias and discrimination in the workplace due to her invisible illness. Natalie also provides tips for fostering an inclusive environment for Black women with invisible illnesses, including tackling racism, creating safe spaces, providing education on invisible illnesses, and supporting related charities. The article emphasizes the importance of ongoing efforts to combat subtle biases and promote understanding.

CLEARSTEM founders Kayleigh Christina and Danielle Gronich on the role co-founder therapy has played in their success

17 Oct 2023  |  forbes.com
CLEARSTEM co-founders Danielle Gronich and Kayleigh Christina have embraced co-founder therapy to navigate the challenges of their growing business. They credit therapy with helping them improve communication, align their vision and strategy, and make better decisions. The therapy has been so beneficial that they now have a therapist on retainer for their entire team. Dr. Becky Spelman, a psychologist and founder at Private Therapy Clinic, supports the idea of co-founder therapy, highlighting its benefits in conflict resolution and goal alignment. CLEARSTEM, founded in 2017, has expanded with a Telehealth Wing to provide comprehensive lab testing. The article discusses the importance of addressing issues promptly, cleaning up any tension, and acknowledging each other's contributions within a business partnership.

Danielle Melton, Founder and CEO of Motherboard Society

12 Sep 2023  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the concept of 'productivity shame' and its impact on working mothers, highlighting research by Zippia that shows stress leads to decreased productivity. Danielle Melton, founder and CEO of Motherboard Society, shares her experience with burnout and the pressures of balancing work and motherhood. Motherboard Society, which offers support to combat burnout among working mothers, is expanding with a new virtual chapter led by Ali Levine. Melton provides five techniques for working mothers to feel a sense of accomplishment, including breathwork, creating a 'Done It' list, the 'Task Rollover Method', practicing self-compassion, and planning the day ahead the night before. The article emphasizes the need for a shift from perfection to progress and from having it all to defining what matters to each individual.

Woman, master the art of being a CEO: how to succeed in the first 100 days

11 Sep 2023  |  forbes.com.br
Women CEOs are more likely to be pressured to leave their positions than their male counterparts, with a higher 'push-out' index of 6.5 compared to 6.1 for men. Women also tend to have shorter tenures as CEOs, averaging 4.7 years versus 8.1 years for men. Stereotypes and unconscious biases play a significant role in this disparity. Libby Vicent, a consultant for female CEOs, emphasizes the importance of building a strong reputation and making strategic decisions in the first 100 days. She advises on personal branding, networking strategy, establishing feedback channels, and managing energy levels to navigate the challenges faced by women in leadership positions.

Best outdoor trampolines for the garden

07 Jun 2023  |  standard.co.uk
Zero Gravity, a company with over ten years of experience in making trampolines, stands out from competitors by using weld-free steel frames for enhanced security and durability. The trampoline design includes an enclosure that falls inside the springs, which slightly reduces space but increases protection from the springs. It features a design that allows for quick and tool-free closure, beneficial during rainy weather. Additionally, the trampoline has a brightly marked zip that simplifies exiting by reducing the time spent dealing with the netting.

Alice Benham shares her advice for getting projects off the ground quickly

28 Apr 2023  |  forbes.com
Alice Benham, a business and marketing strategist, shares her insights on how to quickly launch new projects. She emphasizes the importance of taking imperfect action and learning on the go, rather than waiting for everything to be perfect. Alice successfully launched her stationery venture, OnPaper, in just six weeks, selling out shortly after the first product drop. She advises testing the market, mapping out a plan, starting simply, creating hype, and taking 'messy action' without comparing oneself to those with more resources. Alice's approach is based on her experience, including a previous collaboration that tested her stationery ideas and built an engaged community, which helped her with the OnPaper launch.

Audrey Tsang and Carrie Walter, co-CEOs of Clue Clue

24 Apr 2023  |  forbes.com
Clue, a menstrual tracking app co-led by CEOs Audrey Tsang and Carrie Walter, is responding to the increased demand for non-judgmental reproductive health resources following the overturning of Roe v Wade. With 11 million users, Clue prioritizes women and people with cycles, offering features like Period Tracking, Clue Conceive, and Clue Pregnancy. The company, a pioneer in femtech since 2012, collaborates with academic and clinical researchers to advance women's health knowledge. Clue recently raised €7 million from Balderton Capital and Union Square Ventures and is now inviting users to invest through Crowdcube. This initiative aims to involve the community in product development and address the gender imbalance in investment, as women receive a tiny fraction of venture capital funding. The investments will support research into women's health, a historically underfunded and under-researched area.

What Jane McNeice Wants You To Know About Autism Diagnosis In Women

19 Apr 2023  |  forbes.com
Jane McNeice, a mental health professional and author, shares her personal journey of being diagnosed with autism in adulthood and highlights the challenges women face in obtaining a diagnosis, particularly in the workplace. She discovered her condition while researching ADHD for her son and realized that traditional diagnostic criteria, developed based on male research subjects, often miss the signs of autism in women. Jane, who founded the mental health training business Mind Matters, emphasizes the importance of recognizing and supporting mental health issues, including undiagnosed neurodivergencies. She wrote 'The Umbrella Picker' to help other women who may be struggling undiagnosed. The article discusses the need for increased awareness and early intervention for women on the autism spectrum to improve their mental health and workplace wellbeing.

Best SPF sunscreen for the body

14 Apr 2023  |  standard.co.uk
Dr. Perry emphasizes the importance of using sunscreen with at least Factor 30 to protect against the sun's rays. He clarifies that no sunscreen can provide 100% protection and that there is a common misconception among consumers regarding the effectiveness of higher SPF values. Dr. Perry points out that the difference in UVB protection between SPF 100 and SPF 50 is marginal, and stresses that SPF 30 blocks approximately 3% of UVB rays while SPF 50 blocks about 2%, indicating a minor difference in their protective capabilities.

