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Bryan Betts

Iksan, South Korea
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About Bryan
Bryan Betts is a journalist living and working in South Korea.

He has worked as a reporter for The State Newspaper in Columbia, SC and The Alamogordo Daily News in Alamogordo, NM and has contributed reporting to the New York Times. His writing has also appeared in The El Paso Times, Lake Murray Magazine, and Engage Furman Magazine.

As an undergraduate, he served as editor-in-chief of The Paladin student newspaper, which won five statewide awards for journalistic excellence under his editorship.

Bryan originally came to Korea as an English Teaching Assistant through the Fulbright Program and worked for two years at a high school in Jeollabuk-do prior to becoming a freelance journalist.
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The Evolving Role of Converged Infrastructure in Modern IT

19 Jan 2024  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Converged Infrastructure (CI) remains a highly efficient and cost-effective option for many IT roles and workloads despite the rise of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and cloud architectures. This paper explores the benefits of CI, including cost efficiency, manageability, and control over configuration. The relevance of CI in the modern IT landscape is affirmed, particularly for scenarios requiring performance, tuning, and management control.

Why laptops and other edge devices are being AI-enabled

27 Dec 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The article discusses the trend of incorporating dedicated AI engines into laptops and other edge devices, highlighting the benefits of AI inferencing for personal productivity, such as facial recognition and videoconferencing enhancements. It explains that while AI training requires high-end GPUs, inferencing can be done more efficiently and power-effectively on local devices with dedicated AI hardware. The piece notes that ultraportable devices are the primary focus for new AI-capable processors from companies like AMD, Qualcomm, Intel, and Apple, with desktop versions to follow. The article suggests that AI-enabled systems will become essential as software increasingly leverages AI capabilities, and it advises organizations to consider these systems for power users who would benefit from enhanced productivity.

Broadcom swings its axe at VMware

07 Dec 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Broadcom's $69bn acquisition of VMware has led to immediate layoffs and confusion among VMware staff and partners, contradicting initial assurances of increased R&D spending and investment. Broadcom's actions have caused fear and uncertainty, particularly regarding contract terms and potential price increases. Competitors like Nutanix are capitalizing on this instability. The article advises VMware users to have contingency plans in place due to the changing landscape of technology infrastructure.

Custom chatbots and model gardens: putting Private AI to work

23 Nov 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The article discusses the considerations for implementing Private AI, focusing on the choice of large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI's GPT, Google's PaLM, Meta's LLaMa, and Anthropic's Claude 2. It highlights the importance of selecting the right model for specific tasks and industries, and mentions vendors like Google Cloud and Box offering model choices. The article also addresses the cost and computational requirements of training and inferencing with LLMs, and explores the potential of smaller, more efficient models like IBM's Granite and Microsoft Research's Phi 1.5.

A CX perspective on the Contact Centre

03 Oct 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Customer experience (CX) is crucial across all aspects of an organization, from product design to aftercare. The interconnected nature of society through social media and online reviews has made engaging with customers a complex, technology-driven task. A survey of 50 CIOs reveals that technology, including traditional contact center tools and AI, plays a key role in enhancing CX. However, there is caution about AI directly interacting with customers, suggesting its use should be more behind the scenes.

Digital identity: the many images of you

01 Oct 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Digital identity is increasingly important in both personal and professional contexts, encompassing various online accounts and digital footprints. Managing these identities involves ensuring data privacy and security, with technologies like smart wallets and federated authentication playing key roles. Different platforms and services require different levels of information, leading to multiple digital images of a single core identity. Effective management of digital identity is crucial for reducing risks such as data breaches and identity theft, and organizations should adopt strategies like federated identity and single sign-on to enhance security and governance.

Why culture is critical for data integration

01 Oct 2023  |  ComputerWeekly.com
The article emphasizes that data integration is primarily a people problem rather than just a technological challenge. It highlights the importance of a data-driven culture, where data is treated as a shared corporate asset. Appointing a Chief Data Officer (CDO) with authority and people skills is crucial for building this culture. The CDO must navigate internal and external trust issues and ensure continuous motivation for the organization to remain data-driven. The journey to becoming data-driven requires a mindset change and ongoing commitment.

Can contributing to open source get you a job?

