Carina Chela

Carina Chela

Helsinki, Finland

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Carina Chela

Journalist based in Helsinki, Finland. For the past 20 years writing for different newspapers and web publications covering social and cultural issues. Work has included broadcast journalism:  Directing and script-writing documentaries, interviews, off-line editing. Fixer.


English Spanish Finnish

Interview in Spanish. Corporate video production. Interviewing Rodolfo Silveira, Principal, UTEC, Uruguay.

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An article about rebooting Helsinki's urban development. Growing cooperation between community activist and the City of Helsinki is transforming the city's abandoned spaces into lively cultural hubs.


A Pan-Nordic project about mental health in Nordic countries; 4 short documentaries. In Helsinki Carina selected interviewees and locations, conducted interviews and provided directorial input (Great Dane Communication, Denmark).


Swedish speaking Finns are often accused of being the world's most pampered minority. But for many the protection of their language is a good example of how minorities should be treated.


Finland's ryevolution. Finnish rye-bread revolution hits the US.


Surname stories: Land of the -nens. More than a third of all Finns have surnames ending in -nen.


Pioneering projects in Finnish architecture are earning global attention and setting new trends.


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