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Bikeke Saimon

Kasese, Uganda
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About Bikeke
Bikeke Saimon is a dedicated journalist and founder of the Umbrella for Journalists in Kasese, an organization committed to promoting media excellence in the Rwenzori sub-region of Uganda. With a passion for investigative and environmental journalism, human rights, and accountability, Saimon has made significant contributions to various media outlets, including Kasese Guide Radio, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Ngeya FM, State News Publication, The Sunrise Newspaper, and Uganda Radio Network. His reporting often tackles critical social issues, such as the severe water contamination in the Nyamwamba valley due to waste from the Kilembe mines, and the social challenges like rampant alcoholism in Mahango sub-county, which lead to school dropouts and child marriages.

Saimon's commitment to his craft and his community has earned him recognition as one of the 100 Most Positively Inspiring African Youths (100 MPIAY) in 2017, an award that underscores his positive impact through journalism. In 2022, he was selected as an Accountapreneur fellow by Accountability Lab Cohort, further highlighting his dedication to fostering transparency and accountability. As an Independent Member of the Institute of Community Reporters at People's Voice Media, Saimon continues to use his platform to call for government intervention and educational efforts to address the pressing issues facing his community.

Through his investigative work, Saimon not only raises awareness but also drives change in public health and economic development within Kasese District. His articles serve as a catalyst for action, urging both local and national authorities to engage in meaningful dialogue and implement solutions to improve the lives of the people in the region. Saimon's journalism is a testament to the power of media in effecting social change and advocating for the well-being of communities.
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A source at Kasese Police Station who preffered anonymity said that Dennis Alutu, the police officer has been defiling the girl since September last year. The source further said that Alutu was last month arrested and released on police bond.

Ezekiel Osipus is accused of swindling 1.1 million which was part of the 6. 5 million shillings meant to benefit Kigoro Youth Bodaboda Group under the Youth Livelihood Program.

Contaminated Water in Kasese Poses Health Risks to Communities

03 Jan 2023  |  ujk-ug.org
The article discusses the severe water contamination in the Nyamwamba valley, home to the Kilembe mines industry in Kasese District, Uganda. The local river, a vital water source for the community and the Mubuki irrigation scheme, is suspected to be polluted with heavy metals like copper and cobalt. This contamination, evident from the water's strange color and odor, is believed to be due to mineral deposits and waste eroded into the river from the mines, especially after heavy floods in 2020. The consumption of contaminated water and food grown in the area poses serious health risks, including cancer and gastrointestinal issues. Kasese has already seen a high number of cancer cases, and a local nurse warns of a potential increase by 2025. A survey by Makerere University students found that many locals rely on this contaminated water source. Environmental specialists and local officials acknowledge the problem and call for government intervention to provide clean water and protect the river from further contamination.

People lives hand to mouth life

03 Jan 2023  |  communityreporter.net
The article paints a contrasting picture of the Mahango sub-county in Kasese, Uganda, highlighting the natural beauty of the mountains and the stark poverty of its inhabitants. It focuses on the issue of rampant alcoholism in the trading centre of Kabwarara, where cheap alcohol is causing social decay. The story of 17-year-old Grace Biira is used to illustrate the consequences of this issue, including school dropouts and child marriages. The article references a UNICEF report on the impact of child marriages and the 2014 Housing and Population Census of Uganda to discuss the broader implications on education and economic development. It concludes with a call for more education on teenage pregnancies and parental responsibility to protect young girls.

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