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Bruno Torquato

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
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About Bruno
Bruno Torquato is a journalist based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

I'm a member of the Lena Santos Collective of Black Journalists. I have extensive experience in corporate communications and journalism, having worked in Press, Internal Communications, Content Production, and Press Relations for medium and large-sized companies. I have previous experience as a political reporter at O TEMPO and as a Communications Executive at CDN Communications. In addition, I worked at Rádio Band News FM in Belo Horizonte, BH Press Communications, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (currently Stellantis), where I was outsourced by Approach Communications, where I worked in corporate communication for media relations focused on sustainability and institutional areas. In the group, I also worked on the content production of two major exhibitions at Casa Fiat de Cultura.

As a freelancer, I worked as a reporter for CBC News TV in Canada and Telearuba TV in the Caribbean, with live entries in English in both cases. Currently, I am part of the UOL freelancers reporters network and have already published content in Estadão, Folha de S. Paulo, and CNN Brasil.
English Portuguese
Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering Feature Stories
Business Finance Politics

Cell phone data from Bolsonaro may be used in other inquiries, lawyers say

16 Mar 2024  |  CNN Brasil
Cell phone data seized from former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro during a Federal Police operation investigating Covid-19 vaccination card fraud may be used in other inquiries. Legal experts explain the concepts of 'borrowed evidence' and 'fortuitous finding of evidence,' which allow for evidence to be used across different investigations. Bolsonaro's defense, along with his party's president, Valdemar Costa Neto, assert his integrity and question the operation's legality. Bolsonaro himself denies any wrongdoing regarding his vaccination status.

Bolsonaro arrives in Uberlândia and participates in motorcycle rally and March for Jesus

01 Oct 2023  |  www.otempo.com.br
President Jair Bolsonaro arrived in Uberlândia, participating in a motorcycle rally and the 28th March for Jesus. He was welcomed by allies including state deputy Bruno Engler and Belo Horizonte councilor Nikolas Ferreira. The event, expected to draw five thousand people, saw the absence of Senator Carlos Viana and federal deputy Greyce Elias due to prior commitments.

Alexandre Silveira is the politician who spent the most on internet advertising

01 Oct 2023  |  www.otempo.com.br
Alexandre Silveira, a pre-candidate for re-election to the Senate, ranks fifth in Brazil for spending on Meta's advertising platforms over the past week, with expenditures exceeding R$ 44,000. The article highlights the increasing trend of politicians investing in digital communication to gain popularity on social media, which could translate into votes. Silveira's significant engagement came from a sponsored post supporting a national minimum wage for nursing professionals. The article also discusses the rules set by the Tribunal Superior Eleitoral for paid political advertisements and lists the top ten spenders on social media advertising in the last seven days.

Daniel Silveira, anistiado por Bolsonaro, vai a Juiz de Fora

15 Sep 2023  |  www.otempo.com.br
Federal Deputy Daniel Silveira, recently pardoned by President Jair Bolsonaro after being sentenced to prison by the Superior Tribunal Federal in the 'fake news' inquiry, will visit Juiz de Fora with Bolsonaro. Silveira, known for tearing a plaque with the name of murdered councilwoman Marielle Franco during the 2018 election campaign, will be accompanied by other deputies, including Charlles Evangelista. The report attempted to contact Silveira's office for comments but received no response.

Eviction action of 25 families will be addressed in a public hearing

12 Sep 2023  |  www.otempo.com.br
The Extraordinary Commission on Privatizations of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG) will discuss an eviction action involving 25 families living on land in the Teófilo Otoni region, previously owned by MinasCaixa. The discussion, requested by Commission President Deputy Coronel Sandro, will address the current owner's repossession action despite the families' prior possession of the properties. Participants include local community representatives and a legal consultant from the Fundação Israel Pinheiro. The hearing will also involve representatives from the State Secretariat for Economic Development and Minas Gerais Participações S.A. MinasCaixa was dissolved during the 1990s privatization of state banks in Minas Gerais.

