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Bill Titi

Bill Titi is a journalist based in Yaounde, Cameroon. He is  an expert in investigative reporting and has a huge experience in broadcast and print Journalism.After writiing for some local Newspapers upon graduation from University, he  was recruited to work with the Cameroon Radio Television Corporation, a state owned media for Twelve years. His mastery of the job and high sense of professionalism earned him an offer  at the Cameroon Anti- Corruption Commission where he currently serves as Communication/Investigation officer. He is a seasoned reporter and has integrated web journalism through his blog "Follow Bill Titi" and many other plate-forms.

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An investigative report on the practice of corruption and its related offenses at the Mekong Weigh station in the locality of Akonolinga situated some 40km from Cameroon's Capital City Yaounde, perpetrated by officials from the Ministry of Transport.



Radio news report on the celebration of the Muslim feast of the Ram in Ngaoundere a locality in Cameroon.

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