01 Oct 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The article explores whether contributing to open source projects can lead to employment opportunities, highlighting a report from OpenUK. It discusses the potential benefits of showcasing practical skills through open source contributions, but also notes the challenges such as time and financial constraints. The article mentions the involvement of the UK government and Labour Party in promoting tech reskilling, while emphasizing that not all open source projects offer the same level of recognition. It concludes that while open source contributions can be valuable, they are just one part of a broader career development strategy.

Automation of SAP Master Data Management

06 Sep 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Manual data management in SAP systems is becoming increasingly impractical due to data quality issues and the growing complexity of data. Automating master data management (MDM) processes is essential for maintaining data quality and compliance. Advanced policy-based automation and role-aware workflows can integrate MDM into everyday business operations, involving not just IT teams but also business executives. This approach ensures continuous data quality management, enhancing the value derived from SAP systems.

An AI crash is coming: don’t let it drag you down

19 Jul 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The article discusses the impending credibility crash of AI due to overinflated claims, privacy concerns, and the misuse of generative AI tools. While the crash won't be financial or technological, it will damage AI's public credibility. Despite this, AI still holds significant value, especially when integrated with other technologies. Companies like IBM and Salesforce are cited as examples of effectively leveraging AI. The article advises technologists and business leaders to adopt a nuanced view of AI, recognizing its broader applications beyond chatbots.

Want to become a data-driven organisation? Start thinking differently about change management

14 Jun 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
To become a data-driven organization, it's crucial to rethink change management beyond IT aspects, focusing on organizational change that affects people and teams. A Chief Data Officer (CDO) should possess not only data skills but also strong management, leadership, and diplomatic abilities to drive the adoption of new data practices and tools. Effective change management is essential for implementing a successful data strategy and fostering a data-centric culture.

Tackling the Software Skills Crunch

05 Jun 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The report discusses the increasing importance of software development in IT and business, highlighting the challenges of skill shortages and rising developer salaries. It explores solutions such as outsourcing and offshoring, based on feedback from 50 IT leaders and managers. The findings show a trend towards remote and offshore development to address resource challenges, with the need for operational and cultural integration of remote teams.

Trust: easy to lose, hard to recover

30 Mar 2023  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Digital trust is crucial for the security, safety, and privacy of online activities. It underpins the functionality of networks, devices, and digital systems, enabling activities such as remote work, online shopping, and digital transactions. The concept of the 'trust thermocline' illustrates how trust can erode gradually before collapsing suddenly, emphasizing the importance of maintaining digital trust in both digital and physical brands. The article suggests that digital trust should be a central focus in digital transformation and IT security, potentially leading to a reevaluation of roles such as transitioning CISOs to CDTOs.

Kubernetes and the open-source maintainer question

19 Dec 2022  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The article discusses the critical role of maintainers in the open-source ecosystem, emphasizing the need for recognition, respect, and funding for their work. It highlights the challenges maintainers face, including burnout and lack of support from employers. Priyanka Sharma, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, underscores the importance of maintainers in her KubeCon keynote. The article calls for companies using open-source software to actively participate in the ecosystem by providing support, whether through sponsorship, employee time, or feedback, to ensure the sustainability of open-source projects.

The modern SD-WAN advantage

24 Nov 2022  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The IT landscape has evolved with work-from-anywhere becoming the norm, increased focus on security, widespread use of SaaS applications and cloud services, and IT departments facing budget constraints and skills shortages. This article emphasizes the importance of reassessing network infrastructure, particularly SD-WAN, to ensure it meets current distributed work requirements and leverages the latest technological advancements. It aims to provide a framework for objectively evaluating and advancing SD-WAN capabilities.

Like a teenager, Kubernetes looks almost grown-up, yet still a bit awkward and confused

06 Jul 2022  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Kubernetes has evolved from a project to a platform, widely adopted by organizations globally for building applications and systems. The ecosystem includes various distributions and managed services, with new job specializations emerging. Despite its maturity, the vast array of tools and components within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation landscape can cause confusion, suggesting a need for more standardization. The technology's mainstream acceptance is evident as developers no longer need to extensively modify it for their needs.

