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Cassandra Vinograd

Cassandra Vinograd is a freelance journalist and producer specializing in conflict, human rights and migration. She previously worked for NBC News, The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal. Her reporting has taken her throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East. 

She is HEFAT certified.
Key areas of expertise: Africa, Middle East, Europe, refugees, human rights, foreign affairs, foreign policy, terrorism, politics, U.K.

Vinograd is available to provide text // written articles, photos and unedited video for outlets.

English French Wolof

The frontline of the battle for Mosul has moved forward -- but retreating ISIS fighters have left a ticking time bomb in their wake. Before being driven out of Qayyarah, ISIS fighters set fire to oil wells in the area -- a scorched-earth tactic to obscure views of coalition planes. Two months later the fires are still burning, sending a toxic mix of smoke into the air. Already more than 1,000 people have been treated for respiratory issues -- and the health crisis is only expected to get worse.


Displaced Iraqis fleeing life under ISIS find overcrowded camps, uncertain future.

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