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cedric SEHOSSOLO is a journalist based in Pointe-Noire, Congo.
Fort de mon expérience dans les métiers de l'audiovisuel depuis 10 ans J'ai exercé comme présentateur de journaux dans une chaîne de télé locale avant d'être reporter et présentateur de chronique culturelle et scientifique au sein d'une chaîne panafricaine (africanews). 
Aujourd'hui, je travaille pour la même chaîne en qualité de correspondant.

cedric SEHOSSOLO is a journalist based in Pointe-Noire, Congo.
With my experience in the audiovisual industry for 10 years I worked as a newspaper presenter in a local TV channel before being a reporter and presenter of cultural and scientific chronicle within a pan-African channel (Africanews) .
Today, I work for the same channel as a correspondent.


Cannes: African film wins Grand Prix Mati Diop is the first African woman to win the Grand Prix awarded at the just end Cannes Film Festival in Paris, France. Diop was nominated for the highest Palme d’Or award with her ‘ Atlantics’, but she lost out...


Basketball street contest season 5 In the republic of Congo, a basketball contest to spot and nurture young talent is underway. Dubbed ‘Street Contest’, the event is now in its fifth year. The country’s economic capital, Pointe-Noire is the host city.


COVID-19: King of 'Soukous' dies at 67 He was nicknamed the king of the soukous and he is probably one of the first African celebrities to die of the new coronavirus. Congolese Aurlus Aabélé died on Thursday in France at the age of 67 due to covid-19

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