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Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Bruno Mazzoco

Bruno Mazzoco is a journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

I’m a journalist with a broad experience in the Brazilian market. During my
professional carreer I've worked as press agent, video journalist and reporter as
well. I've worked in video producer offices and also on a local tv channel as video
journalist, producer and editor. I’ve worked for four year as reporter, blog
editor and video journalist in a magazine focused in education, one of the biggest publications covering education in the world. Now I'm focusing in mini documentary production and nonfiction writing.

In my previous professional ride I could develop strentgh skills in video making,
writting, editing and interviewing. Now my main interest is in taking part in
projects that deal with journalistic information and entertainment in different
platforms. So, I’d love to send you good stories from São Paulo and other places in Brazil and even South America.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Feature Story about a girl who passed almost her entire adolescence in institutions for juvenile offenders which are recognized for their dramatic failure in helping the youth to be integrated in society. This article was published in Nova Escola magazine, a major publication focused in education in Brazil.


Feature story about the experience of people who have adopted the polyphasic sleep, a technique that purposes the substitution of the 8 daily sleeping hours for some short naps during the day. The article explains how the technique works and its consequences for the health. It was published at Galileu magazine, a publication focused in Science.


This is a short video that I made for the release of Jeduca, an association of journalists specialized in education.

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