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Carlota Torres Lliró

Hanoi, Vietnam
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About Carlota
Carlota Torres Lliró is a multilingual journalist based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Experience in print and radio journalism, in both breaking news and more in-depth stories. Available for print and radio stories about Vietnam and neighboring countries, as well as to help scouting if you send your reporter to Hanoi.
Catalan English Spanish
Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering
Finance Politics Current Affairs

International politics. Report about the power struggles within the Chinese Communist Party on the eve of its XVIII congress for the Mexican newspaper 'La Crónica'.

Opinion column on the migration crisis in the Mediterranean for the Mexican newspaper 'La Cronica'.

Euphoria in the PP after winning the Congress and Senate: 'Common sense has prevailed'

27 Jun 2016  |  La Voz de Lanzarote
The Partido Popular (PP) experienced a surge from third to first political force in Lanzarote, both in Congress and Senate, during the elections. Joel Delgado, the PP candidate, was elected senator, surpassing the PSOE candidate Ariagona González. The PP's victory was celebrated with enthusiasm at their headquarters in Arrecife, with Astrid Pérez, the island's president of the PP, praising the common sense of the voters. The PP's national victory with 137 deputies was also a cause for celebration. Delgado expressed his surprise at the win and gratitude towards the voters, while Pérez criticized Podemos for their inconsistency and downplayed the impact of Brexit on the election results.

Court of Unión seizes houses, farms and other assets from Dimas Martín and María Isabel Déniz

03 Jun 2016  |  La Voz de Lanzarote
The Court of Unión has ordered the seizure of assets from former Arrecife mayor María Isabel Déniz and PIL leader Dimas Martín to ensure the coverage of their respective bail amounts set at 1.8 million euros and 240,000 euros. The bail relates to charges of bribery, influence peddling, embezzlement, administrative prevarication, fraud, insider trading, document falsification, and money laundering in connection with allegedly fraudulent contracts awarded to Urbaser and the construction of the Argana pavilion. Neither Déniz nor Martín have paid their bail, leading to the seizure of properties, vehicles, and part of Déniz's salary as a teacher. The investigation has uncovered a scheme involving bribes, rigged public tenders, and lavish personal expenses paid by Urbaser, with further implications for Déniz's husband, José Domingo Abreut Cabrera.

Anni B Sweet: Round Trip from Innocence to Recklessness

25 Feb 2016  |  La Voz de Lanzarote
Anni B Sweet, the stage name of Ana López, presented her third album 'Chasing Illusions' at Teatro Insular in Lanzarote, marking her first visit to the island. The concert showcased her artistic journey from the naive sweetness of her early work to a mature sound that retains her innocent essence. Her latest album introduces faster rhythms, synthesizers, and psychedelia, which blend seamlessly with her melodic voice. The audience was captivated, especially during a solo acoustic performance of 'Locked in verses'. Maru Cabrera, a local artist, opened the concert with her own heartfelt compositions, leaving a strong impression despite an earlier start time. Anni B Sweet expressed her love for volcanoes and the island, hinting at a desire to return despite her dislike for flying.

Specialized Civil Guard team investigates assault at La Florida home

25 Jan 2016  |  La Voz de Lanzarote
A specialized Civil Guard team is investigating a violent assault that occurred last week at a home in La Florida, San Bartolomé, Lanzarote. The victim, a carpenter, suffered severe injuries including fractures to his arm, ribs, and skull, and is recovering in the hospital. No arrests have been made a week after the incident. The Guardia Civil has increased security measures and is working closely with the Policía Nacional and other police forces. The mayor of San Bartolomé, María Dolores Corujo, reported that the victim is out of danger and cooperating with the investigation.

Woman arrested for recruiting girls and teenagers for IS converted to Islam 'years ago'

07 Jul 2015  |  La Voz de Lanzarote
A woman in her forties from Cadiz, now living in Lanzarote, was arrested for allegedly being directly involved in the radicalization and facilitation of travel to Syria for girls and teenagers. She converted to Islam years ago through her Maghrebi-origin husband. Neighbors expressed surprise at the arrest, noting no unusual activity at her home. The arrest involved a significant police presence, with the area cordoned off and several vehicles with concealed license plates, indicating undercover police involvement.

Rodríguez Zapatero: 'Innovation is good, but track record counts'

20 May 2015  |  La Voz de Lanzarote
Former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero expressed confidence in the Canary Islands' Socialist Party, praising María Dolores Corujo and emphasizing the importance of a party's track record over novelty, specifically in reference to Podemos. He highlighted the PSOE's strong connection with the Canary Islands and refrained from criticizing voters' potential support for Podemos, advocating for respect in democratic debate. Zapatero also mentioned his personal plans to vacation in Lanzarote, praising the island's sustainable development.

Manager of Canal Gestión Lanzarote on his indictment: 'I have done nothing wrong'

02 Mar 2015  |  La Voz de Lanzarote
Gerardo Díaz, the manager of Canal Gestión Lanzarote, has been indicted in the operation Tosca for alleged irregularities during his tenure at Hispanagua. Despite his arrest, Díaz maintains his innocence, expressing his eagerness to testify before the judge in Melilla and clarify the situation. He has not considered resigning from his current position and has discussed the matter with the president of Canal de Isabel II. Díaz was arrested on February 17th, and after the analysis of documents seized in 2014, the UCO detected fraudulent management of public funds in collusion with officials and executives. He was released with charges after giving a statement and is awaiting a court summons.

Haidar, 5 years later: 'The human rights problem in the Sahara remains the same'

18 Nov 2014  |  La Voz de Lanzarote
Sahrawi activist Aminetu Haidar, known for her 32-day hunger strike five years ago, has returned to Lanzarote to begin a tour across the Canary Islands. She expressed concern over the unchanged human rights situation in Western Sahara and criticized the Moroccan government's hateful rhetoric against Sahrawis. Haidar highlighted the imprisonment of Sahrawi youths and the Moroccan king's suppression of free speech. She called on the UN Security Council to act and hoped Spain's upcoming role in the council would aid in resolving the conflict. Haidar also warned of the radicalization of Sahrawi youth potentially leading to violence and criticized Morocco's oil exploration in Western Sahara as illegal. She thanked the people of Lanzarote for their support and did not rule out another hunger strike if necessary.

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