Libby Vincent, founder of Hodology and Chief Special Adviser to female CEOs

05 Apr 2023  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by female CEOs, highlighting that while there has been progress with women leading over 10% of Fortune 500 companies, they still face a higher likelihood of being pushed out compared to their male counterparts. This is supported by data from Exechange's Push-out Scoring System and academic research. Libby Vincent, founder of Hodology and adviser to female CEOs, shares insights on the additional scrutiny and biases women leaders encounter. She offers advice on how to navigate the first 100 days as a CEO, emphasizing the importance of personal branding, networking strategy, feedback channels, establishing flexible boundaries, and managing energy drains and radiators. Vincent's experience in organizational change and leadership development informs her approach to supporting female executives in extending their tenure and overcoming gender-specific challenges.

Ensuring Your Company's Anti-Racism Work Is Effective, Not Just Performative

05 Apr 2023  |  forbes.com
Dr. Joanna Abeyie, MBE, a DEI expert and founder of the diversity and inclusion consultancy Blue Moon, discusses the importance of genuine anti-racism efforts within companies following the Black Lives Matter movement. She notes that while many companies initially showed support, some have lost momentum, treating anti-racism as a one-time initiative rather than an ongoing commitment. Abeyie emphasizes the need for external, objective feedback from staff, independent research by decision-makers, and the creation of long-term plans based on analytics to address EDI gaps. She also highlights the importance of tackling the root causes of microaggressions, cultivating true allyship, and diversifying recruitment practices to create a fair and equal organization. Abeyie advises against performative actions and stresses the need for sustained action to ensure that anti-racism work is impactful.


05 Apr 2023  |  the-media-leader.com
The article by Bianca Barratt discusses the prevalent issue of online harassment faced by journalists, particularly women, and the media industry's responsibility to protect them. Barratt shares personal experiences with online trolls and highlights the alarming statistics from Unesco about the violence against women journalists. She applauds Reach for appointing Rebecca Whittington as its new online safety editor and creating the XX Directory to combat abuse. The article also touches on the challenges faced by war reporters in Ukraine and the spread of fake news. Barratt argues that media companies need to take action to safeguard their journalists, as neglecting to do so could result in the loss of talent and a compromise in the integrity of news reporting.

WalkSafe Pro founder Emma Kay WalkSafe

05 Apr 2023  |  forbes.com
Emma Kay, motivated by personal experiences of harassment, founded WalkSafe to enhance personal safety for individuals walking alone at night. The app has evolved into WalkSafe Pro, a version for businesses to monitor employees' commutes with consent. It includes features like SOS alarms and real-time tracking. The initiative responds to increased violence and a heightened sense of danger in the UK, particularly after the murder of Sarah Everard. Research suggests employees desire more safety measures from employers, and WalkSafe Pro aims to address this need, potentially improving staff retention and wellbeing. The article also touches on the broader responsibility of employers for employee safety outside of work hours, especially as economic factors lead to more walking commutes. 1Rebel, a leading UK boutique gym, is among businesses set to adopt the technology.

Media Leaders

05 Apr 2023  |  the-media-leader.com
Bianca Barratt, in her column for Mediatel News, discusses the trend of media organizations imposing strict social media guidelines on journalists. She references a report by Reuters that many news organizations plan to tighten rules on journalists' social media behavior to maintain trust. Barratt critiques this approach, arguing that authenticity is crucial for consumer trust and that such restrictions could hinder the retention of creative talent. She also suggests that these rules may be driven by fear of cancel culture rather than genuine concern for brand trust. Barratt calls for media leaders to address the underlying issues rather than just the symptoms, emphasizing the importance of freedom of speech and the role of social media in democracy.

The media needs to rethink its funding model if public interest journalism is to survive.

01 Apr 2023  |  the-media-leader.com
Bianca Barratt discusses the challenges facing public interest journalism, emphasizing its importance in a democratic society. She notes a trend where media outlets prioritize sensationalism over substantive reporting due to the need to attract a large audience for advertising revenue. Barratt points out that the reliance on advertising and the decline in print profits are pushing media companies to sideline costly investigative journalism. She mentions Prince Harry's criticism of the British press and the pressure on journalists to produce clickbait content. Barratt suggests that while public funding could be a solution, it risks compromising media independence. She warns that without addressing the financial pressures, public interest journalism may be at risk of disappearing, leading to dire consequences for society.

ChatGPT may not make journalists obsolete, but its generation of inaccurate or false information should make any news outlet nervous.

30 Mar 2023  |  the-media-leader.com
Bianca Barratt discusses the impact of ChatGPT on journalism, emphasizing that while the AI has become the fastest growing web platform, it is not a threat to replace journalists due to its inability to produce nuanced stories and its tendency to generate factual errors. She highlights an incident where ChatGPT falsely claimed two reporters had won the Pulitzer Prize. Barratt acknowledges that AI can assist with menial journalistic tasks but warns against using it as a factual source. She stresses the importance of citing sources and the dangers of AI-generated news that lacks credibility, potentially exacerbating the spread of fake news and disinformation.


30 Mar 2023  |  the-media-leader.com
Bianca Barratt discusses the negative press treatment of Meghan Markle, particularly in light of the recent Netflix documentary about her and Prince Harry. She highlights the disparity in media coverage between Meghan and other royals, such as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Barratt criticizes the sensationalism and bias in the press, pointing out that the real beneficiaries of such negative coverage are not the journalists who write the stories but the powerful figures in the media industry, including newspaper bosses like Rupert Murdoch and Lord Rothermere. She questions the ethics of making money from sensationalist and potentially untrue stories about individuals.

