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Carolina Loza-Leon

Quito, Ecuador
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About Carolina
Award winning Ecuadorian Journalist based between Quito, Ecuador and Southwest Colombia. started reporting in 2011 while living in Ivory Coast during post-electoral crisis. focused in migration and refugees, I have worked with the New York Times, France 24 as well the Brazilian chain TV Globo and The International Reporting Project
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The City of Miami commission advanced an effort to build luxury condo towers on Watson Island

12 Jul 2024  |  www.wlrn.org
The City of Miami commission is pushing forward with plans to build luxury condo towers on Watson Island, sparking a zoning conflict with Miami-Dade County and imposing further penalties on homeless residents. Randolph Ward's 'Dystopia,' a performance piece inspired by frustration with Florida's recent educational and anti-LGBTQ+ policies, premieres this week.

Bill Radke talks to sports editor for The Nation, Dave Zirin about why he wrote his new book 'Last Man Standing.'

01 Jul 2024  |  KUOW
Bill Radke interviews Dave Zirin, sports editor for The Nation, about his new book 'Last Man Standing,' co-written with former Seahawks star Michael Bennett. The discussion touches on the intersection of sports and politics, highlighting Zirin's perspective on being an outspoken athlete.

The Indigenous leader fighting climate change

29 Jun 2021  |  www.aljazeera.com
Nemonte Nenquimo, a 36-year-old Waorani leader from Ecuador, is fighting to protect the Amazon rainforest and her people's way of life from threats such as oil drilling and climate change. The Waorani territory, rich in biodiversity, faces encroachment from oil companies and infrastructure development. Nenquimo has led legal battles against oil drilling, winning a lawsuit in 2019 that suspended the auctioning of their land for oil extraction. Recognized internationally for her efforts, she emphasizes the importance of ancestral knowledge and the guidance of elder women in her community. Nenquimo's work includes founding the Ceibo Alliance and advocating for Indigenous rights and environmental conservation. Despite the challenges posed by modernization and the pandemic, the Waorani have maintained their traditions and knowledge, which Nenquimo is determined to preserve and pass on to future generations.

In Colombia, the Pandemic Provides Fertile Ground for Illegal Armed Groups

05 Aug 2020  |  Foreign Policy
The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the control of illegal armed groups in Colombia, particularly in remote regions like Chocó and Cauca. Groups such as the National Liberation Army and the Organization of Mexico have used the pandemic to impose curfews and expand their influence, often through violent means. The government's absence in these areas has left communities vulnerable, with many residents fearing retaliation if they report incidents. The pandemic has also hindered efforts to mediate with armed groups, further isolating communities from essential services. Human rights activists and local leaders report increased violence and child recruitment, highlighting the ongoing challenges in achieving peace and stability in Colombia.

Skype Live Hit on Elections for TRT World

Ecuador quake death toll jumps to 413, search for survivors continues

18 Apr 2016  |  France 24
Ecuador has experienced its worst earthquake in decades, with the death toll rising to at least 413. The 7.8 magnitude quake caused extensive damage, particularly in the coastal region, destroying buildings, roads, and affecting the power supply. Survivors are dealing with the aftermath, with many sleeping in the streets or makeshift shelters. President Rafael Correa has warned that the death toll is expected to rise. The disaster has also impacted the country's economy, which is already suffering from low oil prices. Rescue efforts are being complicated by damaged infrastructure, and international aid is being mobilized to assist. The quake has led to prison breaks and concerns about aftershocks. Ecuador's response includes activating credit from lenders and receiving international support from countries like Venezuela, Chile, and Mexico.

Ecuador carries on amidst chaos and grief after weekend's earthquake

18 Apr 2016  |  The World from PRX
The article reports on the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Ecuador, with the death toll surpassing 350 and more than 2,000 people injured. The hardest-hit area is the coastal region, where access is difficult due to closed roads. President Rafael Correa is mentioned visiting the affected area. The journalist, who has personal ties to the region, describes the local response, including the organization of aid and the establishment of donation points for the provinces of Manabí, Esmeraldas, and Guayas. Concerns are raised about the efficiency of aid delivery and the speed of the ongoing rescue efforts, especially in a country facing political polarization and economic challenges exacerbated by falling oil prices.

Alma Ecuatoriana explores Ecuador through a football angle, exploring discrimination and aspirations reflected in Ecuador's favorite sport -Field Producer-

Pope Francis, in Ecuador, Calls for More Protection of Rain Forest and Its People

08 Jul 2015  |  www.nytimes.com
Pope Francis, during his visit to Ecuador, emphasized the importance of protecting the Amazon rain forest and its indigenous inhabitants. He cautioned against the short-term exploitation of natural resources, a statement that indirectly criticized President Rafael Correa's policies on expanding oil exploration in the Ecuadorean Amazon. The Pope highlighted the responsibility to be guardians of creation and to consider the welfare of society and future generations. His remarks were made in the presence of civil society leaders and indigenous representatives who oppose the government's environmental policies.

Snowden case pits Ecuador against Washington, again

24 Jun 2013  |  www.france24.com
Ecuador is deliberating over granting political asylum to Edward Snowden, who faces espionage charges in the US. Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino is in talks with Russia, where Snowden currently is. The decision is expected to be in Snowden's favor, potentially exacerbating already tense US-Ecuador relations, which have been strained since President Rafael Correa's election in 2007. Correa's administration has previously challenged US influence, notably by ending a US army base contract and expelling a US ambassador following Wikileaks revelations. The situation is further complicated by Julian Assange's asylum in Ecuador's London embassy. The Snowden case is seen as politically charged, with Ecuador asserting its sovereignty and potentially aligning with a leftist bloc formerly led by Hugo Chavez.

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