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Burzil Dube

Hwange, Zimbabwe
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About Burzil
Burzil Dube is a freelance journalist based in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Contributed news stories to both local and foreign media houses. Willing to travel and cover stories in any part of the country as well as in Central and Southern Africa
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Haunted Tourism: Zimbabwe's Untapped Potential

05 Nov 2023  |  thestandard.co.zw
Haunted tourism, also known as dark tourism, involves traveling to places associated with death and tragedy. It is gaining popularity in South Africa, with sites like Table Mountain and Leeuwenhof Estate attracting tourists with tales of ghosts and historical events. Zimbabwe has untapped potential in this sector, with places like a mountain in Hwange holding eerie stories yet to be marketed for tourism. The article suggests that with aggressive marketing, Zimbabwe could benefit from this niche tourism sector.

All set for Hwange Agricultural Show

01 Oct 2023  |  www.newsday.co.zw
Preparations for the 73rd Matabeleland North Agricultural Show in Hwange are underway, with over 70% of exhibition space already taken. Livestock displays will return, and a business conference will coincide with the event from October 4 to 7. The Hwange Show Society is making efforts to revive livestock sales, and Binga Centre, now a town, will participate after a three-year break, showcasing natural products and tourist attractions. Last year, the event attracted over 60 exhibitors and 8,000 attendees.

Strange Happenings on Hwange's Fourmile Drive

03 Sep 2023  |  thestandard.co.zw
Two members of the Insimbi ZeZhwane music group died in a car crash near Hwange, Zimbabwe. The government covered medical and funeral expenses. The area is known for accidents, attributed to potholes and sharp curves. Hwange's Fourmile Drive and surrounding areas are notorious for strange occurrences, including sightings of large snakes and mysterious disappearances. Local roads and residential suburbs are under the purview of Hwange Colliery Company. The article recounts personal experiences and local tales of the supernatural.

Chibuku Neshamwari Winners Stay Humble

06 Aug 2023  |  www.thestandard.co.zw
Sekunjalo Ma Africa, a traditional dance group from Bulawayo, won the Chibuku Neshamwari dance finals, receiving a $15,000 prize. The group's director, Arnold Ndebele, emphasized their intention to stay humble and make disciplined decisions about their future and the use of the prize money. They plan to invest in the group and consider introducing a junior development outfit. Yarira Ngoma from Harare won second place with a $10,000 prize, and Makarekare from Mashonaland East secured third place, receiving $7,500.

Climbing Africa’s Highest Mountain on Wheelchair

23 Jul 2023  |  thestandard.co.zw
Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain and the world's fourth highest, is home to fascinating facts and a rich history. It has three volcanic cones, with Kibo being the highest peak and dormant. Annually, 25,000 people attempt to summit, with two-thirds succeeding. The mountain's snow caps are rapidly diminishing, potentially being ice-free within a decade. Bernard Goosen, born with cerebral palsy, remarkably climbed Kilimanjaro using a modified wheelchair in 2003 and again in 2007. Tanzania is also known for its numerous natural tourist attractions, including the Serengeti National Park and Selous Game Reserve, the latter being Africa's largest protected game reserve.

Travelling & Touring: Mutare and Mberengwa traced to Tonga terminology?

16 Jul 2023  |  newsday.co.zw
Mutare, known as 'Kumakomoyo', is a tourism hub in Manicaland province, Zimbabwe, with attractions like Christmas Pass and Mutare Museum. The city's name and that of Mberengwa have possible Tonga origins, with 'Umtali' potentially derived from the Tonga word 'Butale' meaning 'metal'. The Tonga tribe, one of the initial Bantu settlers, is believed to have influenced the region's nomenclature. Mberengwa is associated with the Lemba tribe, who claim descent from the biblical 12 tribes and have a significant presence in the district. The article also mentions historical figures and places related to the region's heritage.

Why is Zimbabwe’s economy in a nose dive?

22 May 2019  |  TRT World
The article discusses the economic challenges faced by Zimbabweans following the country's recent elections. Nadine Moyo, a deputy headmistress in Harare, exemplifies the struggles of many as she queues for basic commodities, which have become scarce. The situation worsened after the new Minister of Finance, Professor Mthuli Ncube, introduced economic measures to address the free-falling economy, blamed on mismanagement. These measures, including a new tax and the requirement for foreign currency accounts, led to a shortage of goods and a preference for payment in USD or ZAR. The surrogate currency, bond notes, is also in short supply. Calls have been made for Zimbabwe to adopt the South African Rand and join the Southern African Customs Union. Experts and political figures suggest that dialogue and political maturity are needed to resolve the crisis. The government has temporarily lifted import bans on basic commodities to combat profiteering. Zimbabweans await Ncube's 2019 national budget with the hope of economic recovery.

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