Tori Bell, founder of Inclusion Unpacked, explains why start-ups need to prioritize DEI from the beginning

08 Mar 2023  |  forbes.com
Tori Bell, a former Meta employee and founder of Black Women at Facebook, discusses the importance of prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) from the start in businesses. She left Meta due to burnout from managing dual roles and feeling undervalued. Bell's experience in investment banking and teaching DEI through Business Class led her to realize that DEI is often an afterthought for companies. She founded Inclusion Unpacked to educate small businesses and start-ups on building inclusive cultures from the beginning. Bell emphasizes the need for companies to appreciate and leverage the expertise of Black women, pointing out that businesses led by Black women or women of color, like Phenomenal Media and Honest Beauty Co., are setting good examples. She introduces the PACK method as a guide for companies to implement DEI effectively.

Supporting Black Women-Owned Businesses To Build Legacies

01 Feb 2023  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the importance of building a legacy for Black women-owned businesses in the UK, especially during Black History Month. It highlights the challenges these businesses face, including racial and gender discrimination, and the lack of venture capital investment. The article cites a significant racial wealth gap in the US and the need for long-term support for Black female founders. Eight Black female founders offer advice on how to support their businesses, emphasizing the need for listening, education, cheerleading, tangible actions, and creating opportunities. The founders express the desire to build legacies that inspire future generations and contribute to a more inclusive system that supports intersectional feminism.

Now's the time to prepare your mindset for a financially successful year ahead

14 Dec 2022  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the challenges women entrepreneurs face in achieving financial goals due to societal conditioning and subconscious beliefs formed in childhood. Financial mindset coaches Polly Alexandre and Annabella Zeiddar emphasize that women often internalize beliefs that money is harder to come by for them and that they are less deserving of financial success than men. The coaches suggest that reprogramming one's mindset is within one's control and can lead to greater success. Techniques such as forming a new relationship with money, making an inventory of limiting beliefs, forgiving past financial mistakes, and reinforcing positive affirmations are recommended to help women entrepreneurs overcome these barriers and prepare for a financially successful year. The article suggests that changing one's financial mindset can lead to a happier and more fulfilled life overall.

Best face serums for sensitive skin to get your face glowing

13 Dec 2022  |  standard.co.uk
The article discusses the New York-based apothecary-style brand Malin + Goetz, focusing on its approach to product packaging and formulation. It highlights the Replenishing Face Serum, a product designed to provide instant hydration and a soothing, calming effect on the skin. The serum's botanical composition, featuring extracts like lavender, geranium, and chamomile, is mentioned as beneficial for counteracting redness. Additionally, the presence of vitamin E and amino acids in an oil-free texture is noted as making the serum suitable for all skin types, particularly for addressing dryness.

Best neck treatments for a firmer look below the jaw line

21 Nov 2022  |  standard.co.uk
Dr. Uliana Gout, a cosmetic doctor and founder of London Aesthetic Medicine clinic, discusses the unique needs of neck skin care. She points out that the skin on the neck is different from facial skin; it's thinner, has fewer oil follicles, and heals more slowly. Therefore, it requires gentler and more tailored treatments for rejuvenation, de-pigmentation, and exfoliation. Dr. Gout also notes that the neck is more susceptible to wrinkles, particularly horizontal ones, due to muscle contractions when the neck is flexed. The modern phenomenon of 'tech neck' is contributing to increased wrinkling from constant neck flexion.

The Missing Piece in Diversity and Inclusion Work

03 Nov 2022  |  forbes.com
Dr. Akilah Cadet, founder of Change Cadet, discusses the importance of belonging in the context of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. She shares her personal experiences with discrimination and the realization that led her to start her own consulting firm. Change Cadet differentiates itself by focusing on belonging as a key component of DEI, which is often overlooked by companies. Despite the growth of the DEI market, many employees still feel their work environments are not inclusive. Akilah argues that intent versus impact is crucial, and leaders must focus on the actual effects of their DEI efforts. She suggests relying less on diversity days, utilizing accountability partners, and tapping into joy to foster a sense of belonging. Akilah is also working on a book titled 'My Love Language is Dismantling White Supremacy'.

How To Protect Yourself When Discussing Miscarriage With Your Employer

05 Aug 2022  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the lack of workplace support for women who experience miscarriages, highlighting the issue through the lens of the Sky HBO series 'Irma Vep' where Kristen Stewart's character faces this situation. It points out the startling statistic that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and the insufficient legal and workplace provisions in the UK and US for women who suffer from this. Elizabeth King, a fertility health coach, is featured in the article, providing advice on how women can approach their employers about miscarriage, emphasizing the importance of rehearsing the conversation, scheduling a formal meeting, being clear about what they want, providing insight into how the miscarriage might affect their work, and following up with an email to document the discussion. The article sheds light on the emotional and physical challenges women face after a miscarriage and the need for better workplace support and understanding.


24 Jun 2022  |  the-media-leader.com
The article discusses the phenomenon of news fatigue, highlighting a decline in public interest in news consumption. The author reflects on their own journey from disinterest as a teenager to a brief period of enthusiasm for news, which faded due to the overwhelming number of negative stories. Citing the Reuters Digital News report, the author notes a significant drop in news interest and an increase in active news avoidance, particularly in the UK. The article suggests that the media industry's focus on negative stories and opinion-based reporting may contribute to news fatigue. The author argues for a more solutions-based approach to news that includes positive outcomes or actions, which could potentially re-engage the public and counteract the negative impact on mood that often leads to news avoidance.

