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Brindusa Nastasa

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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About Brindusa
Documentary filmmaker, multimedia-journalist, storytelling consultant and video editor based in Rotterdam, co-founder of Springroll Media - a collective of female media professionals helping organisations and NGOs in their social impact mission. Clients include: Humanity in Action, Plan International UK, UN WOMEN, UNOCT, European Schoolnet, Africa Europe Foundation Women's Leaders Network, RREUSE, Council of Europe, Euclid Network, EVPA, Goethe Foundation, AWID, etc. Her work has been published by De Correspondent, Der Spiegel, CGTN, CCTV, TV Brasil, ZDF, Initium Media, The Ferret, etc.
English Dutch Romanian
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In Mumbai, a woman in a burqa waxes bare legs

07 May 2018  |  decorrespondent.nl
The article compares nationalist and populist leaders like Donald Trump, Viktor Orbán, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Narendra Modi, focusing on Modi's India. It highlights the shift from the Congress Party to Modi's Indian People's Party, which has been implementing a hardline Hindu nationalist agenda, marginalizing Muslims and other minorities. The story of Razia, a Muslim woman from the countryside working in Mumbai, is used to illustrate the absurdity of such divisive politics. Razia, who waxes Hindu women and tourists while wearing a burqa, faces daily intimidation. The article also mentions a film titled 'Mumbai Bikini Wax' by director Annabella Stieren, which portrays Razia's life intimately.

In Turkey 2.9m Syrians face an uncertain future

05 Jun 2016  |  theferret.scot
In Turkey, 2.9 million Syrian refugees face a precarious existence, with many struggling to find work, housing, and a sense of stability. The Turkish government's classification of Syrians as 'guests' rather than refugees limits their access to services and rights. Despite some being highly skilled, Syrians often work in low-paying jobs, and children are unable to attend Turkish schools due to language barriers and curriculum differences. The EU-Turkey deal, which aims to manage the flow of refugees into Europe, has been criticized by various organizations for contravening international law. The deal's effectiveness and the fair treatment of refugees remain contentious issues, with the Turkish economy unable to fully integrate the refugee population and the EU grappling with the challenges of resettlement.

Revealed: Fourfold rise as 95,000 unaccompanied children claim asylum in Europe in 2015

10 Apr 2016  |  www.thebureauinvestigates.com
In 2015, at least 95,000 unaccompanied children sought asylum in Europe, a significant increase from 23,572 in 2014. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism's research highlighted inconsistencies in treatment across countries and controversial age assessment methods. Sweden registered the highest number of applications, with a notable number of Afghan minors. The UK's asylum success rate for minors was 23%. The EU has guidelines for handling unaccompanied minors, but implementation varies by country. Age assessments, including controversial medical examinations, are used to verify minors' claims, with some countries relying on interviews and others on x-rays or physical examinations.

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