Manufacturers in a world of constant change

30 Jun 2022  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Manufacturers face numerous challenges, including geopolitical shifts, supply chain issues, labor availability, and changing customer behavior, all amidst increasing automation and environmental pressures. The article argues that now is the time to modernize ERP systems to better handle these changes and future uncertainties. It emphasizes the importance of aligning ERP investments with Industry 4.0 and ESG goals to address evolving needs effectively.

HP Inc’s Poly opportunity: look beyond devices and software to a real collaboration strategy

29 Jun 2022  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
HP Inc's acquisition of Poly could transform it into a major player in enterprise collaboration by integrating Poly's expertise in collaboration technologies with HP's market reach. The merger aims to create a more comprehensive collaboration strategy that goes beyond devices and software, addressing the diverse needs of modern enterprises. The article reflects on the historical context of HP's evolution and emphasizes the importance of a human-centric approach to collaboration in today's business environment.

Singing the key management blues

22 Jun 2022  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The article explores the complexities and challenges of cryptographic key management, emphasizing the need for simplified, centralized, and automated solutions. It highlights the growing importance of cryptographic keys in various applications and the educational task of communicating their significance to non-experts. The discussion includes examples of past attempts to manage encryption keys, such as Microsoft's collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, and suggests that cloud-based key management systems may become more acceptable as companies seek to simplify their operations.

Hybrid working isn’t turning out as expected

10 Mar 2022  |  ComputerWeekly.com
Co-working spaces are not as popular as anticipated, with many remaining under-occupied. Factors include lack of awareness, increased competition, and the reframing of hybrid working needs. While some workers seek a change of scenery, the cost-effectiveness of renting a desk for limited days is questioned. Co-working operators are offering flexible subscription models, but these often lack the amenities of traditional office spaces. For co-working to thrive, employers need to integrate it into hybrid working plans and allocate budgets for staff without home offices to maintain productivity.

Is the commodity server bandwagon running out of steam?

20 Jan 2022  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The IT industry is experiencing a shift from general-purpose hardware to specialized hardware due to increasing demands in networking and compute-heavy applications like AI. Specialized hardware such as GPUs, DPUs, IPUs, and SPUs are becoming more relevant, offering enhanced capabilities for specific tasks. Companies like Broadcom, Intel, Marvell, Nebulon, and Nvidia are leading this trend. While some AI features are being integrated into standard processors by companies like Apple, ARM, and IBM, the need for specialized devices remains due to their superior performance in specific applications.

One SSD to ruler them all

31 Dec 2021  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The EDSFF storage format, also known as the 'ruler' format, is emerging as a likely successor to the U.2 and M.2 formats for SSDs. The format is gaining traction with more manufacturers, such as Samsung, introducing new products like the 128TB SSD in the E1.L long ruler format. The EDSFF specification supports various thicknesses, with a 15mm thickness becoming standard, simplifying planning and purchasing. The format offers higher storage density and better heat dissipation, making it suitable for enterprise data centers, especially with the advent of power-hungry PCIe Gen4 and Gen5 SSDs.

Having trouble overcoming the S/4HANA confidence gap?

16 Dec 2021  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Many SAP users are hesitant to migrate to S/4HANA due to the potential risks and downtime involved. However, the pressures of industry demands, sustainability, supply chain disruptions, and digital transformation necessitate a change. A proof-of-concept (POC) can help build confidence by testing the feasibility of the migration. Research indicates that most SAP customers see benefits in S/4HANA adoption, including real-time business visibility and improved service levels. Multiple POC approaches are available, depending on technical capabilities, risk tolerance, and the need for speed.

Having trouble overcoming the S/4HANA confidence gap?

13 Dec 2021  |  computerweekly.com
SAP users hesitant to migrate to S/4HANA are encouraged to consider proof-of-concept (POC) projects to gain confidence. Despite potential benefits like real-time business visibility and improved user experience, the technical and logistical challenges of a POC can be daunting. Engaging the right partner with the necessary skills for the migration process is crucial. The article suggests that with proper planning and execution, including selecting an appropriate migration strategy, organizations can successfully transition to S/4HANA.

