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Cátia Bruno

My name is Cátia Bruno and I am a journalist based in Lisbon, Portugal, the city where I was born.

I graduated in 2011 with a BA in Journalism. Since then, I already worked for two national newspapers in the country - the prestigious Expresso and the innovative i. I also freelanced for some international publications like GlobalPost, New Eastern Europe and EU Observer. 

Currently, I write mainly about foreign affairs. I have done reporting in Greece, Sweden and Poland, but also in places like Kaliningrad or Abu Dhabi. The issues I care most about are inequality, social changes, minorities’ rights and life stories.

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Ukrainians make up almost half of all asylum requests in Portugal. Only a few of them are granted refugee status, but almost all receive at least some humanitarian protection. Emine Shykhametova was one of them. This is her story.


Article on the six-month anniversary of the current Portuguese government, which many thought wouldn’t make it far. Led by the centre-left Socialists, it survives thanks to the parliamentary support of the Communists and the Syriza-styled Left Bloc, even though the three parties have major disagreements on European policy. What makes this work?


At a moment when Greece seems to be out of the news, the social crisis still lingers. In Athens, people still feel the effects of a never-ending austerity policy


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