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Blair Bigham

Blair is a multimedia freelance journalist and emergency room doctor based in San Francisco, California and Toronto, Canada.  He received his journalism training at the Munk School of Global Affairs and his research training at the Institute for Medical Sciences, both at U of Toronto. 

Blair has extensive travel experience throughout Canada and the world, having visited 100 countries.  He has delivered health care on five continents and transported patients on helicopters, boats, and vehicles that could generously be described as pick-up trucks.  In the past he worked as a paramedic, scientist and educator, and frequently speaks at conferences around the globe.

He reports on social, political and biological influences on health and wellness.


CBC The National: A mother shares the story of her son, who died in jail of a fentanyl overdose. As inmate deaths rise, experts are questioning if Ontario's jails are doing enough to treat those with drug addictions.



CBC RADIO - After a teenager developed a collapsed lung while screaming at a One Direction concert, CBC asks: Can you literally scream your lungs out?



CBC RADIO - The World This Weekend - Powerful new narcotic drugs are killing hundreds of people in Vancouver.

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