Bolsonaro praises Zema, but says Viana has a proposal to do better

02 Aug 2023  |  www.otempo.com.br
President and re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro commented on the electoral dispute in Minas Gerais, praising the current governor and re-election candidate Romeu Zema for his 'good' governance, while also highlighting that Carlos Viana, the candidate from his party, has a proposal to do even better. Bolsonaro expressed disappointment over the lack of an agreement with Zema's Novo Party due to their own presidential candidate, which he felt could cause friction.

Kalil confirms Lula at Praça da Estação in Belo Horizonte on August 18

26 Jul 2023  |  otempo.com.br
Alexandre Kalil, PSD's candidate for the government of Minas Gerais, confirmed that presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the PT party will visit Belo Horizonte on August 18 during the official campaign period. The event will take place at Praça da Estação. Kalil, who has been trying to associate his image with Lula's, has yet to convert Lula's support into a significant increase in voting intentions according to a DATATEMPO survey. Governor Romeu Zema of the Novo party currently leads the polls for the succession in Minas with a potential first-round reelection.

Bolsonaro's cell phone data may be used in other investigations, say lawyers

04 May 2023  |  CNN Brasil
The data from former President Jair Bolsonaro's cell phone, seized by the Federal Police during an investigation into COVID-19 vaccination fraud, may be used in other inquiries. Legal experts highlight the concept of 'borrowed evidence' and the potential for new investigations based on the findings. Bolsonaro and his defense team deny any wrongdoing, while legal professionals discuss the implications and validity of using such evidence across different cases. The article also touches on the legal rights of the defense and the broader impact on ongoing and future investigations.

End of grain agreement between Russia and Ukraine could impact inflation in Brazil, experts say

01 May 2023  |  CNN Brasil
The grain export agreement between Russia and Ukraine, facilitated by Turkey, is at risk as Russia threatens to end it, citing non-compliance by Ukraine and Western countries. Experts warn that the termination could exacerbate global food insecurity and increase grain prices, impacting inflation in countries like Brazil. The agreement, which unlocked three Ukrainian ports and allowed for the export of 5 million tons of cereals per month, is crucial for global food security. The potential end of the agreement raises concerns for Brazil, where food inflation could be affected, influencing the Central Bank's interest rate decisions. The UN has highlighted the agreement's role in preventing a further 100 million people from falling into extreme poverty by reducing basic food prices.

Duda will have municipal guard protection after death threat

01 May 2023  |  www.otempo.com.br
Belo Horizonte councilwoman Duda Salabert will receive protection from the municipal guard, offered by Mayor Fuad Nomam, after receiving a transphobic and neo-Nazi death threat via email. The councilwoman's office confirmed the use of the guard's protection, following police advice. The threat, which included a Nazi salute, was the latest in a series of intimidations against Duda and her family.

State Deputy Andréia de Jesus Receives Letter with Racist Content

08 Apr 2023  |  otempo.com.br
State Deputy Andréia de Jesus (PT) received a racist letter containing a Nazi symbol at her office in the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais. The handwritten message included derogatory racial slurs and references to her hometown, Ribeirão das Neves. The letter also featured skull drawings and a swastika. Andréia de Jesus, who has faced similar threats in the past, expressed that such attacks are the result of a shaken democracy and a racist society. She has reported the incident to the Legislative Police and plans to file a report with the Military Police. The Legislative Assembly announced it would increase security for the deputy following the threats.

Bonfires, skiing, costumes: countries celebrate Easter differently from Brazil

07 Apr 2023  |  cnnbrasil.com.br
Easter is celebrated around the world with various cultural customs beyond its religious significance. In Sweden, the 'spring-winter' season is a time for outdoor celebrations with skiing, barbecues, and sunbathing in snow pits. Australians have the 'Bilby', a native marsupial, as an Easter icon, with chocolates shaped like Bilbies instead of the traditional bunny. In the United States, Easter egg hunts with candy-filled eggs are a common tradition. Germany's celebrations involve hiding Easter eggs and gifts for children, followed by feasts without traditional recipes. Finnish children dress up and go door-to-door asking for sweets, similar to Halloween.

Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply reports to ALMG

29 Nov 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Thales Fernandes, Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, initiates the accountability session to state deputies of Minas Gerais at the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais. This session is part of the 'Assembleia Fiscaliza' program, where state authorities report on their activities from January 1 to May 31, 2022. The session is conducted by the Commission for Environment and Sustainable Development, with participation from both direct and indirect administration entities.

