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Bruno Waterfield

Bruxelles, Belgium
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About Bruno
Bruno Waterfield is Brussels correspondent for The Times. He has been reporting on European affairs for almost 20 years, first from Westminster and then from the capital of the EU. He reported for the Daily Telegraph from Brussels from 2007 to 2015.
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May unites cabinet with £20bn plan for two-year Brexit transition

22 Sep 2017
Theresa May's speech in Florence represents a significant effort to advance Brexit negotiations, proposing a £20 billion plan for a two-year transition period. The cabinet, while generally supportive, showed varied reactions, with some ministers subtly criticizing Boris Johnson's recent behavior. The speech aims to secure an agreement on the transition and move towards a long-term post-Brexit relationship, with Britain adhering to EU laws and potentially maintaining freedom of movement during the transition in exchange for a future trade deal. Brussels is expected to respond positively, as both sides recognize the importance of progress in the talks. May is also engaging in a charm offensive with MPs to garner support.

Brussels does not trust our political class

29 Jun 2017
EU negotiators have assessed Britain's proposals on residency rights post-Brexit, revealing a deep mistrust of British politics and institutions. The EU insists on 'reciprocality' as 'directly enforceable rights' under the European Court of Justice, reflecting concerns over the treatment of European citizens in Britain.

Greece’s ultimatum: let us borrow more or we won’t pay IMF

07 May 2015
Greece is threatening to default on a €750 million repayment to the IMF unless the eurozone eases the country's bailout conditions. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is seeking permission for Greece to issue up to €10 billion in new government debt, which requires ECB approval. A leaked document from Tsipras's Syriza government indicates that without a relaxation of the ECB's liquidity stance, Greece will default.

India trade deal with EU will allow thousands of immigrants into Britain

09 Oct 2010
A proposed EU-India free trade agreement, set to be signed in December, will allow skilled Indian workers easy access to Europe in exchange for European companies' access to India's market. The deal has caused a split within the UK's Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition, with Business Secretary Vince Cable and Foreign Secretary William Hague supporting it for its economic benefits, while Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May oppose it due to a commitment to reduce net immigration. Conservative MP Philip Davies and others fear the deal will undermine British wages and contradict the immigration cap. The European Commission is seeking feedback on the negotiation terms, which include increased mobility for skilled Indian workers and reduced tariffs on European products. The UK, typically a proponent of free trade within the EU, faces internal debate over aligning with protectionist member states and maintaining its free trade stance.

Second Tory MEP Den Dover loses position over expenses

06 Jun 2008
Den Dover, the chief whip of the Tories in the European Parliament, was removed from his position amid inquiries into payments made to his wife and daughter through a family company. Despite Dover's denial of any misconduct, the controversy arose after he admitted to employing his relatives. This incident follows the resignation of Giles Chichester, another Conservative Euro-MP, over expenses. The Conservative leader has tasked Hugh Thomas with investigating the expense claims of Tory Euro-MPs. Dover's family-owned company, M?P Holdings Ltd, is used for secretarial and parliamentary assistant work, although his wife and daughter are not accredited to enter official EU buildings.

Tintin book accused of colonial racism

08 Aug 2007
Belgium's state prosecutor is investigating accusations of racism in the Tintin book 'Tintin In The Congo' after a complaint from Congolese student Mbutu Mondondo Bienvenu. The student, who is studying political science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, is demanding the book's withdrawal from the market and symbolic damages from the Belgian publishers Moulinsart. The book has faced criticism for its portrayal of Africans, reflecting colonial attitudes of the time. Hergé, the creator of Tintin, had reworked the book in 1946 and later expressed regret over his early works.

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