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Carol Malouf Khattab

Beirut, Lebanon
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About Carol
Carol Malouf Khattab is a journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon.
Arabic English
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One Year of Love and Hate in Beirut

16 Oct 2020  |  intpolicydigest.org
Lebanon has experienced a tumultuous year marked by political unrest, economic crisis, and a devastating explosion in Beirut. The October 2019 protests against the political class led to the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, but subsequent efforts to form a new government have been stymied by entrenched elites. The economic situation worsened with the collapse of the Lebanese lira and the explosion in August 2020, which caused significant loss of life and property damage. French President Emmanuel Macron's visits highlighted the need for political accountability, but the movement for change has struggled to produce viable leadership. The youth, driven by love for their country and anger at their leaders, remain a potential force for future change.

Beirut Explosion Euronews

Lebanon’s IMF charade

11 Jul 2020  |  intpolicydigest.org
Lebanon is facing a severe economic crisis, exacerbated by endemic corruption and nepotism within its political system. The Lebanese lira has plummeted, causing hyperinflation and a decimated middle class. The government's attempt to secure an International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout has been met with skepticism due to the unprofessional conduct of Lebanese politicians. Prime Minister Hassan Diab's government, while claiming to be reformist, remains under the influence of corrupt political forces. The IMF is hesitant to engage without seeing substantial reforms, and recent developments suggest that the bailout talks are faltering. The IMF is advised to walk away and publicly name those responsible for Lebanon's dire situation before any real economic recovery can begin.

Lebanon’s IMF Charade

11 Jul 2020  |  International Policy Digest
Lebanon is facing a severe economic crisis, exacerbated by corruption and nepotism. The Lebanese lira has plummeted, causing widespread poverty and risk of hunger. The government's negotiations with the IMF for a bailout are hindered by the politicians' unprofessionalism and reluctance to implement necessary reforms. Prime Minister Hassan Diab's government is seen as a facade, still controlled by the corrupt elite. The IMF is advised to walk away and publicly name those responsible for Lebanon's downfall before real technocrats can initiate recovery.

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