Le Chameau and Lady Garden Foundation on their successful charity collaboration Le Chameau - Lady Garden Foundation

17 Jun 2022  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the successful collaboration between Le Chameau, a premium boot maker, and the Lady Garden Foundation (LGF), a women's health charity, in creating a limited edition boot to raise awareness and funds for gynecological cancer. It highlights the challenges charities face, such as reduced income due to COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis, and the decreasing tolerance for aggressive fundraising. The article emphasizes the benefits of charity brand partnerships, including shared costs, reaching new audiences, and aligning brands with meaningful missions. It provides insights from LGF co-founders Tamara Beckwith-Veroni and Jenny Halpern-Prince, as well as Le Chameau marketing manager Grace Mulligan, on creating impactful collaborations. The article suggests creating unique products, ensuring genuine passion for the cause, and collaborating with brands that have strong marketing skills as key strategies for successful partnerships.

The best wedding dress shops in London

31 May 2022  |  standard.co.uk
The Wedding Club, established in 2001, specializes in providing a diverse range of wedding attire and has two dedicated stores in London catering to different styles. The Knightsbridge store offers a luxury edit featuring designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Carolina Herrera, and Zuhair Murad, while the South Kensington store presents a collection with a more bohemian flair. The company emphasizes personalized service, allowing customers to have the entire store to themselves during their visit.

How Female Creators Can Encourage More Women To Invest In NFTs

20 May 2022  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the gender disparity in the NFT market, highlighting that women account for only 16% of NFT art creators and 4% of sales. It references the high-profile sale of Beeple's NFT at Christie's and the success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club to illustrate the market's profitability. The article explores the reasons behind the low participation of women, such as 'bro' culture in web3 communities and women's cautious approach to investment. It mentions a survey by The Drum, Luminary, and Perksy, which found that NFT campaigns target men disproportionately. Artist Jodie King and Christie's Director of Education Glen Hardwick Bruce provide insights into how education and creating a safer space for women can increase their involvement. The upcoming opening of The NFT Gallery in London, focusing on accessibility and female investors, is also discussed. The article concludes with Jodie King's advice for female creators to attract more women investors by creating excitement, providing education, ensuring buyers feel seen, and making projects unique.

Media Leaders

22 Feb 2022  |  the-media-leader.com
The article discusses the rise of independent newsletters, particularly during the pandemic, as journalists leave established media brands for more personal and direct engagement with their audience. Platforms like Substack and Mailchimp have seen significant growth, with Substack reaching over one million paid subscribers. The article highlights the benefits of newsletters for journalists, including freedom of expression, direct reader relationships, and potential earnings. It also mentions the success of Reach in expanding its newsletter offerings. However, the article warns of the risks of echo chambers and misinformation. It suggests that traditional media can still thrive by incorporating newsletters into their business models, offering journalists the freedom and financial incentives they seek. The author, Bianca Barratt, is a freelance journalist with experience in various publications and writes for Mediatel News.

Lo Constantinou, founder of Good Copy

11 Feb 2022  |  forbes.com
Lo Constantinou, after facing discrimination and inflexibility at work post-maternity, founded Good Copy, a copywriting service aimed at helping mothers overcome employment challenges. With her background in recruitment and copywriting, Lo assists mothers in crafting effective resumes and cover letters to secure employment. She shares her personal struggle with a rigid system that often forces mothers out of their jobs and highlights the broader issue of workplace discrimination against pregnant women and mothers in the UK. Good Copy also features a Pay It Forward scheme, allowing clients to support other women in need. Lo's advice for resume writing includes creating a compelling personal profile, balancing hard and soft skills, and focusing on the most recent 10 years of employment. She hopes to expand Good Copy to offer more support to women facing similar challenges.

How to break through the fear when making high-stakes decisions

17 Dec 2021  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the challenges leaders face when making high-stakes decisions, particularly under the stress of a pandemic which has increased risk and uncertainty. Bupa Global's Executive Wellbeing Index indicates a rise in decision-making difficulties. Executive coach Simona Spilak, who specializes in helping leaders navigate responsibilities, highlights that fear can lead to poor decision-making. She introduces the 'AIR' technique (Analyze, Involve, Reflect) to aid in the decision-making process. Analyzing involves gathering information and being self-aware, Involving means seeking external perspectives, and Reflecting entails considering all possible scenarios, including negative ones. Spilak's approach aims to reduce anxiety and increase confidence, encouraging leaders to trust themselves and enjoy the learning process inherent in decision-making.

One expert shares new ways for finding and recruiting diverse and underrepresented talent

03 Dec 2021  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the challenges businesses face in recruiting diverse and underrepresented talent despite a growing emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). It highlights the discrepancy between the intention to hire diversely and the actual hiring statistics, which show a continued dominance of straight, white cisgender men in the workforce. Ilit Raz, the founder of Joonko, a Tel Aviv based diverse recruitment company, shares insights on why diverse candidates are hard to recruit and offers strategies to improve the situation. Raz emphasizes the importance of leveraging existing networks, offering better incentives, and rewording job specifications to encourage a broader range of applicants. The article also references studies and reports from McKinsey and an anecdote from Sheryl Sandberg's book to support the discussion on workforce diversity.

How to break the internal glass ceilings that are holding you back in business

22 Oct 2021  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the concept of the 'Glass Ceiling' that Marilyn Loden highlighted in 1978, which refers to invisible barriers preventing women and marginalized groups from advancing in their careers. Despite progress, women remain underrepresented in corporate leadership. The article explores internal glass ceilings, which are self-imposed limitations based on societal stereotypes and past experiences. Paula Allen from LifeWorks and Vanessa Moss, who has coached women and published books on overcoming these barriers, emphasize the importance of mindset in achieving success. The Veuve Clicquot survey shows that women find it harder to become entrepreneurs and are inspired by female role models. Business mentors like Martina Zorc, Natasha Britton, and Annick Bleyen share insights on common issues faced by their clients, such as imposter syndrome and money blocks. The article suggests getting clear on goals, identifying past patterns, and seeking support to break through these internal glass ceilings.

