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South Jakarta, Indonesia

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Bud Wichers

Halo namanya Bud Wichers. I am an experienced freelance video journalist, reporter and photographer who covers Southeast Asia.

I was born in Jakarta as “Budiman,” and at a young age, I was adopted by a Dutch family. However, some recent newsworthy events and the promise of others in Indonesia have made me decide to return to the country of my birth.

Indonesia’s upcoming elections; emerging market economy; rebuilding of its tsunami- and disaster-struck areas; current adoption debate; burgeoning film industry; dedication to the fierce and battle against terrorism, drugs, and sex tourism; and myriad of other ongoing social and societal changes have all been factors in my decision to return to my country of origin. These issues represent just some of the topics I wish to cover as a multi-platform journalist.

I have worked in high-risk areas, such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, for over 18 years, and I have also visited many other hotspots, including Venezuela, Colombia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Ukraine, to capture the stories that matter.

My news packages for organizations such as Agence France-Presse, Thomson Reuters and Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau have been featured on CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera. I will be based in Surabaya and will make regular trips to Jakarta and other countries in the region.

Indonesia today finds itself at a crossroads. The elections may lead the country in a different direction. Whatever happens, the historical connections among Indonesia, Europe and the United States ensure that events in any one of these countries are of interest to the others.

I can provide news packages from Indonesia covering the whole spectrum of the election process: the run-up, the action during the elections in April, and a post-election reports.

While in Indonesia, I volunteer for the My Roots foundation. The aim of the foundation is to connect adopted children with their birth parents—a cause very close to my heart.



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A sample of a video project in Syria as a video journalist. (2)


A sample of a video project in Syria as a video journalist. (1)


A sample of a documentary project in the Middle East as a video journalist.

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