PSDB calls Eduardo Costa 'opportunist' after announcement of withdrawal

01 Aug 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
The PSDB in Minas Gerais criticized journalist Eduardo Costa for his decision to withdraw from the vice-governor race, calling him an opportunist. The party defended its choice of Marcus Pestana as its gubernatorial candidate and accused the Novo party of attempting to maintain a pure slate without alliances. The article also mentions the corruption allegations against Aécio Neves and the subsequent legal proceedings. Romeu Zema expressed regret over the lack of consensus for Costa's candidacy.

PP state official endorses Zema in Minas; Marcelo Aro runs for Senate

30 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
The Progressistas (PP) in Minas Gerais has officially endorsed Romeu Zema of the Novo Party for reelection as governor. During the party's state convention in Belo Horizonte, Marcelo Aro was also confirmed as the candidate for the Senate on Zema's ticket. Zema emphasized the need for collaboration with other parties, marking a shift from his 2018 campaign, which he won without a coalition.

Kalil calls Zema a coward when talking about Covid-19

30 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Alexandre Kalil, candidate for governor of Minas Gerais, criticized his political opponent, incumbent governor Romeu Zema, calling him a coward for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kalil accused Zema of hiding and shifting responsibility to local mayors, while claiming that the state government did little beyond issuing directives. Kalil emphasized his own defiance of Zema's guidelines, arguing that following them would have led to worse outcomes.

Zema says Kalil represents a 'huge danger' to the people of Minas

30 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Romeu Zema, the incumbent governor of Minas Gerais, described his main opponent, Alexandre Kalil, as a significant danger to the electorate, citing unspecified past actions. Zema's comments were made during a speech at the Progressistas' state convention, where he received their support and confirmed Marcelo Aro as his Senate candidate. In response, Kalil accused Zema of lying and aligning with Bolsonaro due to fear of losing the election.

'Fé do Cruzeiro' goes to the PP convention in Minas

30 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Guilherme Ramos Vila Nova Lopes, a Cruzeiro fan and state deputy candidate known for painting his body blue and white with the word 'faith' on his chest, attended the state convention of the Progressistas (PP) in Belo Horizonte. He expressed his support for the re-election of Minas Gerais Governor Romeu Zema (Novo) and planned to record a video with him. After the event, he intended to participate in a charitable action in the city.

Zema records video with the president of the MDB of Minas

22 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Governor Romeu Zema, seeking re-election in Minas Gerais, recorded a video with Newton Cardoso Jr., president of the state's MDB, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming party convention. Unlike his 2018 campaign, Zema is now forming alliances with up to ten parties, facilitated by a rule change in his party, Novo. The article also mentions a controversy involving edited photos of a meeting with the MDB and a legal action by the PSB accusing Zema of using public resources for personal promotion.

PSTU convention has a member lying in bed and another peeling cassava

21 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
During the online state convention of the PSTU in Minas Gerais, a member participated while lying in bed, and another was peeling cassava. The convention, which is a formal event to present results to the Regional Electoral Court of Minas Gerais, saw the party selecting its official candidates for various political positions. The slate includes Vanessa Portugal for governor, Jordano Carvalho for vice-governor, and Dirlene Marques for senator, with the participation of presidential pre-candidate Vera Lúcia.

Nikolas Ferreira launches book 'The Christian and Politics' after PL convention

20 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Nikolas Ferreira, a councilor from Belo Horizonte and federal deputy candidate, launched his book 'The Christian and Politics' at a bookstore event following the PL convention. The book, published by Central Gospel, features a preface by Pastor Silas Malafaia. The event saw a large turnout, primarily of young people, and included autograph sessions, photos, and live recordings. Ferreira uses the book's title in his church lectures and online courses aimed at opposing leftist ideologies, gender ideology, feminism, and socialism.