Why the Pull-Out Method Is Not a Reliable Form of Contraception

28 Sep 2021  |  cosmopolitan.com
The article discusses the unreliability of the withdrawal method as a form of contraception, despite its portrayal in popular media such as Netflix's 'Sex Education'. It highlights the increase in women worldwide relying on this method and the mixed messages regarding its effectiveness, with some sources claiming an 80% success rate while others report lower figures. The article addresses misconceptions about pre-cum and the psychological tendencies that lead to the method's continued use. It also touches on the distrust of hormonal contraception and the decline in popularity of barrier methods, while acknowledging the rise of cycle tracking apps. The article concludes with advice against the pull-out method, emphasizing the importance of safety in sexual activity and mentioning advancements in contraceptive options, including non-hormonal methods and ongoing research into male birth control.

How PR Can Help Drive Diversity In The Media

23 Sep 2021  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the role of public relations (PR) in promoting diversity within the media industry. It highlights the efforts of PR for the People, an affordable and inclusive virtual subscription PR brand founded by Lucy Sambrook and Toya Satnarine, to make media coverage more accessible to diverse groups. The article references Meghan Markle's comments on racism in the British press and the lack of diversity in journalism and PR, citing statistics from the National Council for the Training of Journalists and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. It suggests that PR has the potential to influence media diversity by providing a platform for underrepresented voices. The article also includes insights from Jade Hoskins, a subscriber to PR for the People's service and co-owner of Zodiac Bar, on the importance of diverse representation in the media. The piece calls for journalists to source comments from a wider range of voices and for audiences to support media featuring diverse talent.

Fine artist Jessica Hughes shares the therapeutic art techniques that'll help you de-stress and encourage a creative mindset

03 Jun 2021  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the benefits of therapeutic art techniques as a means to manage stress and encourage creativity, particularly for working women. Jessica Hughes, an abstract expressionist artist and creativity expert, shares her insights on how art can serve as a tool for mental health and work performance. Hughes, who has over twenty years of experience in the art world, offers art classes to patients in children's hospitals and helps entrepreneurs unlock their creativity. She emphasizes the importance of self-care and describes art as an active mindfulness practice. The article also presents two specific art techniques that Hughes recommends for reducing stress and fostering a creative mindset: combining music, words, and paint, and bilateral doodling. These practices are not only therapeutic but also enhance adaptability, resilience, and confidence, which can lead to innovation and improved work performance.

Leading British abstract resin artist Nat Bowen shares how she became a disruptor in an elitist industry

17 May 2021  |  forbes.com
Nat Bowen, a British abstract resin artist, describes the art world as elitist and inaccessible, particularly for those outside the 'affluent, upper-class, white male' demographic. Despite not having formal art training or connections, Bowen, a self-taught artist, broke into the industry by leveraging her background in fashion and property development. She created large-scale artworks for a show home, which led to exposure, a following, and direct sales to collectors. Bowen emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy, social media, and a strong brand identity for artists, especially women, to succeed independently. Her approach challenges traditional industry norms and highlights the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for modern artists. Bowen's latest show, 'Chromadelic,' is set to open at 45 Park Lane, London.

How To Break Down The Barriers Young Women Still Face In STEM

04 May 2021  |  forbes.com
Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon, MBE, co-founder of STEMettes, discusses the persistent barriers young women and non-binary individuals face in pursuing STEM careers. Despite interest, gender inequality and misconceptions about STEM fields deter many. The pandemic has exacerbated these issues, with 60% of female STEM students feeling their career prospects are affected. STEMettes, having reached over 45,000 young people, advocates for diversity and inclusion in STEM. Anne-Marie emphasizes the importance of exposure to diverse role models, correcting misconceptions about STEM careers, and building networks to provide opportunities and motivation for young women. She suggests that parents, educators, and STEM professionals can help by exposing youth to a variety of role models, offering mentorship, and creating opportunities for engagement with STEM fields.

Self Publishing: A Lucrative Opportunity For Female Founders

16 Mar 2021  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the benefits of self-publishing for female founders, highlighting the control and financial rewards it can offer. It points out the gender disparities in the traditional publishing industry, with women receiving fewer literary prizes and facing biases. Self-publishing expert Rikke Hundal is featured, explaining how self-publishing can be a marketing tool and income stream. The article includes testimonials from female authors who have seen positive impacts on their businesses after publishing their books. Joanna Penn, an author and advisor on self-publishing, suggests treating outsourced services as investments and integrating book marketing into existing business strategies. The article encourages female founders to view books as tools for business growth rather than just rewards for past achievements.

How Collaboration Can Strengthen Your Business: Insights from LIT Method's Cofounders

08 Mar 2021  |  forbes.com
Taylor and Justin Norris, cofounders of LIT Method, have developed a low-impact fitness training program that has gained popularity, especially during the pandemic. Despite initial skepticism due to the high-impact trend of workouts like CrossFit, the LIT Method has proven effective for fat loss and muscle building. The couple's collaboration and complementary skills have been key to their success, allowing them to expand their business from personal training to opening a studio and launching a LIT Strength Machine. They emphasize the importance of collaboration in business, which has helped them grow a global community and offer on-demand classes. Their story illustrates how understanding and leveraging each other's strengths can lead to a successful and scalable business model.

