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Caterina Semeraro

Rome, Italy
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About Caterina
I am a multilingual journalist and producer based in Rome, Italy. With ten years of experience in journalism, my expertise lies in the field of foreign affairs. I focus on covering politics and economics through breaking news, in-depth articles, and interviews. I also cover reporting on domestic politics for foreign outlets. My working languages are Italian, English, German and French
Arabic German English
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I never stopped looking for my children, who left Germany to join ISIS

05 Dec 2019  |  Altreconomia
Joachim Gerhard, a real estate agent from Kassel, Germany, has been searching for his sons, Fabian and Manuel, since they left for Turkey in 2014 to join ISIS. Despite being told by German security that his sons died in the battle of Kobane—a claim later proven false—Gerhard continues his search. He believes he has located Fabian in a Kurdish-run detention center in Qamishli, Syria, and is suing the German government to repatriate and try him in Germany. The article discusses the broader issue of European foreign fighters in ISIS, the challenges of repatriation, and the legal and security implications for European governments. It also touches on recent court rulings favoring family reunification and the reluctance of European countries to repatriate their citizens, contrasting with other countries that have done so.

How the 5-Star Movement is losing support over broken green promises

04 Jun 2019  |  openDemocracy
The article discusses the disillusionment of the residents of Taranto, Italy, with the 5-Star Movement (5SM), which had promised to shut down the Ilva steel plant due to its pollution and health hazards. Despite winning nearly 50% of the local vote in the general election on this promise, the 5SM has not fulfilled it, leading to local council resignations. The Ilva plant, now owned by ArcelorMittal, continues to operate, causing environmental and health issues. The article includes perspectives from local business owner Ignazio D’Andria and former Ilva worker and ex-city councillor Massimo Battista, highlighting the community's sense of betrayal and ongoing health risks, including increased cancer rates among children.

South Africa launches land reform to forget apartheid

31 Jan 2019  |  Altreconomia
South Africa is implementing a land reform to redistribute land from white to black citizens, addressing the legacy of apartheid. The reform, promoted by President Cyril Ramaphosa and the African National Congress, may allow the state to expropriate land without compensation. This has sparked controversy and international attention, including criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump. The reform aims to correct historical injustices where black South Africans, including labour tenants like Thanda Mwelase, have been disadvantaged. Critics fear it may deter investments and affect food security, but supporters argue it will empower black farmers and address inequality. The Economic Freedom Fighters, a growing political force, also advocate for land reform. The reform is seen as a step towards rectifying the country's stark wealth and land distribution disparities.

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