Bolsonaro in Uberlândia: expectation is that 5,000 people will accompany the president

15 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
The 28th March for Jesus in Uberlândia, featuring President Jair Bolsonaro, is expected to draw at least 5,000 attendees. The event, held at the Municipal Stadium Parque do Sabiá, includes a motorcade with Bolsonaro. Despite some delays, Bolsonaro is scheduled to speak around 16:20. Notable absences include Senator Carlos Viana and Deputy Greyce Elias, both citing personal reasons.

Zema and Tiago Mitraud participate in Novo event in Poços de Caldas

08 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Romeu Zema, the governor of Minas Gerais and a pre-candidate for re-election, will participate in the state meeting of the Novo party in Poços de Caldas. He will be joined by Tiago Mitraud, the pre-candidate for vice-president. The event will also feature other notable Novo party members, including Fernando Holiday, Lucas Gonzalez, Mateus Simões, Kleber Silva, and Alexander Dannias. Zema is expected to arrive a day early for a dinner with local entrepreneurs and supporters.

Public Security Managers Report to ALMG

06 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Two meetings scheduled for Wednesday will address the state's public security. In the morning, the commanders of the Military Police and Fire Department of Minas Gerais will report to the ALMG on their actions under Governor Romeu Zema's administration. In the afternoon, the Secretary of State for Justice and Public Security and the Chief of the Civil Police will present their reports to the state legislature. The 'Assembleia Fiscaliza' program requires state authorities to explain their actions from January 1 to May 31, 2022, to the Assembly's thematic committees.

Health Secretary Fábio Baccheretti reports to ALMG

05 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Health Secretary Fábio Baccheretti reports to the Assembleia Legislativa de Minas Gerais (ALMG) on the main health indicators of the Romeu Zema government for 2022. Topics include the progress of regional hospital construction funded by Vale's reparations for the Brumadinho dam disaster and public health care for cancer patients. The session is part of the 'Assembleia Fiscaliza' program, where state authorities are summoned to explain their actions from January 1 to May 31, 2022. The Comissão de Saúde and the Comissão de Defesa dos Direitos da Pessoa com Deficiência will conduct the questioning.

Aécio denies dinner with Zema and reinforces support for Pestana

04 Jul 2022  |  otempo.com.br
Federal deputy and former governor of Minas Gerais, Aécio Neves (PSDB), denied plans to dine with current governor Romeu Zema (Novo) and reaffirmed his support for Marcus Pestana (PSDB) as the party's candidate for the Minas Gerais government. The PSDB officially works on Pestana's pre-candidacy without showing signs of supporting another party's candidate. Zema's party faces challenges confirming a vice-candidate for his ticket. Mateus Simões (Novo) expressed hope for PSDB's support for Zema's reelection, questioning Pestana's viability as a candidate. Paulo Abi-Ackel, PSDB's state president, responded by suggesting Simões' comments could sabotage potential alliances.

Marília Campos, Mayor of Contagem, returns from leave after Covid-19

04 Jul 2022  |  otempo.com.br
Marília Campos, the mayor of Contagem from PT, is returning to her duties on Tuesday, although only for internal commitments at the city hall, after being away due to a positive Covid-19 test. She had been off since last Thursday when she tested positive for the coronavirus. According to the communication office of the Prefeitura de Contagem, she underwent a new test on Monday, which came back negative, and she is still in recovery.

Paulo Brant says the choice of vice for Zema's ticket is 'a fierce struggle'

01 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Paulo Brant, the vice-governor of Minas Gerais, described the selection process for the vice-governor position on Romeu Zema's re-election ticket as a fierce struggle. He emphasized that the decision is a matter for the PSDB and Novo parties, highlighting the importance of coalitions. Zema prefers a vice-governor from outside his party, with journalist Eduardo Costa being a potential candidate. However, Costa's affiliation with Cidadania, which is federated with PSDB, complicates the selection process, as PSDB has its own candidate, Marcus Pestana.

Kalil hires former Flávio Dino marketer for his campaign for the government of MG

01 Jul 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Alexandre Kalil, the pre-candidate for governor of Minas Gerais, has hired Juliano Corbellini as his new campaign marketer. Corbellini, who has extensive experience in political campaigns across Brazil, replaces Chico Mendez and Alexandre Oltramari. Corbellini has previously worked on campaigns for notable figures such as Flávio Dino and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. He has publicly criticized President Jair Bolsonaro and other right-leaning figures. Corbellini's background includes a doctorate in Political Science and a history of political activism.