Dr. Martina Zorc shares her wisdom on defining a great idea and becoming a trailblazer in an untapped market

11 Feb 2021  |  forbes.com
The article features Dr. Martina Zorc, a lawyer with a Ph.D. in International Space Law, who has founded two businesses: Zorc Global and Zorc Space. Zorc Global helps entrepreneurs and organizations incorporate disruptive growth strategies, such as starting their own TV channel on platforms like Amazon Fire or ROKU. Zorc Space offers consultation for businesses entering space commerce. The article discusses the challenges and rewards of being a trailblazer in untapped markets. Dr. Zorc emphasizes the importance of understanding the market, meeting a burning need, innovating, and having a realistic plan for execution. She guides her clients through a process to discern good ideas from bad ones, encouraging them to tap into their creativity and not be deterred by the fear of isolation or mockery. The article also touches on consumer behavior, with a focus on the value alignment between businesses and consumers.

Mentor Sarah Butler explains why an inspired leadership style is the only one that will cut it in a post-pandemic world.

27 Jan 2021  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the importance of inspired leadership in the post-pandemic world, where remote work has become more prevalent. Sarah Butler, a consultant and coach for creatives, emphasizes that inspired leadership must come from within and is about being the best version of oneself. She shares her personal journey of overcoming addiction and financial struggle to become a successful leader and coach. Butler's approach involves combining analytical thinking with creativity and self-realization to make business decisions. She has coached many creatives to adopt this leadership style, which she believes is essential for businesses to connect with their employees and consumers in a meaningful way. The article also touches on the shift in consumer expectations towards brands that demonstrate relatability, sincerity, and accountability.

This Business Troubleshooter Shares The Questions All CEOs Should Be Asking Themselves In 2021

19 Jan 2021  |  forbes.com
Avril Millar, known as the 'CEO's CEO' and founder of Board Resource, views 2021 as an opportunity for CEOs to reassess and adapt their businesses in response to the pandemic. She emphasizes the importance of CEOs reevaluating their company's purpose, as highlighted by a KPMG report, and considering whether their current business model still aligns with their passion and the market's needs. Millar, with her extensive background in various sectors, advises leaders to be open to change, understand their financials, and focus on customer needs. She also discusses the tough decisions regarding staffing, suggesting that letting go of underperforming employees can ultimately benefit the business. Millar's Board Resource provides a network of expertise to assist CEOs with challenges brought on by the pandemic. She encourages leaders to use this time to make strategic changes under the cover of the pandemic, which can serve as a catalyst for necessary pivots.

Starting A Business? This Ph.D. Turned Entrepreneur Shares Her Top 5 Tips On Building Brand Authority In A New Field

08 Jan 2021  |  forbes.com
Dr. Izdihar Jamil, a Ph.D. in Computer Science, transitioned from academia to becoming a brand authority consultant. She faced challenges in being taken seriously, particularly as a Muslim woman with a head covering. Dr. Jamil emphasizes the importance of building trust, consistent marketing, personal connection, leveraging multimedia, and avoiding the trap of perfectionism in establishing brand authority. She shares five key pillars for business owners to develop brand authority, highlighting the role of trust in consumer decisions and the impact of consistent visibility and media presence. Dr. Jamil's approach is about starting before feeling fully ready and focusing on authenticity and adaptability.

I'm in my 30s & Single... and no, not 'too picky'!

18 Dec 2020  |  refinery29.com
The article discusses the societal pressure on single women in their 30s to lower their dating standards and settle down. It criticizes the label 'too picky' as a form of gaslighting and encourages women to stay true to their standards. Personal stories from various women, including a model, actress, and therapist, illustrate the negative impact of this pressure. The article also touches on the difference between settling out of fear and compromising out of generosity, and the pitfalls of dating based on appearance alone. It concludes by emphasizing the importance of not compromising one's happiness and peace of mind for a partner who does not meet one's standards.

Meet Sonia Ovenden: The leader helping you reprogram your guilt and fear mindset to achieve the life you dare to dream

03 Dec 2020  |  forbes.com
The article features Sonia Ovenden, founder of Discover the Beauty of You Ltd, who is a Transformational Life Coach helping individuals, particularly women, overcome feelings of guilt, shame, and fear to achieve their dream lives. Sonia shares her personal journey from a high-paying corporate job to becoming a life coach after a breast cancer scare prompted her to reevaluate her life. She discusses the societal programming that leads women to feel selfish for pursuing their dreams and offers advice on how to reprogram the subconscious mind to eliminate limiting beliefs. Sonia provides actionable steps for readers to start dreaming again, examine their beliefs, reframe their mindset, be specific about their dreams, and embrace fear as part of the growth process. She encourages readers to take small, consistent actions towards their dreams and asserts that everyone is worthy of pursuing their dreams.

Powering up your mental health before it powers you down.

16 Nov 2020  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the importance of proactive mental health management, especially for working women who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Harry Mansfield, the founder of The Awareness Key, emphasizes the need for mental resilience and offers practical tips for maintaining mental strength. These tips include doing daily mental health check-ins, practicing gratitude, becoming aware of breathing, using touch to calm the mind, and making a worry list to differentiate between controllable and uncontrollable concerns. Mansfield advocates for the normalization of mental health care and encourages individuals to take action to strengthen their mental health akin to physical fitness.

Emma hybrid mattress review 2020

08 Oct 2020  |  standard.co.uk
The article discusses the features of the Hybrid mattress, emphasizing its multi-layered design aimed at addressing common sleep issues. It consists of three types of high-quality foams: a bottom layer of HRX foam for spinal support, a middle layer of memory foam for even pressure distribution, and a top layer of Aigocell foam for moisture absorption and increased airflow. Additionally, it includes a layer of pocket springs for enhanced support and circulation, particularly beneficial during warmer nights. The mattress also features a washable polyester cover for added convenience.

