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Brieuc Debontridder

Photographer and media producer and social impact management specialist, I have lived and worked in central and west Africa for 7 years. Throughout my photo and audiovisual work, I tend to question stereotypes and highlight initiatives that place human and nature at the core of their approach.

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This is a short video made for Bybyekar to promote cycling in town.


This is a project I produced in Brooklyn while attending the Photography and Human Rights program at NYU in 2015. The story was built around a neighborhood's garden that served as a place for people to meet, escape from the outside world, admire arts, collect information on their rights against expropriation, grow food, attend concerts and many more things worth entering this little world. The story intends to give another insight on gentrification by highlighting the work of a few to safeguard the community's values, the neighbourdhood's spirit and the people's rights.

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