Kalil says R$ 147 million distributed by Zema is disguised vote buying

30 Jun 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Alexandre Kalil, a pre-candidate for governor of Minas Gerais, accused the current government led by Romeu Zema of engaging in disguised vote buying by distributing R$ 147.5 million to municipalities. This money, part of a settlement with Vale over the Brumadinho dam disaster, was allocated without technical criteria and based on deputies' recommendations. Kalil criticized this practice as a new form of corruption in Brazil. The government defended the transfers as legal and aimed at improving municipal infrastructure and public services.

André Quintão says that the STF's decision on the RRF must be obeyed

29 Jun 2022  |  otempo.com.br
André Quintão, a state deputy from PT and pre-candidate for the government of Minas Gerais, stated during a PT and PSD event in Belo Horizonte that the decision by STF minister Luiz Roberto Barroso regarding Minas Gerais' debt to the Union must be respected. He emphasized the need for dialogue and criticized the current government for not convincing the majority of parliamentarians. Quintão also commented on the restrictions of the Fiscal Recovery Regime (RRF), suggesting they are not the best path for Minas Gerais due to the stringent control over spending, and highlighted the importance of public investment.

Kalil attacks 'elite' and Zema at PT and PSD event

29 Jun 2022  |  otempo.com.br
Alexandre Kalil, PSD's pre-candidate for the government of Minas Gerais, criticized the 'elite', President Bolsonaro, and Governor Romeu Zema during a PT and PSD event in Belo Horizonte. He accused Zema of hiding during storms that hit Minas Gerais and called for the removal of the 'greedy elite' and the 'denialist' from the Palácio do Planalto.

Zema attacks Kalil: 'He wants people subjected to the will of the ruler'

28 Jun 2022  |  otempo.com.br
Minas Gerais Governor and re-election candidate Romeu Zema of the Novo party criticized his political opponent Alexandre Kalil of the PSD, accusing him of wanting the population to be dependent on basic food baskets and thus subject to the will of state rulers. Zema contrasted this with his goal of giving people autonomy, exemplified by a woman from Vale do Jequitinhonha who would sign her work card for the first time and no longer need a basic food basket.

Manuela D'Ávila to lead digital area of Kalil's campaign

13 Apr 2022  |  www.otempo.com.br
Manuela D'Ávila, former vice-presidential candidate and mayoral candidate of Porto Alegre, has been confirmed to lead the digital marketing campaign for Alexandre Kalil, the pre-candidate for governor of Minas Gerais. D'Ávila, a journalist and self-described feminist and Marxist, has a history of political involvement, including serving as a federal and state deputy. Despite speculation about her running for the Senate, she announced she will not seek any elective office this year.

Police open investigation into racism in student group at BH school

20 Dec 2021  |  www.folhadelondrina.com.br
The Civil Police of Minas Gerais has initiated an investigation into a case of racism against a 14-year-old boy in Belo Horizonte, which occurred within a WhatsApp group of students from Colégio Cristão Ver. The boy's father, Alexandre, and their lawyer, Gilberto Silva, have provided testimony and evidence. The lawyer has submitted message screenshots and is considering further legal action, including a civil lawsuit. The school has issued a statement condemning the actions and calling for the responsible parties to be held accountable.

Campaign aims to help family of young man hospitalized with human rabies for 3 years

10 Jan 2021  |  Terra
Mateus dos Santos da Silva, a 17-year-old from Manaus, has been in a vegetative state in the ICU for three years after contracting human rabies. His family, facing financial difficulties exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, is trying to bring him home. Friends have launched a campaign to raise funds for a new residence in Novo Airão. The family has struggled with the loss of two other children to rabies and the economic impact of the pandemic. Despite limited government support, they remain hopeful and rely on donations to manage their situation.

An article wrote by me to Zenger News

An article wrote by me to Zenger News

An article wrote by me to Zenger News

Freelancer job negotiated through the Paydesk - Live broadcasting to CBC (Canada) about Amazon Fire. Aug. 2019.

An article written to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Brazil in the introduction of a new vehicle in the Brazilian Market.


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