Google Calendar auto-adds shared meeting notes

01 Nov 2021  |  freeformdynamics.com
Google Calendar has introduced a new feature for paid Workspace and GSuite accounts that automatically adds a shared Google Doc for meeting notes when creating a meeting. This document includes pre-filled data such as the attendee list and action items, and can be edited by all attendees. The feature aims to streamline the process of taking and sharing notes during online meetings, although there may be concerns about the ability to limit sharing with clients.

Which is worse: noise, or the sound of silence?

25 Oct 2021  |  ComputerWeekly.com
Noisy offices are a significant annoyance for many workers, both pre- and post-Covid. While working from home offers a respite from office noise, it introduces new distractions. Effective solutions include good office design to absorb, block, or cover noise, and using ambient soundscapes. For those unable to redesign their workspace, high-quality headphones with features like beamforming and active noise cancellation are recommended. Brands like Jabra, Poly, and Logitech offer suitable options. The article also suggests considering local co-working spaces as an alternative to working from home or commuting daily.

Forget the 'free' software, the real value of open source is the collaboration

20 Oct 2021  |  computerweekly.com
The real value of open source lies in collaboration rather than the aspect of being free. Open-source components are essential in various services, and while some systems offer competitive advantage, others serve as basic connectors. Collaborative open-source allows for quick bug fixes but also presents security and trust challenges. The open-source ecosystem is expanding beyond software to include hardware, APIs, and regulatory frameworks. Understanding the implications of open-sourcing and software licenses is crucial for organizations to avoid costly mistakes. Collaboration in open-source can lead to better, cheaper, and faster results, especially for shared challenges like regulatory compliance in the financial industry.

North Korea self-reports it’s still COVID-free after declining Sinovac vaccines

01 Sep 2021  |  www.nknews.org
North Korea reported no COVID-19 cases after testing 683 people, as per the World Health Organization. The country declined an offer of around 3 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine. Tests were conducted on individuals with flu-like symptoms and healthcare workers.

North Korea reports no COVID cases after testing 665 more people

23 Aug 2021  |  www.nknews.org
North Korea claims to have tested an additional 665 people for COVID-19, with no positive cases found, according to the World Health Organization's weekly situation report. The tests were conducted from August 12-19 on individuals with flu-like symptoms and healthcare workers.

North Korea says it’s still COVID-19 free, develops new testing equipment

23 Aug 2021  |  nknews.org
North Korea continues to report zero COVID-19 cases, as confirmed by the WHO, and has developed its own PCR testing equipment. The country tested 679 people between August 5-12, bringing the total tested to 36,626. The WHO and UNICEF are involved in assisting North Korea with pandemic measures, including vaccine supply chain preparation. North Korea has also received sanctions exemptions for humanitarian assistance and PCR equipment from Germany.

North Korea reports no COVID cases amid rumblings of humanitarian aid

01 Aug 2021  |  nknews.org
North Korea has conducted an additional 693 COVID-19 tests, bringing the total to 35,947, with no reported cases, according to the World Health Organization. There are indications that humanitarian aid to the country may resume.

Stocks surge in South Korea on hopes of renewed inter-Korean projects

20 Jul 2021  |  nknews.org
Stock prices of companies involved in inter-Korean projects rose sharply following the restoration of key communication channels between North and South Korea. Investors are optimistic about potential construction and tourism projects due to the prospect of increased economic cooperation, which had been stagnant since 2019.

Throwback Thursday: from virtual desktops to Chromebooks and the work anywhere web

15 Jul 2021  |  www.computerweekly.com
Desktop virtualisation has evolved significantly since 2009, with the concept of a ubiquitous desktop in the cloud allowing access from any device with internet connectivity. The article reflects on past predictions and the current state of technology, including the shift from VDI and application streaming to desktop-as-a-service, cloud PCs like Microsoft's Windows 365, Chromebooks, and mobile devices. It also discusses the financial shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure through subscription-based SaaS models, and the ongoing relevance of user categorisation in deploying these technologies.

The allure of the log-in-anywhere desktop

15 Jul 2021  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The article explores the concept of simplifying desktop management through ubiquitous access, highlighting the growing reliance on browser-based applications and web-based collaboration tools. It discusses the psychological and practical reasons behind the attachment to personal hardware and examines various solutions like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office365, and ChromeOS. The text emphasizes that while ubiquitous access is ideal for many, it may not suit all needs, suggesting a tailored approach to desktop management based on user requirements and application needs.

