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Seoul, South Korea

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English to Africa Service, Voice of America France 24 FM4 / Osterreichischer Rundfunk CBS News Radio

Bruce Harrison

Bruce Harrison is a freelance journalist living in Seoul, South Korea. 

He has filed stories about the Koreas from politics to security to sports for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Voice of America, Rivet Radio and others. 

Bruce spent three years as a copy-editor and anchor at KBS World Radio in Seoul. He also spent time on camera at Korea's Arirang TV as the host of "Around the World" during the network's flagship news program "News Center."

In the United States, Bruce was a staff reporter at CBS affiliate the Voice of Kansas, 580 WIBW, and the Kansas Information Network.



South Korean Video Game Raises Awareness of Government Surveillance


Sewol Salvage Still Delayed in South Korea



CBC's The World This Weekend: South Korea is preparing for its Olympic hockey debut on home turf at the 2018 Winter Games. And it's looking to Canadians to bolster its competitive edge on the ice. Bruce Harrison has that story from Seoul. Thanks to Steven Wills, of



LGBTQ rights supporters protest Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback in Topeka.


A video has surfaced online and appears to show a missing Japanese journalist believed to have been captured by an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria. Bruce Harrison joins me live in the studio with more.



Who gets to write history? A decision to publish a single history textbook for students with a government-sponsored message has sparked a debate over education and democracy in South Korea.



Family Reunions. South Korean Kim Woo-jong prepares to meet his North Korean sister for the first time in 65 years. The two Koreas agreed to hold reunions in late October for war-separated families.


Bakeries spread in Seoul Capital Area as on-the-go urbanites look for more food convenience



Defiant North Korea. Pyongyang launches two ballistic missiles in the face of harsher sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The launch also comes a day after Washington imposed more sanctions against Pyongyang to further curb its nuclear weapons and missile programs.



Man vs. Machine. Google DeepMind's AlphaGo computer program challenges Korean grand master Lee Sedol in the ancient Chinese game of Go. Bruce Harrison covers the event downtown Seoul.


A package I wrote and voiced for Arirang News Center about the fatal terrorist attacks in Brussels.

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