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Caracas, Venezuela

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Carlos Israel Camacho González

Carlos Camacho is a bilingual (English-Spanish) US-educated, professional journalist based in Caracas, Venezuela. Accredited with the Colegio Nacional de Periodistas, the top professional body for journalists here. Holds dual citizenship, Venezuelan-Spanish. 100% street legal. I know a lot about oil, economics, politics and crime. Writing is my forte, but I have been doing a lot of radio on Skype lately, for the BBC, CBC and France24.


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My latest (ish) for BBC, August 22nd, my birthday! Yeah!



My latest for the BBC, August 28th


This is what I do for the BBC


My articles, English and Spanish, for Univision, again, some of the pix are mine as well...


This is the Flickr page where @LAHT puts its pics, some of the Venezuelan pictures in here are mine also

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Counting with you: In Venezuela, the world's highest inflation rate means not enough bills to go around. Here, a man tries to buy two soda bottles off a Chinese greengrocer.

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In Caracas nowadays, boys and young men hop on the garbage truck like hobos on the railroad during the Great Depression. It's their livelihood, food source and means of transportation around town. Sanitation workers no longer bother picking up the bags of refuse, the tag-along guys do it for them in exchange for the ride. It rained Wednesday, so the garbage men stayed inside the truck while the garbage boys picked up the rain-soaked bags.


I am the Venezuelan correspondent for Latin American Herald Tribune. In the Venezuela section of you can find all of my recent articles for, this is my main gig nowadays

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Food lines: now a staple of Venezuelan life

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A bullet hole ruins the view in a posh office building in East Caracas, a reminder of the violent 2014 anti-government protests


My articles for the now defunct site "Fox News Latino" 2013-2016, a complete, up to date archive. Some of the pictures in my articles are mine as well. FNL went out of business in late 2016.

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