What’s your contingency plan for when ‘online’ stops working?

12 Jul 2021  |  ComputerWeekly.com
Businesses increasingly rely on online platforms to cut costs, increase efficiency, and automate processes. However, this dependency poses risks when websites fail to complete transactions, leading to customer frustration. Companies must have backup plans and promptly inform customers of issues through multiple channels, including their websites, to ensure a better customer experience.

Zoning in on better storage performance and capacity

07 Jul 2021  |  ComputerWeekly.com
Zoned storage is emerging as a promising solution for enhancing storage performance and capacity, particularly for NVMe SSDs. The Zoned Namespaces (ZNS) specification, developed by the NVM Express consortium and based on Western Digital's earlier work, introduces new commands that allow the host storage stack to manage zones more efficiently. This approach addresses the limitations of random access in both disk drives and Flash memory, potentially reducing write amplification and garbage collection issues. While still in its early stages, zoned storage requires further software support to fully realize its benefits.

North Korea again self-reports no COVID-19 as number tested exceeds 32,000

01 Jul 2021  |  www.nknews.org
North Korea has reported no COVID-19 cases after testing an additional 718 people, according to a WHO report, bringing the total number of people tested in the country to over 32,000. The report indicates that all tests conducted from June 25 to July 1 were negative, including those for individuals with influenza-like illness or severe acute respiratory infections. North Korea claims to have tested 64,750 samples from 32,512 people.

Pop-aganda: North Korean accordionists cover Norway’s greatest hits

01 Jul 2021  |  www.nknews.org
In 2012, five young North Korean accordionists gained viral fame on YouTube with their cover of the 1980s hit song 'Take On Me,' orchestrated by Norwegian artist Morten Traavik. Traavik is known for his cultural collaborations with North Korea, including arranging a performance by the Slovenian music group Laibach in Pyongyang in 2015, which garnered global media attention and resulted in a documentary.

NATO looks East, but implications for the Koreas remain uncertain

01 Jun 2021  |  nknews.org
NATO has expanded its focus to Asia, responding to China's rise as an economic and military power. The organization's recent joint statement describes China as posing systemic challenges to the global order, differentiating it from the threat posed by Russia, and mentions the possibility of cooperation on issues like climate change. The implications of this shift for the Koreas remain uncertain.

Throwback Thursday: Even data fragmentation has gone virtual

20 May 2021  |  ComputerWeekly.com
Data fragmentation has evolved into data sprawl, with data now spread across multiple physical, virtual, or logical storage spaces due to increased use of cloud storage and SaaS applications. The challenges of data management, such as data duplication, wasted capacity, and security risks, remain significant. However, advancements in archiving, including hybrid storage and automated indexing, have improved data management and governance, making active archiving a viable solution.

Private cloud in contexts old and new

22 Apr 2021  |  freeformdynamics.com
A decade ago, private cloud was a new concept that required definition, but by 2021, it has become a well-understood part of modern IT. Originally, private cloud was defined as a platform built on pooled resources for dynamic allocation to various workloads. Some saw this as a rebranding of existing practices like server farms or grid computing. However, the key differentiator for private cloud, which was not initially emphasized, is automation, which enables the flexibility, rapidity, and dynamism that characterize cloud services.

The WFH ‘New Normal’ is nothing of the sort

15 Feb 2021  |  computerweekly.com
The article discusses the downsides and long-term effects of working from home (WFH), such as impacts on company culture and gender equality. It highlights Salesforce's flexible remote work policy and Google's cautious approach to a hybrid future. The future of work is expected to be more flexible and remote, but the transition to a 'new normal' will require further adjustments and adaptations by employers.

Is work-from-home really digital transformation?

Why does ransomware still work?

01 Jan 2021  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
Ransomware remains a significant threat due to human nature and modern technology that facilitates fraud. Despite advancements in technical counter-measures, social engineering continues to exploit human trust. Experts emphasize the importance of situational awareness, personal responsibility, and robust data protection strategies, including secure backups and effective recovery processes. The evolving regulatory environment and digitalization of business increase the severity of successful attacks, underscoring the need for comprehensive risk assessment and response strategies.