Best wrist and ankle weights to boost your workout

07 Sep 2020  |  standard.co.uk
The article discusses the considerations to keep in mind when selecting weights for exercise. It highlights the importance of the material, with neoprene being recommended for less chafing and canvas for breathability and durability. The article also emphasizes the importance of the fastening style to ensure the weights fit snugly against the skin without causing rubbing or drag. Additionally, it advises on choosing the appropriate weight to avoid muscle overextension, suggesting lighter weights for activities like running to prevent fatigue without overburdening the muscles.

What you can do to combat microaggressive behaviour towards your Black female colleagues today

14 Jul 2020  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the prevalence of microaggressive behavior towards Black female colleagues in the workplace and offers advice on how to combat it. It highlights the subtle nature of microaggressions and their roots in the 'Myth of Black Inferiority.' Dr. Gail Thompson and Dr. Louque's study reveals that a significant number of university faculty members have experienced microaggressions. The article suggests calling out microaggressions, listening to concerns, doing personal growth work, letting go of brand protectionism, and reevaluating company structures to promote diversity. It emphasizes the importance of ongoing efforts rather than one-time gestures to create a truly inclusive environment for Black women. The article features insights from professionals like Lucy Kallin of Noventure and Tina Charisma of Charisma Campaign, as well as recommendations for educational resources on the topic.

The Subtle Yet Damaging Racial-Gender Microaggressions Black Women Face At Work

19 Jun 2020  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the racial-gender microaggressions that Black women face in the workplace, highlighting the dual discrimination they experience due to their race and gender. It points out that these microaggressions are often subtle, making them difficult to address and leaving the victims feeling undermined. The article emphasizes the role of white women in perpetuating this discrimination, even if unintentionally, and calls for a collective responsibility to support Black female colleagues. It features insights from professionals like Bonita Darkoh, Robin DiAngelo, Brenda Gabriel, Gabrielle Ashanti, Iphie Mottoh, Rochelle Newman, Marilyn Devonish, and Dr. Abigail Takyi, who share their experiences and the need for systemic change. The article also marks Juneteenth and suggests supporting Black women educators by engaging with their work to learn more about combating these issues.

Alexandra Wood, one of Savile Row's first female tailors, shares her advice on finding success in a male dominated industry

28 May 2020  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by women in male-dominated industries, with a focus on the fashion industry and the experiences of Alexandra Wood, one of Savile Row's first female tailors. It highlights the gender discrimination women encounter, such as sexual harassment and being held to different behavioral standards. The article cites a study revealing that only 14% of major brands are run by women and discusses the lack of gender equality in the fashion industry. Alexandra Wood shares her journey of overcoming gender barriers by standing by her convictions, understanding her unique value, and focusing on customer feedback. Her success story is used to illustrate the importance of perseverance and self-belief for women in business. The article also references reports by Catalyst and McKinsey on coping mechanisms for women and the benefits of gender diversity in companies.

Best walking sandals for women: the comfortable styles to wear in 2020

25 Apr 2020  |  standard.co.uk
The article reviews a pair of sandals from Sketchers, highlighting their style and practicality for light summer activities such as daytime strolls. The sandals feature a synthetic upper made from durasuede for durability, a rubber sole, and a memory foam footbed for comfort. The straps include elastic for better movement. However, the article notes a potential downside: the lugs on the sandals are not very deep, which might lead to quicker wear and reduced grip on wet surfaces over time.

Nikki and Leah (founders of UK organic period product brand ohne) are on a philanthropic mission

25 Apr 2020  |  forbes.com
Nikki Michelsen and Leah Remfry-Peploe, founders of the UK organic period product brand ohne, have initiated a philanthropic campaign to provide free organic period products to NHS healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were motivated by the difficulties these workers faced in accessing such products after long shifts. The UN and World Economic Forum have highlighted the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on women, particularly in healthcare roles. ohne has partnered with several other startups to increase the reach and impact of their donation campaign, aiming to send out 50,000 products to NHS wards. The article emphasizes the importance of female leadership and representation, especially in times of crisis, and provides contact information for NHS staff to request donations.

Nicole Junkermann On How To Survive 2020: Advice For Young Businesses

24 Apr 2020  |  forbes.com
Nicole Junkermann, founder of NJF Holdings, provides insights on how businesses, particularly those led by women, can survive the economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. She emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision, being open to collaboration, and maintaining practicality in business operations. Junkermann highlights the need for businesses to adapt and be flexible, protect their balance sheets, and focus on liquidity. She also discusses the qualities that make young businesses attractive to investors, such as having a bold vision and the ability to execute it. The article also touches on the underrepresentation of female-led businesses in venture capital investment and the potential tightening of investor funding in the future.

Five successful businesswomen share their wisdom on selling online

10 Apr 2020  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the impact of the global crisis on marketing, e-commerce, and advertising, highlighting the challenges businesses face, such as reduced demand and campaign delays. Despite the tough environment, certain industries like digital learning are thriving, with Pearson reporting a significant increase in activity. The piece features insights from five successful digital businesswomen who share their wisdom on starting and running an online business. They emphasize the importance of clear communication, market research, finding a niche, and building a scalable business model. The women also stress the value of visibility, sharing personal stories, and seeking mentorship for success. The article suggests that even in a crisis, there are opportunities for those with the right skillset and approach to selling online.

New research highlights the need for unconscious bias training in the workplace

09 Mar 2020  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the persistent gender pay gap in the EU and the UK, highlighting research from the European Parliament and Instant Offices that shows a significant disparity in pay and the challenges women face in asking for raises. It argues that low paying sectors have more women, leading to a higher risk of poverty in old age for women. The article criticizes the approach of placing the responsibility on women to ask for pay rises and suggests that unconscious bias in the workplace is a significant barrier to achieving gender equality. It advocates for compulsory unconscious bias training in the workplace to address these biases and improve conditions for marginalized groups, including non-white women.

