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Carina Chela

Helsinki, Finland
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About Carina
Journalist based in Helsinki, Finland. For the past 20 years writing for different newspapers and web publications covering social and cultural issues. Work has included broadcast journalism:  Directing and script-writing documentaries, interviews, off-line editing. Fixer.
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The new edge of Finnish architecture

01 Nov 2018  |  finland.fi
Finnish architecture has evolved significantly since Alvar Aalto's era, embracing minimalistic and aesthetic lines in public and residential buildings. The country is gaining international recognition for its environmentally aware and globally oriented architecture, exemplified by the Helsinki Central Library, named Oodi. ALA Architects, known for their work on the Kilden Performing Arts Centre, designed Oodi as part of Finland's centennial independence celebration. The library is expected to be a model for future libraries. The Finnish construction industry is increasingly guided by ecological, local, and energy-efficient materials, with Finnish spruce being used for Oodi's façade. Architect Juha Ilonen notes the importance of wood in Finnish identity and architecture, with Aalto University offering a programme on wood architecture. The Haltia Finnish Nature Centre is Finland's first public building made of prefabricated solid wood panels, reflecting the country's strong tradition of wood construction.

Carina is the host and interviewer in the Biofore channel, a program for Finnish forest industry company UPM.

Interview in Spanish. Corporate video production. Interviewing Rodolfo Silveira, Principal, UTEC, Uruguay.


A Pan-Nordic project about mental health in Nordic countries; 4 short documentaries. In Helsinki Carina selected interviewees and locations, conducted interviews and provided directorial input (Great Dane Communication, Denmark).

Surname stories: Land of the –nens

01 May 2015  |  finland.fi
Over a third of Finns have surnames ending in -nen, signifying belonging to a place, a trend that became widespread during the 19th century. The most common surnames are Korhonen and Virtanen, with Korhonen recently taking the lead in prevalence. Western Finnish surnames often end in -la or -lä, indicating association with a place or farmstead. Finnish surnames reflect a close relationship to nature, with many translating their Swedish-language names into Finnish during the Fennicisation movement of the early 20th century. Sirkka Paikkala, a researcher at the Research Institute for Languages of Finland, notes a trend among newlyweds to choose new surnames, although 80 percent of Finnish women still assume their husband's surname upon marriage.

Carina Chela in a commercial video ad

Bread revolution hits the US

01 Dec 2012  |  finland.fi
Simo Kuusisto, originally from Oulu, Finland, has sparked a 'ryevolution' in the US by baking and selling organic Finnish rye bread in New York. After training at the French Culinary Institute, he started Nordic Breads with his brother Tuomas, producing 10,000 loaves weekly. The bread, made with 100% organic rye flour and a traditional Finnish sourdough starter, has become popular for its health benefits and authentic taste, distinguishing it from local rye breads. Kuusisto credits his grandmother's recipe for the success and sells the bread at markets like New Amsterdam Market and Whole Foods, as well as online.

Swedish feels the squeeze in Finland

19 Aug 2010  |  www.thelocal.se
Swedish-speaking Finns, constituting 5.5% of Finland's population, enjoy special status with their own institutions and legal rights, despite their numbers dwindling from 13% in 1900. They have their own political party, the Swedish People's Party of Finland, and cultural institutions like Folktinget. Resistance to compulsory Swedish in schools is growing among Finnish speakers, with concerns that dropping the language could lead to its extinction in Finland. However, Erika Helling, a Swedish-speaking teacher, sees the protection of Swedish as crucial for minority rights and believes there is hope for the language's revival.

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