Throwback Thursday: Private cloud in contexts old and new

01 Jan 2021  |  ComputerWeekly.com
Over the past decade, the concept of private cloud has evolved from a novel idea to a well-known facet of modern IT. Initially defined as a general-purpose platform built on pooled resources for dynamic workload allocation, the definition has expanded to include user self-service and consumption-based cost assignment. The key differentiator of private cloud from virtualized server farms is automation, which has become central to its functionality. The article reflects on the historical context and the evolution of private cloud, emphasizing the importance of automation in its development.

Throwback Thursday: x86 Server virtualisation check point

10 Dec 2020  |  ComputerWeekly.com
Server and data centre virtualisation have significantly advanced since the 2010 x86 Server virtualisation check point, with many key messages from that time still relevant. The concept of the software-defined data centre (SDDC) has evolved from what was once called dynamic IT or the self-service data centre. While x86 servers remain prevalent, alternatives like ARM-based servers and offload engines such as GPUs and DPUs have gained traction. Despite these technical advancements, the core principles of IT service delivery, including operations, management, automation, availability, recovery, security, and governance, remain consistent.

Dispelling the myth of the industry-standard server

08 Dec 2020  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
In the era of cloud computing, physical servers remain crucial despite the prominence of virtual servers offered by cloud providers. The concept of an 'industry-standard server' is a myth, as servers come in various configurations tailored to specific workload requirements. The paper explores the options available to server buyers, comparing on-site, cloud, and hybrid approaches, and speculates on the future of server technology.

Zero Trust: securing the endpoint

12 Nov 2020  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The shift to mobile and remote working has expanded the network edge to include various personal devices, making endpoint security crucial. Continuous authentication is highlighted as a key measure to protect valuable data and users in a work-anywhere environment, addressing the increased attack surface and threats.

Key factors in the network security buying decision

17 Sep 2020  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The rapid digital transformation driven by the shift to remote working in early 2020 has complicated network security decision-making. A survey of 223 professionals involved in networking and security reveals key factors influencing their choice of solutions and suppliers. The findings are valuable for technology partners and others interested in understanding the motivations behind network security purchases.

The Hybrid IT Platform Imperative

28 Aug 2020  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The IT systems landscape is evolving towards more diverse and interconnected infrastructures as digital transformation progresses. A global survey of over 800 IT professionals indicates that this trend will continue, with many organizations adopting multiple public cloud providers and avoiding standardization on a single software virtualization stack.

Make the camera work for you, not against you

04 Aug 2020  |  www.freeformdynamics.com
The shift to video communication in 2020 has highlighted the importance of camera training and presentation skills. CEOs often appear more natural on camera due to media training. Presenters should stand up and change their physical setting to appear more natural. It's crucial to write text meant to be spoken and to rehearse thoroughly to avoid looking like you're reading from a script.

AI without tears: the drive for automation and self-service

28 Jun 2020  |  freeformdynamics.com
Businesses are considering AI-based automation to address new challenges in the post-pandemic, post-Brexit world. Research conducted last year on attitudes towards AI and machine learning is now more relevant, showing potential value and key routes for implementation. The study, with a focus on the manufacturing industry, highlights the uncertainties and hurdles in estimating costs, returns, and timescales, as well as acquiring necessary skills and scoping features for robust AI platforms. Pre-integrated systems and reference architectures are preferred, especially in manufacturing, due to the on-prem infrastructure norm and an engineering mindset that values proven designs and tools. A multidisciplinary team effort is essential for successful AI deployment.

Bryan D. Betts

02 Jun 2017  |  Bryan D. Betts
The selections of work provided showcase a range of articles covering various topics such as environmental conservation, education, homelessness, law enforcement, and higher education. The articles discuss the impact of government policies on greenbelts, the connection of multicultural students to their heritage through native-language classes, the controversy surrounding a cable car in a national park, and the preservation of wetlands in North Korea. Other pieces focus on the chess talents of South Korean children, the preparation of South Koreans for war, and the experiences of Chinese students in South Korea. Additionally, there are articles on the history of nuclear detonation, the challenges faced by the homeless, the introduction of body cameras in the Alamogordo Police Department, and the impact of homelessness on businesses. The journalist has also contributed to The New York Times on the topic of religion and politics in voter focus.

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