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Carlo Marino

Rome, Italy
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About Carlo
Carlo Marino is a journalist based in Rome, Italy.
Carlo Marino was born in Italy and grew up in Caserta . He lived and worked for two years in Costa Rica (Central America)and for one year in Luxembourg as translator for the European Parliament. He studied political sciences, languages and philosophy in Italy and in Paris (France).
For twenty five years he lived and worked in Rome. Since 1980 he is Corresponding Fellow of Finnish Literature Society in Helsinki (Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura) and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Journalist for European New Agency (Ingolstad-Germany).
German Spanish Finnish
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Fact Checking

Are the French Turning Away from Reading?

09 Aug 2022  |  agoravox.fr
French reading habits are evolving with digital media, such as e-books and audiobooks, becoming more popular, especially among younger generations. Despite a decline in reading, particularly among the youth, 86% of French people read at least one book in 2021, with a quarter of them reading in digital format. Physical bookstores and libraries have seen reduced patronage post-pandemic, while the online second-hand market has grown, offering economic and ecological benefits. Reading remains a beneficial pastime, offering relaxation, improved memory and concentration, enhanced oral and written expression, knowledge acquisition, and analytical thinking. Personal development books have seen a rise in popularity, helping readers with introspection and daily challenges.

Ischia and Naples International Festival of Philosophy

06 Aug 2022  |  agoravox.fr
The 8th edition of the 'Philosophy, the Castle and the Tower' festival will take place from September 1 to 25 on the island of Ischia, Naples, exploring the theme of Beauty, a concept dear to Western philosophy. The festival will feature exhibitions, concerts, workshops, and over a hundred meetings. Raffaele Mirelli, the festival's scientific director, discusses the role of the festival in addressing current challenges and the importance of beauty in relation to ethics and global well-being. The event will include over 150 public events, with participation from national figures like model Benedetta Barzini, and will involve youth in a civic awareness campaign. The festival is supported by the European Parliament and includes lectures in both Italian and English, with contributions from universities such as Toronto and Bonn.

Clara Malraux, the Rebel

06 Aug 2022  |  www.agoravox.fr
Betty Hania highlights the life and personality of Clara Malraux, an often forgotten figure who was a writer, journalist, and translator. The narrative explores her relationship with her daughter Florence and her ex-husband André Malraux, touching on her Jewish heritage, her resistance activities during WWII, and her indomitable spirit. The text also delves into Florence's life, her relationship with filmmaker Alain Resnay, and her political stance during the Algerian War. The portrayal is enriched by the performances of Bérengère Dautun and Nathalie Savalli, who bring the characters to life with elegance and strength.

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Jun 2020

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