Nikki and Leah, founders of ohne, seek to redefine the femtech space in a way that works for women.

20 Feb 2020  |  forbes.com
Nikki Michelsen and Leah Remry-Peploe, founders of the organic period product brand ohne, are entering their second round of investment pitching with a focus on advancing femtech. ohne aims to offer hyper-personalized cycle tracking, shopping, and community-building solutions. Despite the growth of femtech, with $800m invested in 2019, female-led startups still received only 3% of global investment funding. ohne has seen significant growth since its launch in February 2018, with a 30% month-on-month growth and a 200% revenue increase. The brand plans to integrate technology into its platform to become a one-stop destination for menstrual cycle-related wellness. The article also touches on the broader issues of period poverty, the tampon tax, and the need for more female-led products and services in the femtech industry.

Vanessa Ogden Moss urges women to take their financial security into their own hands

10 Jan 2020  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the importance of women taking control of their financial security through digital businesses, as highlighted by digital business owner Vanessa Ogden Moss. With the instability of traditional employment, exacerbated by events like the 2008 financial crash and Brexit, Vanessa transitioned from an offline business to an e-learning business to avoid burnout and provide for her family after personal tragedy. The e-learning market is booming, and Vanessa teaches other women to create and sell digital products. She emphasizes the importance of having a financial safety net outside of traditional employment, especially in a world where job security is no longer guaranteed. The article encourages women to leverage their knowledge and skills to create their own income streams and secure their futures.

Best ski jackets for women

09 Dec 2019  |  standard.co.uk
The article reviews a ski jacket by Tog24, highlighting its premium features. The jacket comes in two colors: rose pink and dark indigo. It is designed with waterproof and breathable fabric, a quilted thermal filling, and zip openings under the arms for ventilation. The jacket includes multiple pockets, with the front ones featuring magnetic closures for easy glove access, and a phone pocket with a headphone exit slot.

Sapphire Bates, founder of The Coven, shares her advice for pulling off a successful launch

19 Nov 2019  |  forbes.com
Sapphire Bates, the founder of The Coven, a digital networking community for self-employed women, shares her insights on executing successful product launches. Despite the high failure rate of new product launches, as indicated by McKinsey research, The Coven attracted 250 paying members on its first day in June 2019. Now, the community boasts over 950 members with 2,300 on the waitlist. Bates emphasizes the importance of a business plan, understanding and refining the target market, knowing where to find the target audience, engaging with meaningful messages rather than hard selling, and the necessity of talking about the product frequently. She also highlights the need for strategic thinking and the willingness to start before feeling fully ready. The Coven plans to expand, including launching an Australasia branch.

FTSE Companies Making Progress on Gender Balance, But FTSE 350 Falls Short

13 Nov 2019  |  forbes.com
The Hampton-Alexander Review has published its latest findings, revealing that British companies are making strides towards gender balance in leadership roles, with the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 nearing their 2020 targets. However, the FTSE 350 is lagging, with only 30.6% of board positions held by women, compared to the 33% target. The Review was established to increase female representation in leadership positions within FTSE 350 companies. Denise Wilson, CEO of the Review, notes that while there are over 900 women on FTSE 350 boards, few have been appointed to top roles like Chair or CEO. Chris Cummings, CEO of the Investment Association, emphasizes the importance of diversity for business success and urges companies to extend their efforts beyond boards to senior executive roles.

Menopause is causing women to quit their jobs at alarming rates

18 Oct 2019  |  forbes.com
The article highlights the significant impact of menopause on women in the workplace, emphasizing the lack of support and understanding from employers. It reveals that only 25% of organizations offer support for menopausal symptoms, which affects job performance and leads to women feeling unable to discuss their issues with HR. Personal accounts from Jane Hallam, who founded a clothing brand after leaving her job due to menopausal symptoms, and Marie Teevan, who left her corporate position at Virgin, illustrate the challenges faced. The article also introduces Becks Armstrong, founder of the Clarity app, who advises on recognizing a wide range of menopausal symptoms and suggests workplace adjustments to support affected employees. The piece calls for employers to educate themselves and implement policies to retain and support their menopausal employees.

The number of female breadwinners is on the rise

24 Sep 2019  |  forbes.com
The article discusses the rise of female breadwinners and the societal attitudes towards this trend. Despite the increase in women being the primary or sole earners in their families, there is still a negative narrative and gender stereotypes that suggest relationship issues and a 'happiness penalty' for women out-earning their partners. The article highlights the need for a shift in conversation and attitudes, emphasizing the empowerment and positive aspects of women's financial independence. It includes advice from female breadwinners and experts, such as Vanessa Ogden Moss and Michelle Shulman, on how to navigate and celebrate this role. The article also references data on women's participation in the workforce and higher education, suggesting a promising future for women's financial equality.

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Business Women: Keys to Thriving in the First 100 Days of Executive Leadership

30 Nov 1  |  forbesargentina.com
Over 10% of Fortune 500 companies are now led by women, a milestone for 2023, but women CEOs face higher dismissal rates and shorter tenures than their male counterparts. The Push-out Scoring System by Exechange reveals that women CEOs are more likely to be forced out, with a recent average score of 6.5 compared to 6.1 for men. Unconscious biases and stereotypes contribute to this disparity, leading to increased scrutiny and pressure from shareholders. Libby Vincent, founder of Hodology, advises new women CEOs on how to navigate their first 100 days, emphasizing personal branding, networking strategy, feedback channels, setting flexible boundaries, and managing time and energy effectively. Vincent's approach aims to empower women leaders to thrive and become enduring beacons of inspiration in reshaping leadership narratives.

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