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Bukbisj Candra Ismeth Bey

Bandung, Indonesia
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About Bukbisj
Bukbis Candra Ismet Bey is an independent documentary photographer based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. He started his career after earning a Bachelor's degree in Communication Science, specializing in Journalism from Bandung State Islamic University, and learning photography by himself in the Photosspeak community. His documentary photography interests mainly focus on cultural, social, religious, and environmental themes. He has a special interest in social issues that have no place in the mainstream media.
English Indonesian
Photography Fixing
Politics Science & Environment Natural Disasters

Four-Legged Gladiators: Indonesia’s Outlawed Tradition of Pitting Boars Against Dogs

23 Jul 2019  |  www.vice.com
In the village of Cicaringgang, Bandung, a local custom called dugong involves dogs fighting wild boars in an arena, a practice used historically for training hunting dogs and addressing crop destruction by boars. Despite a 2017 West Javanese government regulation outlawing it, the tradition persists under a different name, 'adu ketangkasan' or 'agility fight.' The event is popular, with dogs treated for injuries on-site, while injured boars are either slaughtered for meat or forced to fight again. Animal rights activists, like Nadya Andriani, condemn the practice as unethical.




Hanging Out with the Queen of Tarantulas in Indonesia

08 Dec 2018  |  www.vice.com
Ming Cu, a 28-year-old woman from Bandung, Indonesia, lives with about 2,000 tarantulas that she keeps in her home. Her fascination with these spiders began eight years ago, and despite being bitten multiple times, including a severe bite from a high-venom tarantula, she continues to care for them with great dedication. Ming Cu has learned about tarantula care through self-study and maintains a special room with glass enclosures for her spiders. She has had to sacrifice some of her poisonous spiders due to her parents' concerns after a particularly bad bite, but she remains committed to her passion.

Witnessing the Excitement of the Tomato War Among Farmers in Lembang

13 Nov 2018  |  www.vice.com
Farmers in Lembang have found a unique way to cope with the plummeting tomato prices during the peak harvest season by engaging in a tomato war. Inspired by Spain's La Tomatina festival, Lembang's version, called Rempug Tarung Adu Tomat, is part of the Ngaruat Bumi and Hajat Buruan ceremonies, intended to cast away misfortune and plant diseases. The event, which has been held since 2012, involves participants throwing nearly rotten tomatoes at each other, with the aftermath being used as organic fertilizer. The tradition reflects the community's concern over low tomato prices, which can drop to Rp400-Rp200 per kilogram, and serves as a new tradition among farmers to express ridding of bad luck and celebrating success. Nanu Muda, a village elder, explains that it also symbolizes gratitude for the fertile land and abundant water.

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